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Street lights for gardening: types and features (23 photos)


Street lights for a country house not only provide visibility in the territory, but also decorate it. With the help of a carefully selected lamp from the banal area you can get a fabulously beautiful place. If you have the desire to add magic, then it remains only to choose the right lantern.



Main types of street lamps

Depending on the location and design, there are several types of lanterns for summer cottage or a country house.

Wall mounted

Wall lights are usually used to illuminate the front door, wicket or gate. Mounted to a vertical surface with a bracket. Make it easy thanks to the simplicity of the design. Wall lights are usually installed on the wall at the entrance, under the roof canopy to protect the hull from precipitation and wind. Light up the entrance itself, and a small area near it. Manufacturers produce such lamps of various sizes and shapes, but the antique model is especially popular.




Suspended street lights for a country house resemble indoor chandeliers. Because of this, outwardly, they are very diverse. The only thing that such a lamp must necessarily have is a chain or a durable cord. With their help, the ceiling hangers are hung where they can be fixed on top. This may be a beam on the ceiling roof arbor or veranda. In recent years, it is very popular to use LED lights suspended from chains.




Initially, they were used to illuminate construction sites and scenes. Now the owners of the dachas use spotlights to illuminate the facades of their building or the territory of a country house.



LED lights spend the minimum amount of electrical energy. They are characterized by a long service life and robust housing. Solar lights do not require energy. After spending the day in the sun, they can shine all night.

Battery lanterns are powered by the mains. After charging, they can be transferred and installed in a place difficult to access. Conventional incandescent bulbs are not always appropriate in the summer cottage, as excessive brightness is not needed there. These lamps are a bit, but quickly burn out.



Decorative lights

Decorative lights are a separate group, because in addition to the main purpose - lighting - they are designed to decorate the area. For example, often along the avenue the owners of the dacha place mushrooms-lamps. These are ordinary lamps whose ceiling lamps look like mushroom caps.



There are lamps mounted in vases, sculptures, fountains and other decorative elements of the suburban area. They usually use economical LED lamps. Also, lanterns for gardening, intended for decoration, can change the light. An interesting idea would be to hang a garland of small multi-colored lanterns along the edge of the roof of the whole house or only the verandas. On sale there are festoons on solar batteries.




Recommendations for the selection and placement of lamps on the site

Pay attention to these tips when you buy and install street lights for a country house.

  • Choosing street lights to give, rely on the overall design of the site. The lighting device should not be in the spotlight. It is better if it will emphasize the beauty of the landscape.
  • The material from which the lamp is made, it is advisable to buy the most durable. So the product is constantly exposed to the influence of the environment, will last longer.
  • If you choose between an expensive LED flashlight and a cheap model with an incandescent lamp, then buying the first option will be more reasonable. Despite the initial cost, such a lamp will quickly pay for itself due to its energy efficiency.
  • If you didn’t turn to the designer’s help in setting up street lighting, you will most likely notice after some time that there will not be enough light in some parts of the world. This problem can be easily solved by a portable lamp.
  • While connecting the lanterns, some prefer the simple option of outdoor wiring. This option in comparison with the method of laying under the ground wins only in ease of connection. At the same time, it is more dangerous and spoils the appearance of the territory.

Street lights for gardening are designed for use outdoors. Therefore, choose high-quality products so that moisture does not penetrate into the interior of their design, and temperature fluctuations do not affect the exterior finish. Remember that the design of a country site is a creative process, be patient and inspired.