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Doors from the array: advantages and features (23 photos)


The massif of a tree is boards, beams, wooden cloths. Special processing of the material reduces the effect of moisture and prevents the formation of fungus. A special coating with varnish and paint creates a protective layer on the surface of the product. But, like any things, modern solid wood doors have advantages and are not without drawbacks.




  • "live" surface texture;
  • perfectly decorated (glass, metal);
  • low thermal conductivity;
  • good sound insulation;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • patterns of wooden cuts never repeat.



Brief descriptions of various types of wood

Interior doors made of solid wood will always be fashionable and in demand.

No artificial materials will replace the natural pleasant smell, the warmth of the wood. Most often in the manufacture of things using conifers (pine, larch) and deciduous trees. Each breed has its own characteristics.

Pine Doors

Interior doors made of solid pine are the most common due to the availability of material and a wide price range (given by the type of tree, the presence of visible defects). A distinctive feature of pine products is ease of processing. However, you should not chase for cheapness, because poorly processed fabric does not tolerate changes in temperature and humidity. And then the interior doors of solid pine may eventually lead, and this is fraught with the appearance of cracks in the box, skewing the canvas and the destruction of wood.



The tree on the cut can have different shades: pinkish, brown. As trees grow quickly, this makes solid ash doors quite affordable.

Oak doors

Wooden doors made of solid oak are not in vain considered the most expensive and elite. High cost is determined by the slow growth of trees and high consumer characteristics. Special features of the breed: a wide range of wood shades (from bleached to brown), high hardness (it only increases with time). Oak doors from the massif are characterized by excellent durability. The downside of strength is increased hygroscopicity, low thermal conductivity properties.

Birch doors

Doors from the massif of a birch differ in the average hardness and density. Birch is considered a capricious material, because it is very dependent on humidity, susceptible to rotting. If processing is carried out correctly and carefully, then the products become smooth and light shine. When painting, it is easy to "mask" under expensive breeds.



Linden doors

Linden solid wood doors are characterized by resistance to high humidity and fungus formation. The breed is dense and elastic, therefore often the paneled area is covered with carved elements. The structure is white and poorly colored.

When choosing a model of doors from the array should pay attention to the various characteristics. Depending on the area of ​​the room, the method of fastening the web is of fundamental importance. Also, the canvas decoration (with glass / panels, "monolithic" door) plays an important role in creating the interior of the room.

Wooden furniture for a long time retains its positive qualities, while ensuring proper and constant care.