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Azalea home: bright colors on the windowsill (25 photos)


Azalea house (Azalea) - spectacular houseplant, characterized by extraordinarily beautiful flowers. Flowering is quite long, but only if the bush is in the most comfortable conditions for itself.




Azalea is a shrub with strongly branched branches, as well as small oval-shaped leaves. The plant belongs to the genus Rhododendron from the heather family.

Flowers in hybrids terry, resembling a bell. The color range is varied: from neutral white to deep red and purple tints. There are flowers with pink and purple splashes or other interesting combinations of shades.

Homeland Rhododendron - China, Japan, Southeast Asia. Luxurious shrubs also grow in the wild in the extreme south of Europe and partly in North America. Oriental beauty connoisseurs called Azalea a tree of joy and a symbol of peace. Sometimes bonsai was formed from a flower.

In the East, indoor flower azalea personifies beauty and femininity. The plant should be close to creative and creative people, enhancing their potential.

It is noteworthy that the flowering azalea is rather honey-bearing. Only the aroma of honey exuded by it can stupefy a person. Bee products affect the brain, disrupting its activity. There is even a legend that once the Greeks, who seized the territories of present-day Georgia, treated themselves to azalea honey and lost consciousness.



Spectacular gift

The "pink tree", as the Greeks called the indoor flower, is appreciated by many, not only because of its spectacular appearance, but also because the bushes bloom in winter. There are early flowering and late flowering varieties of azaleas.

Shrub is often chosen as a gift in the midst of its flowering. Usually the flowers fall off quickly, the plant languishes, and it is immediately sent to the garbage. The reason is trivial: not everyone knows how to care for a plant, how to properly replant a flowering shrub. In addition, not everyone is willing to spend so much time and effort on the correct content of azaleas.

The climate of most apartments does not advise flower needs. Azalea, the maintenance of which is already fraught with difficulties, needs high humidity against the background of relatively low air temperature.

It is quite simple to create an optimal microclimate in greenhouses, but here in the apartment dry and hot air destroys the largest and most resistant types of indoor flowers. Despite all the problems and difficulties, many home gardeners are happy to get a bright shrub. Understanding how much home care a plant needs, you can avoid most of the problems by enjoying the beauty of the green pet.



Types of Azaleas

The rhododendron family includes about 500 different plant species. Breeders brought a lot of varieties that are able to bloom as long as possible. Shrubs differ from each other in shape, size, color and texture of the flowers themselves, as well as the overall dimensions and configuration of the bush.

The ancestor of all azaleas that are planted at home and grow there, Azalea indica. In addition, the most popular varieties are the following types:

  • Indian flower or Sims rhododendron (Rhododendron simsii) - the variety is characterized by a rich rose color (purple and red azaleas are found);
  • Japanese azalea, the second name Rhododendron stupid (Rhododedron obtusum) - white azaleas;
  • Inga - flower with pink petals and white hem;
  • Osta is a plant with white petals and a pink heart.

Varieties differ from each other by their resistance to the environment. In fact, all plants love moisture and coolness. However, there are several types of shrubs that can be grown in extremely cold climates. For example, on the street or open balcony.



Care for your favorite flower

The "pink tree" is capricious. Before you buy a flower, you should thoroughly study how to properly care for the plant, what to do, so that the bush can bloom for a long time, what kind of care at home is welcome during different periods of azalea development.


Direct sun rays adversely affect the shrub. Azalea in a pot likes diffused light or partial shade. In summer, the plant is best placed on the street in the shade, avoiding the sun's rays and hot air. A special refinement for rhododendron is a good summer rain.

If the climate is mild enough, the flowers can be grown directly in the open field, without taking a bush for the winter period in the house. All that is required of gardeners is to provide optimal protection of azaleas from frost in winter. However, the flowering shrub will delight only in summer.



Air humidity

Azalea at home is grown in rooms with a relatively high level of humidity. Especially hard flower transfers the beginning of the heating season, when the humidity in the apartment decreases sharply, and the overall air temperature rises significantly.

If it is not possible to create special conditions for the growth of shrubs, a pot with a green pet is placed as far as possible from the battery, direct sunlight and drafts. Regardless of what stage the azalea is at (flowering, active flower discharge or bud preparation), the plant should be sprayed regularly.

Cut branches in January or early February. High performance is celebrated in the spring. Branch better and faster rooted in the soil with acid reaction. To do this, you can acidify artificially any available soil or purchase a special composition. As a rule, it is sphagnum peat or coniferous earth.

Fresh slices are treated with growth stimulants and pollinated with means to accelerate root formation, placing no more than 3 centimeters in the substrate. Cover with foil or glass jar. It is important not to forget about regular watering and spraying. The optimum temperature is 25 degrees. Azalea at home should take root after 3-6 weeks.