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Window sill decoration: decor ideas that everyone will like (27 photos)


Many apartment and house owners neglect the aesthetics of windows, underestimating the importance of interior decoration. In fact, a beautiful window sill will complement the overall interior of the house, tell about the owners, add a touch of exclusivity and solemnity to the room. And inspired by creative individuals will bring a lot of pleasure to the process of creating a unique window sill.



About approaches

First of all, it is necessary to decide how far the window sill in the apartment should be open:

  • Completely open;
  • Looking through a tulle or other type of curtain;
  • Hidden behind thick curtains that perform light and sound insulation function.

You can combine the closed and open state. It is also important to carefully analyze the design of the window sill itself, given the characteristics of the materials used to create it. The goal is to determine the maximum degree of load, both semantic and physical, that a window with a window sill can withstand.

On a low or narrow windowsill to form a decent composition is much more difficult than on a wide canvas. Often the window is used as a place where any small things are kept, which makes both the windowsill and the whole room untidy.



It is better to purchase a rack or small drawers, where important household change will be stored. And the resulting free space will give the whole room freshness and tidiness.

It is also worth remembering that the smaller the room itself, the more concise and thoughtful should be the decor of the window sill. Especially if the room has low ceilings, and the window itself is quite tiny.




Before you begin to design the window sill with your own hands, you must consider the functional purpose of the room. So for kitchen locations it is not recommended to use large volume vases with flowers, book racks and installations with figurines.

Organically fit into the workspace a set of souvenir items for cooking. On a wide canvas, you can place a doll-cook, who invites all who came to the meal.

An interesting and unusual looking wooden utensils, decorated with Khokhloma. In this case, such unusual attributes should not be alone in the kitchen. For example, a folk installation can be supplemented with a shelf, clock or chandelier decorated in the same way.



About flower arrangements

Flowers on the windowsill - a classic decor. Living plants always give the room more comfort and warmth. For the windowsill in the kitchen fit compact options:

  • Scarlet;
  • Ficus;
  • Azalea;
  • Geranium;
  • Violet;
  • Bamboo.

The kitchen is a production area, where you often have to deal with all kinds of pollution. When choosing a decor or creating interesting installations with your own hands, it is important to remember about their practicality (all elements should be subjected to hygienic treatment).




Living room

The ideal living room exudes coziness, disposes to relaxation, allows you to enjoy elegant compositional solutions. The spectacular design of the windowsill in this room may be the focus of attention. The window should be perceived as another location, which really ennoble their own hands.

The most practical options:

  • Making window space as a creative bookshelf;
  • Mini corner with children's work;
  • Installation of a souvenir fountain with bubbling water and appropriate attributes;
  • Installation of the original candlesticks (looks spectacular in the living room, decorated in an expensive classic style).

The decor is designed according to the design direction of the room itself. It is important to avoid heavy constructions and a feeling of cluttered space.

Always a win-win option - a flower arrangement on the windowsill. In the living room you can put flowers that especially attract the eye and beautiful flowering, and solid size:

  • Orchids;
  • Jasmine;
  • Gardenia;
  • Dracaena;
  • Dieffenbachia;
  • Hibiscus;
  • Orange or lemon tree.

Under each plant, which is located on the window, you can pick up a few small accessories. For example, lovers of Feng Shui with ease will pick up a suitable figurine.




The design of the window sill in the bedroom is associated with a number of inconveniences. For this room, preferably a maximum of free space. Many perceive boudoir as a zone of special energy, a delicate storage of home aura.

It is not accepted to place a lot of flowerpots with flowers. It is believed that massive bulky flowers can take oxygen. However, there are such types of home plants that fit perfectly into the interior of the bedroom:

  • Fern;
  • Montera;
  • Tsiperus;
  • Any miniature succulents;
  • Yucca.

It is better not to decorate the window with flowers that differ in an excessively pungent smell (lily, hyacinth, gardenia, rose). The same applies to cut flowers, which are better not to be placed in the bedroom.



Bold options

The house is a place where its inhabitants should be comfortable, cozy and joyful. Whatever the ideas of the window sill design, if they bring aesthetic satisfaction and benefit to apartment owners, they should be translated into reality.



Wide and low sill is quite possible to convert under the reading area or the lounge sector. On a homemade sofa, it is convenient to sit with a book and a cup of tea, from time to time admiring the view from the window.