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Photo curtains in the interior: the main types (24 photos)


To date, invented many types of window decoration, one of which are photo curtains. Photocurtains in the interior create the mood of the room. As part of textiles, they give comfort, harmony and completeness of the style of the room. All curtains differ in color, texture, size and appearance.



Image drawing method

Despite the abundance of curtains on the market, it is sometimes quite difficult to choose the right print or pattern for a particular interior. And if you find it turns out, you can apply it yourself by ordering UV printing. This print is an environmentally friendly application of the image using special ink. They are so harmless that with any kind of cleaning treatment the paint does not deform and remains the same saturation and contrast. Such photocurtains for a children's room with a print of animated characters will be a beautiful detail of the room.



One of the misconceptions is that 3D photo curtains cannot be erased. However, this is not the case. The technology of application is made so that in the future the curtains can be easily subjected not only to multiple washes, but also dry cleaners. The saturation of the paint and the original dimensions are not deformed, despite the heat treatment, so their original appearance remains for a long time.



Types of photocurtains

The world of curtains is diverse, and the types of photo curtains prove this.

Roman photocurtains

Their mechanism is represented by an electric drive and folds of the material itself, which is collected above the window. In this case, it is better to choose a repeating element in order to avoid distortion of the patterns due to the constant raising and lowering of the curtains.

Photo blinds

Also known as Japanese photo curtains. All are known blinds, but with the application of the photographic image. They repeat the mount on the ceiling where the rail rail is installed. The deformation of the pattern is completely excluded here, since there are rigid inserts on the sides of the canvas. Thanks to them, you can pick up material from a thin fabric or even paper. It should be noted that the element applied on a cloth will be visible only in the closed condition of blinds.

Roman photocurtains are a unique final chord in the interior. They give a luxurious interior even more chic and prestige. In addition, such wide photocurtains reliably hide flaws in the finish. Roman photocurtains - one of the most practical and wear-resistant options, the light from the sun does not burn through the canvas and the colors remain rich and bright, like after painting.



Photocurtains for the kitchen: a beautiful and safe choice

Stylish photocurtains for the kitchen will be the part of the interior, which will always attract attention against the background of monotonous pots. Photocurtains for the kitchen (namely, Roman or photo blinds) - this is also a safe choice, as they fit snugly to the window space, in contrast to the classical version. It also means that they will be less in contact with other objects and, as a result, less polluted.

In the case of long-term use of photo curtains for the kitchen, you can easily wash or dry-clean and get the same high-quality material and rich printed pattern as on the day of purchase.

You can pick up such a light material so that during the daytime photo-curtains for the kitchen are in the closed state and let the light through or, on the contrary, make them exclusively of dense material and close only for the night.



Tips on choosing

At first glance, choosing stylish photo curtains is a very simple thing, since it is enough just to choose what you like. However, it should be borne in mind that the curtains should fit harmoniously into the interior. That is why before starting the selection of curtains should deal with some important points.