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Shower doors in the bathroom: how to choose (23 photos)


If you want to make rational use of the bathroom space, then it is advisable to install a shower cabin. For small rooms, this design helps to save space, and for full-sized ones - to make the room more comfortable.

One of the most important elements in the design of shower cabins are shower doors. You need to choose them wisely, because the quality of your bathroom will depend on their quality. First of all, you need to pay attention to the material from which they are made.



Glass - the best solution for doors

The most reliable material - shock-resistant glass. It is manufactured using a special technology, thanks to which it becomes as safe as possible for domestic use. Thanks to a special inner coating, the web acquires greater strength. Such glass is able to fully resist mechanical and physical stress. If the glass breaks with a strong blow, the material will not crumble throughout the bathroom into small pieces. In addition, you can also mark the other advantages of the material:

  • Glass has excellent water resistance.
  • It is able to withstand various temperature fluctuations.
  • Surface finish can be very diverse.
  • If necessary, the glass can be applied drawing. This material is perfectly combined with any design.
  • Glass doors for the shower are characterized by easy to clean.



For the production of cabins with a glass door, two types of glass are used - triplex and tempered. Glass thickness is in the range of 6-12 mm. As a rule, the height of glass doors starts from 150 centimeters, but can be very diverse. It can even reach the ceiling.

Plastic is a cheaper material for the manufacture of doors for showers. Such models are characterized by a rich choice of colors and are suitable for non-standard style solutions.

Production of plastic doors is based on the use of materials such as polystyrene, polycarbonate. They have good technical characteristics, but they are inferior in their data to the tempered glass.

Over time, plastic forms an undesirable bloom, since tap water has a large amount of impurities. Caring for plastic is required with the help of special tools that do not incorporate aggressive components.

Depending on the installation method, various models of shower doors are distinguished. The most popular are swing doors. They are distinguished by the presence of two opening flaps. For the installation of such structures bathroom must have a sufficiently large space. It is imperative that the opening of the door does not interfere with foreign objects.

Sliding shower doors help efficiently use the free space. Such models can be installed in absolutely any bathroom. They open easily and without hindrance, without cluttering the space. The sliding mechanism operates according to the principle of moving the doors on wheels along the fixed guides.

Also in the consumer market today you can purchase a folding door mechanism. According to external data, this folding product looks like an accordion. When you open the door sash going into folds. Such a model looks spectacular, helps to bring zest to the room. Such a folding structure consists of a large number of elements, so its installation is quite labor-intensive.

Also, if desired, you can install a pendulum door for the shower. It rotates on a vertical axis and externally looks attractive, but is installed only in cabins that are large.



Shower Door Forms

All shower doors are classified as symmetrical and asymmetrical. Symmetric models are distinguished by the presence of equal parameters from all angles. Asymmetrical doors have a variety of data in both length and width.



Having gone to the store where shower doors are sold, you will encounter a rich choice of these products. In this regard, you will not be limited in choosing the optimally suitable model. Modern models of doors can be installed with or without a pallet. Models without pallets help to get rid of the inconvenience in the operation of the cabin. In this design will be no threshold. This option is most suitable for older people.