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Design of a bedroom with a balcony - expansion and zoning of a room (20 photos)


If you are the owner of a small bedroom, do not be in a hurry to be disheartened, a modern design solution will come to your aid - a bedroom combined with a balcony. This decision becomes especially important if there is a small child in the house and additional space is required. Combined balcony with room will allow you to purchase additional square meters where you can install children's furniture, create a personal office, a relaxation corner, a mini library or other original options.




Consider the benefits that you get by combining a sleeping room with a loggia:

  • Space expansion;
  • Additional lighting;
  • With proper decoration, the apartment will become much warmer;
  • Ability to create an additional mini-room.

The only drawback is paperwork. Since the removal of the balcony partition is a redevelopment, it is necessary to take up the documentary side: to collect all the necessary permits from the relevant authorities.

How to start a repair?

First of all, the design of a bedroom with a balcony should be started with actions aimed at insulating the future spacious bedroom, as well as carrying out high-quality finishing of the room:

  • Balcony must be glazed with modern double-glazed windows. It is necessary to give preference to three-chamber frames, which will help to keep the heat in the house, as well as save you from unnecessary noise from the street.
  • Pay attention to the walls and ceilings of the balcony, because of excessive moisture, molding of the walls is possible, therefore, use only high-quality materials to finish the ceilings and walls.
  • To maintain maximum comfort in such a bedroom, you need to professionally approach the issue of balcony insulation.

In order for the combined room to become not only comfortable, but also functional, there are different types of room zoning:

Two recreation areas

To implement such a plan, it is necessary to tear down the wall with a window that shares a room with a balcony. Thus, you can get two zones for recreation, in identical or different style. It is possible to divide zones by means of an arch or a partition. On the balcony area you can set a table with chairs, decorate the walls with various climbing plants, in the end you will get a great place to relax.



Separation of the territory by the window sill

For bedroom design 18 square meters. m. will be an excellent solution to divide the space of the window sill. In this case, you will not have to completely demolish the wall, it is enough to remove the window and balcony doors, thus you will get a room divided into two zones. The window sill can be used as a decor element: decorated in the form of a small table, bar, decorate with figurines and fresh flowers or find another solution, depending on what style you want to embody.

Other zoning options

If the wall of the balcony is completely demolished along with windows and doors, the resulting space can be divided using decorative curtains. Curtains in the bedroom with a balcony can also be installed to separate the territory. If you want to use additional square meters in another theme, you need to install a sliding screen, stick the wallpaper in the balcony area in a different color and install furniture and decorations depending on the planned style.




The main feature of the design of a small bedroom, which must be thought out in advance before the redevelopment begins: whether to make the balcony and the bedroom one, or to leave the dividing partition, because the design - the bedroom design - will depend on it. You also need to immediately decide whether the bedroom combined with a balcony is decorated in the same style, or each zone will be made in a different theme.



Scenery and colors

Consider some useful tips that will help make your loggia, combined with the bedroom, more spacious and cozier:

  • The interior of the bedroom with a balcony must be performed in the same or similar style.
  • The balcony area should have more pronounced colors, in contrast to the bedroom area.
  • Bedroom with access to the balcony should be made depending on the location, if the bedroom is on the sunny side, give preference to cold shades, and if the side is deprived of sunlight, create artificial heat in the room, using warm shades for the repair.

Modern floor and ceiling finishing ideas

In the balcony area it is best to use laminate or parquet with heating. Glossy stretch ceiling with a lot of lamps visually pull the room up. For the design of a narrow bedroom, you can make the ceiling higher or vice versa lower, for example, a two-level drywall option, around the perimeter of which an LED strip will be installed, such a ceiling will be a highlight of your interior.

We complete the repair by purchasing furniture

If your small bedroom with a balcony is so small that it can barely fit a bed and a bedside table, expanding the area by combining a loggia and a bedroom, you can arrange a dressing room on the balcony zone. To do this, it is not necessary to buy a bunch of different bedside tables and chest of drawers, just one spacious wardrobe with mirrored doors. Such a stylish solution will help to expand the territory visually, as well as accommodate all your belongings.