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Paint the facade of the kitchen with your own hands


In order to update the kitchen fronts, it is not at all necessary to hire specialist painters. It is quite possible to cope with this simple work and on your own - all you need to know are some important nuances. Updating kitchen fronts is a job that does not require special skills, but, nevertheless, must be done carefully and according to all the rules. Therefore, in the article we will tell you how to paint the facade of a kitchen set, and what is needed for that.

What advantages do we gain when repainting the kitchen facade?

The kitchen is transformed from a familiar and a bit annoying into a bright, sunny, stylish and beautiful. You can choose calm, neutral shades if you do not want something to irritate you, and bright cheerful colors - if you want to fill the room with light and joy. There are a lot of opportunities now, and there is a huge amount of paint shades - there is an opportunity to purchase the kitchen of your dreams by coloring

Sometimes painting kitchen fronts becomes a dire need. Fiber facades have a tendency to lose their outer gloss with time, peel off, fade in the sun and become salted. Spots, unsightly stains appear - all this can be hidden under the singing of paint - and the kitchen will once again delight with beauty and purity.

Let's find out which paint is the best and why it is suitable for painting kitchen fronts.


Despite the fact that these colors are ubiquitous and have very attractive and attractive shades, but due to the lack of smell they can be used for indoor work and are safe, they are not very suitable for painting kitchen fronts. Acrylic compounds are not very stable: they hardly tolerate moisture and heat, and the kitchen is the place where all these adverse factors will definitely be present. In addition, the acrylic coating can be corroded by splashes from lemon, vinegar and other caustic substances inadvertently caught on it. Yes, and a stove nearby - from cooking dishes can get greasy spray.

Auto enamel

This paint is the best solution for painting kitchen fronts. Its advantages:

  • Hypersensitivity to humidity and high temperature.
  • Painted enamel facade acquires long-term and reliable coverage.
  • Avtoemal is not afraid of any damage and blows - it is not so easy to cut it with a knife and punch with a heavy object. However, of course, it will not endure strong scratching with something sharp.
  • The paint has a huge selection of colors - it is possible to make any kitchen design. When choosing a paint color be careful: it is necessary that the color of the facades is in harmony with the overall design of the kitchen space.

What tools, tools and materials will be needed in order to properly paint the kitchen.

  • Sandpaper of medium and fine abrasivity. This paper is needed in order to grind and prepare the tree before painting, freeing it from dust, dirt and old coating. Along with sandpaper, a grinding machine may also be needed for better processing.
  • If chips, cracks or deep scratches are observed in the kitchen set, then in order to mask them before painting, you will need a putty and a small spatula. Pick up putty for coloring composition.
  • Primer for wood. This tool will make the surface of facades more even, and the paint will hold better.
  • Gloves and glasses are needed to keep your hands clean, and dust and paint do not get into your eyes.
  • Building a hairdryer. With the help of this device you can "blow off" the top coating of chipboard facades, cleaning them for further painting.
  • Screwdriver or hand screwdriver.
  • Brush for painting hard-to-reach and small parts, and a roller for processing the main array.
  • Masking tape - they can glue on the surfaces that you do not plan to paint - accessories, handles and glass in the doors.
  • Glizal or varnish for the final coating of facades.


The first thing you need to remove the facades from the hinges to make them easier to handle. Tape the loops with tape to prevent paint or primer from getting on them.

If the facades of chipboard, you must remove the PVC film, which is the top coating of such furniture. Remove this film with a construction dryer. Do not forget to wear gloves and a respirator beforehand: the melted film may emit a toxic smell. Carefully remove the film - best of all, if there is no piece left of it at all.

After that, wipe the surface and remove dust from it.


To grind the surface of the facades, you can use sandpaper or a special machine, if there is one. Sanding also removes old paint from MDF fronts. If the old coating cannot be removed by grinding, then you can use special solvents to facilitate the task.

After the facades are cleaned and ground, carefully remove all dust from them. And degrease. Dust can be removed with a damp sponge and degreased with a solvent.


For this work, use a special composition designed for wood. If plastic parts are included in the kitchen fronts, then purchase your own composition specially designed for plastic. Before using the primer it is necessary to shake it thoroughly for a more even distribution of the components.

For a smoother surface, the primer can be applied on the wooden facade in two layers. After each layer, you must wait until it is completely dry before applying the next one.

To speed up and simplify the priming process, you can use special compositions in aerosols - they are very convenient to apply, and they are evenly distributed over the surface. After you have thoroughly treated the surface with a primer, you must wait a day before painting the wooden facade.