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Niche plasterboard in the interior (20 photos)


Drywall - a versatile and indispensable material for construction and repair. It allows you to reduce the massiveness of structures, increases the speed of the project. Gypsum boards are easily processed and well bent. With their help, a comfortable and beautiful niche made of plasterboard. This work is creative and requires knowledge of the basic techniques.

Niches help to change the geometry of the room and implement design ideas. You can make a drywall niche even in a wall where it was not before. It will not hide the space, but even visually expand it. A niche for TV from plasterboard is very popular, it reliably holds large-sized plasma and creates harmony and comfort in an apartment. A niche can even replace a cabinet, because on its shelves you can place various things.



Where better to make a niche

The GKL niches with original shelves and a rounded top look impressive. Where can I make a niche:

  • Making a niche of plasterboard in the living room is a great alternative to the long-obsolete furniture walls. This original design in the living room can be used as a decorative element. In this case, using HL, they make a small depression in the wall with original patterns and decorate it with light or paint it in contrasting tones.
  • A niche for drywall curtains allows you to hide the cornice bar and suspension system: It helps to create the impression of a curtain coming down from the ceiling, since the cornice is not visible.
  • A niche with shelves in the nursery is very relevant. The toys placed on it do not cause a feeling of disorder and are always visible. Therefore, the cabinet, standing in the nursery with the doors open forever, can be removed into the living room. By means of an original niche from gypsum cardboard it is possible to divide a nursery.
  • The gypsum plasterboard niches in the bedroom above the bed fit harmoniously; with maximum adherence to the decor, they will become the original decoration of the room and replace the bedside tables, usually standing next to the bed. With the help of drywall, you can completely update the design of the bedroom, equipping niches instead of the closet to accommodate a dressing room.
  • The niche in the hallway looks great, where the design provides for a minimum of furniture and decor. A drywall construction can be a good substitute for a standard hanger or closet in the hallway. It can be made in the form of a frame for a mirror with a shelf for cosmetic trifles.
  • In the large kitchen is allowed to arrange a niche under the fireplace. On its shelves, you can put candles or fold a stack of thin poles. The fireplace in the kitchen makes it warm and cozy.
  • With the use of use of unused space above the bathroom allows a niche of drywall in the bathroom. On its shelves, you can equip additional space for storing various small items or arrange interior decorations on them.
  • Corner niches are often equipped in the toilet in a small area.

In apartments with high ceilings, you can equip the ceiling niches for storage in the hallway.






How to create a niche from drywall

How to make a drywall niche? The work on the modeling of this design is carried out by counting the depth, as well as the height of the room and the width of the free area. Already at the first stage it is necessary to consider the question whether it will be a functional shelf or a decorative element. Then you need to draw a project or at least sketch out the simplest sketch and draw up a plan, purchase all the necessary materials.



How to make niche lighting

Niche lighting is a whole art. A special effect to decorative niches is given by the lighting made around the perimeter. Beautiful lighting allows you to create a point or decorative lamps, LED strip, electric fireplace. The play of light and shadow visually expands the space, allocates objects in the interior of the niche, which becomes the main focus of the room.