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Wallpaper under the brick in the interior (53 photos)


Familiar to designers and the general public in the Soviet era, wallpaper under the brick today has undergone a truly revolutionary change for the better. With the advantages that were originally incorporated into the very idea of ​​such a finish, the wallpaper under the brick significantly and dramatically influences the design of the premises, and, above all, the design of the walls in apartments and entertainment format. Available in terms of price and in terms of ways to purchase, wallpaper under the brick with an enviable simplicity and ease control all sorts of decorative styles in the interior of the house - whether it be a corridor or a hall.






Wonderful solution for any room

In the Soviet era, these products did not shine with a variety of options in terms of design and color. With the development of industry and the introduction of technology into it, it is possible to fully appreciate the wallpaper under the brick in the interior of the premises for various purposes - a corridor or living room. The most frequent use of this product is typical for:

  • hallway of various sizes;
  • interior corridor;
  • utility room and other rooms.






New trends allow you to safely move the wallpaper under the brick in a more spacious and functionally significant rooms at home. They constitute a serious competition to other types of finishing materials traditionally used for wall decoration. Last but not least, it became possible due to the combination of various forms of decoration in such fashionable styles as:

  • loft;
  • techno;
  • fusion






This does not prevent to maintain the price variety of products, to produce wallpaper under the brick of the highest quality level and sophisticated style. Such a competent promotion adds popularity to the surveyed material. It further emphasizes the decorative advantages of this product over the formerly traditional design of the raw surface of a corridor or other room:

  • to build a wall of natural brick, for example, in the hallway is much more expensive;
  • with modern architectural norms, an increase in the load on the floor slabs is not always permissible in the same hallway;
  • brick masonry, as compared with the sticker, is longer, which means it is not always convenient;
  • You can glue wallpaper with your own hands, and for laying will have to attract specialists;
  • Now natural material becomes a generator of problems that were previously ignored.






In addition to these advantages, brick-like wallpapers that are not emerging from the trend are used in the current design for wall decoration in:

  • night clubs;
  • all kinds of cafes;
  • restaurants;

as well as other premises of entertaining enterprises.




Design options

With the expansion of the possibilities of stylistic diversity, the advantages of the product became more vivid, both in design as a whole and in fashionable directions of architecture. First of all, it concerns solutions in finishing options with high ceilings and large spaces of corridors and other rooms. Against this background, look great projects of combining the product with:

  • brick fireplace from natural material;
  • classic stove;
  • traditional wood bar.






Special chic - wallpaper under white brick, in the interior of the modern hall, they look stylistically flawless and create a special lightness with a light background combined with the refinement of the design solution.

Printing capabilities allow you to recreate in the home environment such decorative delights as the walls of an ancient medieval castle, more characteristic of Provence style or vintage. And it can be both a single finishing material for the walls, and its fragments:

  • in the kitchen it is enough to emphasize, having advantageously designated the workspace - the so-called apron;
  • in the same kitchen, you can use wallpaper to decorate the bar;
  • brick wallcoverings are particularly advantageous with sophisticated antique furniture in the living room or dining room, emphasizing the overall aesthetics of the design;
  • design capabilities will allow to update the surface of the walls in the hallway or living room, pasting a niche, column or partition.

Affordability and democracy make it possible to effectively use the product in the design of a hallway or living room, as well as any other room of a large country house or a typical city apartment.






Choosing the best material wallpaper

Dense, easily washable wallpaper can drastically change the decorative look of your kitchen, where you could only dream of such convenience before. Basic requirements for the selected option:

  • high density - due to more intense pollution and the need for frequent washing;
  • lightfastness - as a rule, the kitchen is more illuminated than other rooms of the apartment;
  • moisture resistance - associated with increased use of water.








Different species and their most beneficial aspects

Today, wallpaper under the brick is so diverse that only by carefully examining the entire range and comparing it with other finishing products, you can get an idea about the subject.

Wallpaper paper under the brick:

  • have an undoubted advantage in the environmental aspect of the use of materials for production;
  • their maximum affordability is also taken into account, which is essential, for example, for quickly pasting a corridor;
  • paper products are characterized by a wide range of colors, including the gray format, which is undoubtedly advantageous for the “brick” idea, as well as the various sizes of the canvas.

The downside of the paper version is low moisture resistance, which, combined with a flat pattern and other drawbacks, limits the scope of their use for finishing the apartment.







To the already mentioned advantages of vinyl wallpaper under brick should be attributed:

  • special realism, which takes the textured appearance of the walls in your apartment;
  • wonderful relief qualities if you decide to decorate your home with hot stamping wallpaper with an exquisite pattern;
  • a spectacular combination of any furniture in your living room with neutral tones such as gray or beige;
  • dense base, which, combined with a variety of shades of gray and other fashion trends, turns your living room into a refined lounge;
  • elementary and simple household care for the wallpaper of this type will not care about the order of your home in the loft style, which is most suitable for this product;
  • pricing policy is organically combined with durability, which balances the possibilities of using it in the design of your apartment;
  • in domestic terms, vinyl wallpaper under the brick ideally support a favorable appearance, with infrequent wiping them with a damp cloth;
  • product advantage - high strength, especially if you take into account the increased wear of the wall surface in the hallway or in the kitchen;
  • a small minus characteristic of this design solution is the absence of free air circulation, which, combined with obvious advantages, balances the chances of this product in the general species line.

The most sought-after vinyl wallpaper under brick for such fashionable styles as loft and techno.