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Laundry basket in the bathroom (53 photos): practical interior decoration


In a modern bathroom, all the details of the interior should be not only beautiful, but also functional. Due to high humidity and insufficient airing, bacteria and microorganisms constantly accumulate in such a room. Therefore, all pieces of furniture must be chosen, given these facts. For example, you should pay particular attention to choosing the right basket for storing clothes. With its help, you can not only decorate the bathroom with a stylish object, uplifting your mood with color and shape, but also take care of your health and your family, using it in your everyday life.




Purpose of the laundry basket

Store laundry before washing in a dry condition to avoid moisture, unpleasant odor and bacteria. For storage of dirty laundry use special containers, tanks, boxes and baskets, which are designed to maintain the cleanliness and order of the bathroom. Washing machine drum is not the best place to store dirty things. In the closed state, the laundry will accumulate an unpleasant odor, and it will not be possible to separate the colored laundry from the white.




Experts recommend storing contaminated items for no more than two or three days. This is primarily necessary in order to prevent the development of unwanted microorganisms. And in the second - it is easier to get rid of pollution immediately after their occurrence, so as not to use aggressive detergents that can harm health.

The main characteristics that should have an ideal laundry basket in the bathroom:

  • Durability, ability to withstand heavy weight. It depends on the materials from which the container is made.
  • The basket should not contain bumps, notches and sharp elements. It may harm the laundry.
  • The lid is a prerequisite, preferably one-piece, as it does not allow water and dust to get inside.
  • Existence of a set of openings for high-quality airing.
  • Not bad, if the basket will have several compartments, which will provide the possibility of separating white and colored linen.




Varieties and classification of laundry baskets

By functionality, all baskets can be divided into two groups:

  1. Stationary baskets, which are usually made of durable materials, and they do not change their shape during operation. It is quite simple to fold and store dirty laundry in them, but in the room they look cumbersome and take up a lot of space.
  2. Foldable laundry baskets are often presented in the form of a mesh fabric that is stretched onto a metal or wooden base. Grids can have large or small holes. The main advantage of folding baskets is the possibility of cleaning them from the room. But if you take into account the fact that the laundry basket is almost always in demand for use, it is difficult to call it a great advantage.






Based on the location of the laundry basket, there are:

  • floor (standard),
  • wall (hanging),
  • embedded

The category of floor or standard laundry baskets can be attributed to the majority of modern containers for laundry. They are installed on the floor and, unfortunately, occupy a lot of space. The shape of these baskets are most often rectangular and angular. Corner laundry basket is usually located in a corner near the washing machine, a rectangular laundry basket is near the bathroom or under the wall of the shower stall. Options on wheels are very functional and mobile. Such laundry baskets can be tall, detached, or low, placed on the shelves of closets in large bathrooms. They can easily be moved or moved to another location.




Wall laundry baskets are located on the walls, so the space on the floor is not occupied, which ensures free movement around the bathroom. They can look like bags and bags, which are hung on towel hooks, or they can be placed in drawers of cabinets. These baskets are designed to store a small amount of laundry, which allows you to not accumulate dirty things, and immediately wash.

In addition, the advantage of wall laundry baskets is also the fact that they free up space in the drawers under the sink for storing household chemicals, cosmetics and bath accessories.






The built-in baskets for dirty linen are a variant of masking a basket in curbstones, cases or cases for a bathroom. They are quite functional and invisible in the general interior. For compact bathrooms, for example, the basket is installed in the form of a bedside table under the sink. It does not occupy a large area, and the laundry is removed as from a regular washing machine.

This type of baskets is also called roll-out or retractable, because to get to them, you must push out of the closet or cabinet. As a rule, such baskets are made of steel rods with the ability to insert a fabric bag inside, and are fixed on a movable sash of furniture. Most of these baskets are loaded with dirty laundry on top.






Laundry basket in the bathroom: the choice of material from which it is made

Modern stores offer a wide range of laundry baskets. To know the strengths and weaknesses of each model, you need to explore the advantages and disadvantages of the materials from which baskets are made.

Plastic models of laundry baskets

Plastic baskets are the most common and popular among users. They produce a variety of shades and shapes, so you can choose a universal and suitable to the interior of a particular bathroom. By weight, they are not heavy, make it easy to move them indoors. Plastic baskets are strong enough and at the same time low cost. Most often, manufacturers carry out such baskets with removable lids or with a folding mechanism at the covers. Air vents are made in the form of any drawings, which makes the models of such baskets more attractive and interesting for consumers.






Wicker models of linen tanks

Wicker laundry baskets are also quite common. They can be found cylindrical, trapezoidal, rectangular and angular. And also you can meet interesting models in the form of wicker animals that children will surely like. Bamboo fibers, wicker, straw, rattan, and also dried seaweed are commonly used for weaving. During the selection of such a basket is to look at the quality of materials, as well as to ensure the reliability of fasteners. The weaving performed should be durable so as not to be soft and not lose shape when pressed. Also, such products should not be narrow and light.

For ease of care, wicker baskets are completed with a fabric inner cover. It is convenient to remove for washing, and you can also change the color combinations.






Metal models for storing clothes

Metal laundry baskets are durable. They are durable and are most often made of polished or chrome-plated wire. Metal is a good material for built-in laundry baskets. But in everyday use, such baskets can be subject to corrosive processes if they have not been treated with a special compound. Metal baskets often contain wheels, so they easily move. But their range is limited in the choice of different sizes and shapes.



Fabric models of laundry baskets

Fabric laundry baskets are very popular among young people and fashionistas. Such accessories do not have good quality indicators, because absorbing moisture, they can accumulate bacteria, odor and mold, but they have an attractive appearance. In most cases, these baskets look like a bag with ties at the top, or are presented in the form of a metal frame covered with a fabric. At the same time, such baskets are quite spacious and compact, often folding options are found.

In the section of fabric baskets can also be attributed, and models made of clothesline and rope.






Such baskets do not have a wide color palette. Most often you can find black, gray and white versions.

If the washing machine is not located in the bathroom, but, for example, in the kitchen or utility room, such a basket can perfectly fit into the interior, decorating it. And if it is equipped with wheels, it will also be mobile.

Considering the fact that the basket should not occupy a large space in the bathroom, which is especially important for small premises, it is necessary to choose the shape of the laundry basket carefully. Corner products will be an excellent option to save space. And if the area allows, among the rectangular, square, cylindrical, in the form of animal figures, you can choose suitable for a particular design.