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Loft-style chairs - a stylish industrial mood at home


An interesting feature of this style is the relevant use in the interior of old metal or wooden objects and new ones, stylized as factory or factory furnishings, so it’s quite appropriate to see "life-seeing" or modern plastic chairs in the apartment with unusual lines.

Chair materials

For the manufacture of furniture are used all sorts of materials, both natural and artificial:

  • various types of wood and chipboard;
  • polycarbonate, acryl - plastic furniture is distinguished by high strength, low weight, optical transparency. Multicolored things will help to focus on the furniture, and transparent - will create a visual effect of space and freedom;
  • a rock;
  • metal;
  • leather / fabric for plating.

All these materials can be used as a frame or decoration items, perfectly combining and complementing each other.




Furniture color solutions

Loft style can form different scales of shades. For the interior of the room, made in calm, even colors, it is desirable to choose chairs that will not stand out against the general background of furniture. If you want some bright accents, then interesting bright chairs / stools can play a major role in the decor of the room and “liven up” the design of the room.

For traditional furniture, decorated "antique", characterized by the use of shades of white, gray, brown, beige tones.




The modern design of the loft interiors fully admits the bright furnishings of the rooms - chairs of orange, saturated green or even pink shades. In this case, the harmony of the situation will be determined by the color of the walls. The contrast of textured gray painted surfaces and stools / chairs upholstered in leather in bright colors (blue, red) looks stylish.

If the walls are decorated with white brickwork, the wooden chairs in white will organically complement the decor of the room.



Chairs "loft" in the interior

Custom design can be created with furniture made in factory conditions or custom-made. It is desirable to select chairs for a specific table in the living room, kitchen, or office.

The standard height of the dining / kitchen table is 72-78 cm. For such options, chairs with a seat located at a level of 40-42 cm from the floor are best suited. The area of ​​the seats may be the most different and is chosen according to the taste of the buyer. To make the chairs look original, you can choose furniture with an interesting upholstery or an unusual shape of handles, backrests.

For the living room or office are purchased chairs with textile / leather upholstery, in which the backrest is inclined. The interiors of the premises can decorate both wooden objects and metal.



Children's furniture

For the room it is recommended to select models made of wood. It is desirable that the chair had a back, armrests. Fabric upholstery is very cozy and pleasant to touch, but it needs careful handling. Furniture with leather trim looks stylish and is more resistant to surprises in the form of spilled drinks or paints for drawing. An excellent solution for the arrangement of a child’s room will be a stool. Moreover, kids will be able to use such furniture for games, such as building houses or building some constructors. It is desirable to select the model low (optimally - 35-40 cm) and stable, with a wide seat. It is very easy to make a loft-style stool with your own hands. The base is made of a metal frame in the form of a cube, and the seat is made of wood or sheathed with fabric / leather.




Loft style chairs in the kitchen

Special attention is given to the furnishing of a room decorated in a loft style. This style is most appropriate in large areas. The absence of partitions and the use of natural finishing materials (concrete, brick) make it possible to give the situation a peculiar charm. However, the proper planning and use of non-standard design solutions can bring into the small kitchen shades of industrial aesthetics.




The bar counter can be considered an integral attribute of the loft style. In a spacious room, this design does not create obstacles and is perfect for quick or casual snacking. In a compact kitchen it is placed near the walls, which saves space.

Standard rack height - from 1 to 1.15 m. Completion of its corresponding chairs will provide a comfortable pastime. The optimal size of the bar stool is 90 cm from the floor level or approximately 50 cm from the step to the seat.




Bar stools are made of various designs: can have backs, supports for legs. For the production of such furniture is used a different material.

Wood is best suited for furnishing a kitchen and giving a home a home environment. This material is durable, practical and environmentally friendly. The only drawback of such furniture is the high price. Bar stools with backrest - the best option. It is advisable to choose a model with upholstery, which is well cleaned or take care of removable covers in advance. The loft style is emphasized to the maximum - narrow bar stools made of dark wood. Having a footrest makes it easy and easy to sit / get up.

Metal chairs will be a suitable option for creating loft furnishings in the kitchen. Such furniture is stable, reliable and durable. Considerable weight can be considered a small lack of chairs. Buyers are also offered models equipped with devices that adjust the height of the seat or allow it to turn. Upholstery will solve the issue of discomfort when touching a cold metal. Most likely to get bar stools with a wooden seat. Very unusual look model with a triangular seat.






Recommendations for choosing loft-style chairs

The choice of upholstery is determined by the purpose of the furniture. Manufacturers offer a variety of seat design options: fabric, leather, wood. If the chairs will perform mostly decorative value, you can choose models without upholstery.

Shades of furniture should complement the decor of the room or be a bright contrasting element.




When choosing bar stools, it is necessary to clearly understand the purpose of the furniture - for casual snacking or a full meal:

  • if only morning coffee is drunk behind the bar, then you can put metal chairs with a decorative small back or without it at all;
  • in the second case, it is better to give preference to semi-bar chairs with wide seats that have comfortable backs and armrests. Seat height in such models can be adjusted.

To give the situation a "factory" look, it is not necessary to buy expensive furniture. Old grandmother's wooden chairs for the living room will do. Near the bar will look great plastic products. Modern technology will complement the industrial interior.