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Bath pool: types, key characteristics and installation features (24 photos)


After the steam room, the procedure of dipping into cold water traditionally takes place. Ideally, a reservoir for a cool and invigorating liquid should be a lake or river. If there are no reservoirs nearby, an artificial location for swimming is also suitable.

Of course, not everyone can afford to make a pond at their summer cottage, even if the bathhouse is a favorite vacation spot in the country. An alternative version of the artificial pond "under the bath" - a small pool. An even simpler solution is a practical do-it-yourself bath font.




What is a font?

Initially, the bath tub was a kind of vessel. It was located in temples and cathedrals, was used in the process of baptism. After many years the term began to be perceived more widely. Today, under the definition of font means a capacity for cold water, located directly next to the sauna or bath.

Most of the designs are particularly practical and compact. They can be freely placed even in small rooms, which is ideal for a country bath, although there are also fans of a street bath tub or sauna.

It is worth mentioning the fact that wooden structures (the traditional version of such devices) look quite impressive on their own. This means that both indoors and outdoors, they will look colorful and spectacular, emphasizing the unique distinctive charm of the native Russian bath.




Fonts by type of accommodation

From what type of font was chosen, the operational characteristics and functional qualities of the model directly depend. All modern options can be divided into three global categories:

  • Recessed type;
  • Open;
  • Poured

They differ from each other primarily in the nuances of design. This directly affects the method of installation of each specific structure.

In-depth model

This type is represented by a fairly compact swimming pool, complemented by a fixed or mobile ladder. A similar construction plan in the design process of the sauna or bath.

Make a font of this type for a bath with your own hands is quite difficult. It is necessary to navigate well in the main construction points.

The ideal place for in-depth models 0150 is a dressing room or another separate room adjacent to the sauna itself. Alternatively, the traditional oval font is placed on the porch near the bath.



Oblive type font

The easiest option - oblivnogo type. Installing fonts in the bath does not take much time. The design is built into the ceiling or one of the walls of the bath.

The mechanism allows everyone to douse themselves with cold water immediately after visiting the steam room. For this tub with water just overturned on themselves. Then the bucket returns to its original position, the container is again filled with water.

From the point of view of practicality, ergonomics and cost, this option is universal and acceptable for everyone. You can use the cheapest options (for example, plastic tub) or give preference to compact, but more elite products (from expensive tree varieties with spectacular decor).

Open type models

Regardless of which size of the bath tub is most preferable, it is most often preferred to use open-type structures. These are tanks located directly on the ground and connected to the sewage system.

An open outdoor concrete font is made if it is not possible to make more complex structures in this particular case. The stock is purchased at the store, and the installation is carried out independently or the experts are asked for help.

Today, companies offer models of various sizes, shapes, configurations, heated and without. The bath tub can be wooden, plastic, iron.




Models by material production

In total there are not many types of building materials that can be used in the design of the font. In fact, each model has a number of specific advantages, but it can also have significant drawbacks. The choice of model depends on many factors, so you need to choose the design, taking into account the individual characteristics of the site, the bath or sauna itself, as well as other important parameters.

Metal tanks

From a strong metal, you can create a truly powerful and durable font (with or without heating). However, such structures can not be called very popular. Products are difficult to transport, relatively difficult to install. Moreover, the design is always rather laconic. Only lovers of modest minimalism will appreciate the cold gloss of the metal tank.

However, it is worth noting some advantages of such models. Metal containers are able to maintain the water temperature for a long time, such as the "bath ceremony" requires.




Concrete Analogs

Concrete tanks are also able to maintain the desired water temperature for a long time. The structures are very durable, reliable, but their basic parameters must be taken into account even at the stage of construction of the bathhouse itself and nearby buildings. The only significant drawback: quite substantial labor costs in the process of direct installation of a concrete tank.

Polypropylene options

Corner font or any other shape and configuration of polypropylene is becoming more popular every day. Polypropylene is a synthetic material based on polyolefins. Raw materials are absolutely safe and heat resistant.

If the future design is heated, synthetics can also be safely used, since polypropylene can withstand thermal loads up to +130 degrees Celsius. The material begins to melt only at a temperature exceeding the mark of +180 degrees.

To negative temperatures, the plastic bath tub is much more sensitive. It is possible to operate a huge bowl at a temperature not lower than -15 degrees Celsius. Before you make a font, you need to remember about this feature. It is better to place the bowl of polypropylene in the room.




Among the main features that have bath fonts made of polypropylene, it is worth mentioning:

  • The design is easily mounted on any of the selected locations;
  • The bowl can be installed at any of the stages of construction, dismantled and moved in space as customers wish;
  • Plastic models are sold at an extremely low price.

Models are unpretentious in service, easy to clean. Lifetime is simply overwhelming - over 50 years.

Composite Fonts

Composite bath for a bath is a construction of polymeric materials with fiberglass compounds. The composite is stronger than concrete. It has the necessary flexibility to mount the structure on any location under any climatic conditions.


  • High service life - over 30 years;
  • High resistance to mechanical damage;
  • High aesthetic characteristics (great colors, spectacular texture, bold imitation);
  • The bowl has no seams, as it is produced by the method of molding.

There is a drawback: for the price, such a model will be quite expensive. Even an elite cedar bath font or high-class metal tanks can be much cheaper.




Wooden fonts for bath

Wooden fonts are a classic variant for all times. Wood looks rich, luxurious, original. You can decorate the bowl as you like.

Independently constructing a construction without carpenter skills is very difficult. However, quite solid models can be purchased in finished form. A wooden font is suitable as a reservoir for cold water, and can also be used as a colorful bath. Heated will have to tinker, but the idea is worth it.

To create bowls use these types of wood:

  • Cedar;
  • Oak;
  • Linden;
  • Beech;
  • Larch.

Each option is beautiful in its own way. However, do not forget that any wooden structure requires careful care. If the bowl is not washed, from time to time not to handle the appropriate compositions, the product will quickly lose its spectacular appearance, and the very functional purpose. By the way, the wooden font, even with excellent care, is operated on average no more than 7 to 9 years (it all depends on the frequency of use of the device, the location of the tank and the type of wood).




Accessories and accessories

Modern high-tech fonts can be heated, backlit, water temperature measurement system. However, in the pursuit of fashionable novelties that are not always as necessary as it seems at first glance, we should not forget about simple, but really valuable devices.

First of all, the font should be equipped with the following devices:

  • Benches for sitting or placing various bath accessories;
  • Steps for a smooth descent into the water and a comfortable exit from the tank;
  • Water supply and discharge system;
  • The presence of the necessary devices for local heating.

For older people, children and anyone who appreciates comfort, it is better to equip places of descent and ascent with additional stair handrails. Filling with water can be done in several ways:

  1. With a flexible hose or shower;
  2. By means of a stationary wall mixer;
  3. Using the built-in nozzle, if necessary, an additional hose can be connected to it.

In general, the necessary accessories and possible additions can be obtained from the sales assistants, if the font is purchased in finished form. If the product is made personally or with the help of specialists, it will be possible to find out about the necessary devices directly during the work.