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How to choose a cabinet under the sink in the bathroom (47 photos)


The bathroom is a place for daily water procedures, aromatherapy, pleasant relaxation and a part of the water element in your home. There should be complete harmony between plumbing and household appliances, decoration and furniture. To achieve this is easy, knowing what kind of cabinet under the sink to choose.

Curbstone under the sink in each bathroom is a prominent object. It serves as a kind of unifying beginning of each element: a piece of furniture, a plumbing unit, performing a direct functional purpose and being a particle for completing the overall design. The variety of types, modern models with various design features, materials of manufacture, shades and textures will allow you to choose the cabinet, which will be the way in your bathroom.







A few words about the materials for the thumbs, or following logic

The curbstone under the sink should be chosen from a moisture-resistant material that is not prone to drying, rotting, corrosion, easily tolerating temperature drops, which remain flawless even after several years of use and easy maintenance. It becomes clear that the cabinet of solid pine or oak - not a suitable option, despite the strength characteristics of wood.

As experience shows, the cabinets of special stainless alloys or stone last the longest, with a little less glass. But the last 2 options require careful self-care to look bright and solid every day. Soapy stains, stains, water drops make glass and stone dull, wiped and unattractive. Only cleaning and polishing will help!






Choice between base, legs or withdrawable version

Pedestal - not only the best idea for easy and simple cleaning, the ability to easily get the rolled cap from toothpaste, for example. This is also a practical side: the cabinet will not be heated from the floor if the bathroom has heated floors, it will be provided with sufficient ventilation, and water from the bathroom or evaporation will not accumulate under it. Curbstones with adjustable height of the legs - a gift for those families where young children grow up. Today, its height can barely reach 70 cm, tomorrow - all 85 cm!



If the legs - not your option, you can consider a cabinet with a base. Properly choosing the material from which it is made, you will be assured of the maximum stability of the cabinet and that moisture, dust and dirt will not fall under the plumbing fixture. In this case, the structure of the structure does not require special fasteners, therefore, it is possible to mount such a shell on its own.

A unique option for the innovator - roll-out bollard on rollers. It will bring energy and drive into the bathroom, making the hygiene procedures interesting. Its placement is under a shelf, a mirror and even high seats for aromatherapy procedures or massage. The only negative point is a small radius of “action”, because the pedestal is connected with the sewage system, cold and hot water pipelines.



Types of pedestals under the sink, or each has its own advantages

When choosing a floor, hanging or corner cabinet under the sink, proceed from the shape and area of ​​the bathroom, the overall decoration of the interior and the stylistic component. Draw on a piece of paper a plan-layout of furniture and household appliances in the bathroom so that it is easy to “rearrange” the cabinet in some places. Do not forget that communications will be connected to it, therefore take up additional space for hoses, nozzles and other structural elements.

And make a choice in favor of:

Corner option. Such a cabinet will not occupy a usable area, but will occupy a corner of a bathroom, leaving a usable space at your discretion. You will be able to fit into it a couch or even a dressing table for “targeting” beauty, and you will carry out hygienic procedures in a small, but compact and comfortably equipped area. Consider the options of full-fledged headsets, with a corner locker, and you will no longer need to think about where to store all sorts of little things. In this case, your choice - floor or hanging version of the corner pieces of furniture of various configurations. You can easily install the floor version yourself, but for a suspended corner cabinet you will need a wizard call.




Floor cabinets under the sink. The size of a private bathroom is a model of a finished product or an individual order. This piece of furniture can be located on the legs or basement, usually has two doors, behind which are shelves and drawers for storing bathroom accessories, textiles, hygiene products and other things.

This is a classic bollard, the basis of which can be the sink itself, or the variant with mounting it to the countertop, or the countertop on which the sink will be installed. From the choice of design - embedded or desktop version of the sink, will depend on the size of the cabinets.




Hanging pedestals. Its design has a reinforced body and is mounted on the wall with brackets. Installation work should be entrusted to professionals so that the cabinet with sink does not fall down under its own weight. This option is applicable for apartments with thick and massive walls, such that will withstand the appropriate load.

Usually, the dimensions of the pedestals are minimal, which makes it easy to fit into the bathroom of the smallest sizes. And at the same time have a convenient place for water treatments. The curbstone implies the presence of a special space that hides communication from outside eyes, making the interior attractive, free and not cluttered.



Advice: each of us is strictly individual in the desire to decorate the bathroom. Therefore, choosing a cabinet under the sink, be guided not only by the size, materials, but also desires. If you want a small cabinet that will serve as a decorative piece of furniture that hides communications, select the appropriate option, hanging or corner. Otherwise, choose a floor cabinet to store the maximum number of objects inside and accomplish hygienic procedures simultaneously by several family members. Focus on the necessary functions!



A couple of tips for installing thumbs

Numerous types of pedestals of various sizes and shapes are on the market, as well as shells, the choice of which is the choice between an embedded or desktop option. Each option is a definite idea that will help to make the interior of the bathroom uncommon and bright, but at the same time - functional and pragmatic.