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Roses in the interior (29 photos): a variety of forms for decoration


You can make the room design unusual with the help of floral motifs. It is not necessary to force the room with fresh flowers, pick up dry artificial flower arrangements. Buds and beautiful bouquets may well be chosen for the walls, and bright and unusual wallpaper or ordinary wallpaper will suit for this. A special nobleness among all flowers, of course, differ roses. Even just looking at the roses it already seems that the room is filled with a fresh fragrance and the subtle smell of these gorgeous flowers.



Decorate everything

Since roses have many shades, the color scheme is easy to choose for the living room, and for the bedroom, and even for the kitchen. Here it is already important to determine the basic shades and harmoniously combine them. Photowall-paper and rolled wallpapers are more suitable for living room and bedroom, but for the kitchen it is better to use a tile or apron, where you can see whole bouquets with roses, and just flying petals.




How can I change the space of roses?

Based on how you need to change the mood of the apartment or adjust the size of the space of a separate room, you can choose different images in the photo wallpaper.

  • Light soft shades used in decorating walls will greatly expand the space and make the room more spacious.
  • To make the room visually taller, rolled wallpaper and wallpaper will come up with roses on a long stem.
  • Pay attention to the color palette of furniture. The drawings on the wall should harmoniously overlap with the color of the furniture. It is advisable to put light furniture, since it is easier to combine it with floral motifs.
  • To expand the space, you can use photo wallpapers with 3D drawings of roses. They are incredibly realistic and it seems that the petals are about to fly into the rooms of the apartment. You can make a room deeper with the addition of a light haze and fog on a mostly dark background.
  • For the bedroom, it is desirable to use either passionate red flowers, or tender and soft ones. It depends on the desire to create the necessary atmosphere in the rest room.
  • It is recommended to choose neutral tones in the living room so that all visitors feel comfortable in the room. Too bright and saturated decor will "push" on some people.




Decorating the entire interior or individual walls, involves all sorts of combinations of rosebuds, bouquets with them and the whole composition. Therefore, you can choose the appropriate picture for any requirements and wishes. If you could not find the finished version, you can always make an individual order and the wallpaper will be unique.




Each shade of a flower, both when making bouquets and decorating a house with images of flowers, means certain feelings and emotions.

  • Pale cream - elegance, restraint, grace
  • White - white rose - the flower of the goddesses, as it is a symbol of virtue, crystal thoughts, purity
  • Yellow color is a symbol of prosperity and respectability, it pleases the eye, creates warmth
  • Coral color - the color of the lips, therefore, symbolizes desire and passion
  • Red colors - fiery passion
  • Scarlet - the color of Venus, the deities of love

From history: there was a tradition in Rome - a rose was hung over the entrance to the house, which meant that everything said today in this house should be kept secret. It was the expression "said under the rose", which meant that the fact must remain secret and not intended for prying ears. Therefore, the rose, as an element of the decor of the kitchen, can be "served under this sauce", because it is the kitchen that is often the place to discuss important issues and heart-to-heart conversations with friends.




If there is no desire to make photo wallpapers the main element of the decor in the room, then do not choose a bright pattern, and add some more elements with a floral motif to the room. This solution is especially important for a vintage interior or a room with Chebbi-chic elements, but then it makes more sense to cover the walls with wallpaper rolls. In this case, nice floral plates, vases, souvenirs and handmade designer candles are perfect. For a wider filling of the space, you can use romantic blankets in a small flower, bed linen in soft shades, carpets with floral patterns, curtains, and even upholstery of furniture with a floral motif. This style is more suitable for the bedroom and in some cases for the living room. For the kitchen, this option is too labeled.