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Living room in high-tech style (17 photos): beautiful design of the room


High-tech style can be considered the youngest of all modern styles presented today. Visually, the design of the living room in high-tech style resembles the interior, made in a different modern style - minimalism. But there is much more artificial materials, glossy and mirror surfaces, glass. Thanks to this room as much as possible filled with light.

There are several main features that make this style unique in its own way:

  • This style is restrained, and there are no excesses;
  • As with the design of the kitchen, the living room uses various techniques for visual expansion of the room. Most often for this purpose glass partitions diluted with metal elements are used;
  • Furniture and decoration elements have clear geometric forms. Their lines are distinguished by severity;
  • The room is decorated only with modern technology;
  • Chandeliers and other lighting elements provide a wide variety.

If you have made your choice in favor of this style, then you should not hurry. Although he is visually discreet, creating the ideal hi-tech style is far from easy. Hanging a bunch of glass panels and installing trendy appliances is not enough. It is necessary to take into account a number of typical errors:

  • In this style stucco looks inappropriate, the floor is made of natural wood, wallpaper with a pattern. Also, the list is complemented by multi-colored curtains, carpets and rugs, carpets and other interior elements with floral motifs;
  • It is necessary to try to achieve complete harmony of all elements and objects. Yet this style is minimalistic;
  • Leaving the old equipment after the repair does not follow, it has no place in the room where high technology reigns.



Choosing high-tech furniture correctly

The furniture used in the interior of the living room, most often have the correct geometric shapes and straight lines. But sometimes you can find furniture, in the manufacture of which uses smooth lines that resemble space themes. Cabinet furniture, for example, a coffee table or a wall looks great when they are lined with lamination technology. Thus it is possible to achieve a mirror effect. Such furniture is made with details made of metal and glass. For example, a table can be decorated with chrome legs. The living room in high-tech style is distinguished by a small amount of furniture. But all the furniture here is as functional and as intended.

Most often the living room in high-tech style has a fairly large size. Therefore, wallpaper for wall decoration can have dark shades. But so that the interior is not too heavy visually, it is desirable to use combinations of colors. The most successful combination is black or white wallpaper with various rich shades. Bright colors are used to design the main wall, for example, along which there is a TV set or a coffee table with a sofa. Wallpapers of bright colors can also be used to decorate various unusual designs, for example, projections or niches.

This style is characterized by high adaptability, so even the ceiling requires a special approach to the design. The most appropriate here is the use of multi-level structures. Such a ceiling is made of plasterboard. It is great for embedding spotlights. Alternatively, you can choose a suspended ceiling. If in the interior of the kitchen this option is undesirable due to high temperatures, then in the living room a suspended ceiling will look very impressive.



High-tech curtains

The main advantage of this style is the volume, which the inhabitants of modern apartments are so lacking. This is achieved by a combination of glass, metal and plastic, from which the furniture is made, for example, a table or a wall. The light plays an important role here, so the curtains need to be selected very carefully.

If you choose a high-tech style, then you strive for originality and singularity. Accordingly, the chandeliers made in such a modern style are distinguished by a variety of forms. Here the designer’s imagination is practically unlimited. Chandeliers for the living room can be made in a variety of shapes and colors. In modern style, the emphasis is on design, so the chandeliers themselves may not emit a lot of light. That is why the spot lighting is also used additionally. Such lamps complement the chandelier light, making the lighting more diffused. As for the color design of the chandelier for high-tech style, then there are no restrictions. The main thing that the design of the chandelier fit into the interior.



Creating comfort in the room

Many people think that a hi-tech room seems uncomfortable. If this is so, then you can soften the overall impression by filling out the room with a fireplace. The flame will soften the severity of the interior, add to the room. If you decide to equip a room with a fireplace, then first of all you need to pay attention to its design. If earlier it was thought that only a classic room could be decorated with a fireplace, today there are a large number of products made in a modern style on the market. You will only have to choose the appropriate option. As a rule, a modern fireplace decorated the walls of the living room, but you can meet and floor options.