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Lighting in the bathroom (20 photos): ceiling design and lamp arrangement


Comfort in the house - one of the important conditions for a safe stay. It can not be imagined without a cozy bathroom. On sale there are various devices that make the lighting in the home and bathroom cozy, beautiful. Realizing the desire to make the interior modern, design solutions for the placement of light sources are applied.

At first glance, it is not so difficult to choose a lighting device. It is known that in most apartments the lighting in the bathroom is specific - an almost complete absence of natural light. Therefore - we use lamps and create artificial light. Only one light bulb does not provide adequate comfort for all those things that usually occur in the bathroom. Shaving, makeup, washing, and washing require more intense light, directed or localized in a particular area.

Everything should be present in the space of a new bathroom: both beauty and convenience, regardless of what ideas will be applied. The choice of fixtures should be the appropriate size. Independently considering the organization of space in the bathroom, it is advisable to divide the room into areas with their own lighting. These zones are approximately as follows:

  • bath or shower for water treatments;
  • washbasin and mirror over it;
  • cabinets, shelves;
  • home appliances: washing machine and others.

Not every bathroom is divided into the above areas. Planning Khrushchev, for example, does not always allow to place household appliances or furniture in a small room.



The space near the sink

Each bathroom has a sink with a mirror above it. This zone is almost the main, requiring sufficient lighting. Apply lights around the mirror, for example, built into it. Use fluorescent lamps, LED equipment. In this case, it is possible that the light will blind, create glare in the reflection. Proper lighting should fall flat on the face. Above the mirror and on the sides install lamps with frosted glass or sconces under the lampshade.



Lighting in a small bathroom - features

Using the design and its techniques, select the color of the walls, equipment, decor, specifically designed for small-sized bathroom. But it also decorates, makes the smallest interiors comfortable the choice of lighting scheme and appliances for it. In an effort to increase the space, it is impossible to make 12 square meters of 5 square meters, but this can be done visually. It is more important to provide sufficient illumination so that there is no shadow in the small room. First of all, it is the choice of the power of the lamp, as well as the lamp, so that the light is bright, but not blinding.



Lighting on the floor and ceiling

In addition to the light shades of the ceiling in the bathroom of a small size, you can use reflective materials: glossy, but not quite mirrored, which exacerbates the small size. The reflecting ability of such a ceiling would be properly illuminated by wall sources or use ceiling light equipment that is somewhat protruding. For a large bathroom there are also many options. The interiors decorate a large chandelier in the center or turning the ceiling into a “halogen sky with stars.” A number of fixtures will be practical to place on the floor, mounted in tile.



Requirements when installing lighting equipment

Implementing such ideas take into account that a certain and previously calculated scheme of lighting equipment is required. We do installation and connection, observing the rules, which means - we ensure our safety during operation. The choice of equipment, the purchase of materials requires basic knowledge, without which it is impossible to repair or install lighting elements. Bathroom interior is exposed to conditions with significant humidity. Steam or accidental water droplets cannot get into electrical connections to avoid short circuits, electric shock. The most dangerous area is the bath itself. Splashes are possible in the vicinity of the sink.