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Built-in wardrobes in the interior (50 photos): examples of design


Modern interior styles are characterized by the use of various partitions and sliding doors. This type of door originates from the design of entrances to subway cars and train compartments. Modern cabinets are also decorated with sliding doors. That is why they are also called wardrobes. Built-in wardrobes are a kind of cabinet furniture.




If the cabinet wardrobe is a kind of box with shelves and hangers, the built-in structurally consist of a sliding system and internal filling. The sides are represented by the walls of a room or niche, depending on the type of cabinet. Its bottom and roof are floor and ceiling, respectively. The filling of the cabinet can be the most diverse, up to the personal wishes of the customer.




Like any other furniture, built-in closets have certain advantages and disadvantages. Of their advantages are the following:

  • First, significant space savings. After all, their embedding is carried out most often in the places formed by non-standard configurations of the room. Due to this, it is possible to use previously useless cafes and niches with benefit, hiding the flaws of the layout. Even if the depth of the niche is small, it can be increased, for example, with the help of drywall;
  • Secondly, the built-in cabinet is rigidly fixed to the surfaces, forming a single surface. This opens a wide field of activity in terms of decorative design, so that the design of the product can be almost anything. This allows you to arrange with the help of a built-in wardrobe a room made in any style;
  • Thirdly, you can use the wardrobe for the separation of functional areas. In this case, it is possible to implement almost any idea. In addition, with its help you can create a space not only for storing things, but also, for example, a storage room. This is especially true if the depth of the cabinet is large;
  • Fourthly, their manufacture is carried out mainly under the order that allows to choose filling under own needs.

Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting that it should be installed only after the niche has been carefully prepared. The fact is that at different distortions the wear of the sliding mechanism increases. In order to save space for the installation can be leveled using drywall, and on the floor to make a small screed.






Types of built-in wardrobes

Depending on which part of the room you plan to install the cabinet, they distinguish the following types of them:

  • Recessed into a niche;
  • Recessed corner;
  • Built in full wall.

Let us consider in more detail each of the options.






Corner wardrobe

Corner wardrobe - this is one of the most fashionable interior solutions. The advantages of this model of the cabinet are obvious, because it occupies the same area as the classic wall cabinet cabinet, but its internal volume is larger. In addition, it is the corner cabinet that makes the most efficient use of the space of the room. Filling such a wardrobe is a few sections, fastened together, and also fixed on the walls.




The corner wardrobe in the bedroom interior looks very harmonious. With it, a dressing room can be formed here. It also looks beautiful corner wardrobe in the interior hallway. Especially if it is square. Such models of cabinets can be decorated with doors of various shapes. Especially beautiful wardrobe corner type, decorated radius door.




Sliding wardrobe, built-in wall

Room make out with the help of such wardrobes increasingly. In fact, they are a special case of a cabinet embedded in a niche. Make them the entire length of the wall, on which there is no window openings. Such cabinets are usually large, so they can store a large number of necessary things. Their width can reach 4 m, so the sliding systems here must be of the highest quality in order to withstand the high weight of the doors.



Highlighting the features of this type of wardrobes, it should be noted that due to their size they can look a bit cumbersome in the interior of the room. Therefore, it is recommended to install them in a fairly spacious room. In addition, it is desirable to choose those versions of cabinets that have a mirror or light facade. Also, such a cabinet can be built into a long narrow corridor at the side of the exit.




Variants of facades for built-in wardrobes

The facade of the cabinet is what defines its design. Therefore, his choice should be approached very responsibly. This is due to the fact that the facade of the door is subjected to the greatest load. Therefore, it is necessary not only to choose the material and colors, but also high-quality accessories.

Filling of doors of doors of sliding wardrobes is carried out with use of various materials. They are selected taking into account what kind of room is being settled in, as well as what design is used in its design.




The most common are the following materials:

  • Mirrors. The sliding wardrobes issued by a mirror perfectly will be suitable for registration of halls. This is very appropriate, since you cannot do without a mirror in such a room. The main disadvantage of cabinets with a mirror is the difficulty of caring for them;
  • Mirror with sandblasting. The mirror surface can be refined by using a sandblasting pattern. The surface is matte. Due to the fact that any pattern can be chosen, it is possible to choose a cabinet for installation not only in a modern interior, but also in a classic style. This closet can be designed as a bedroom, and a large room or living room;
  • Stained glass. If you want to get an exclusive model of the cabinet, then this option will suit you. This is due to the fact that the stained glass windows are folded by hand, which provides some uniqueness of the interior. It is most expedient to furnish such a wardrobe a living room or a spacious bedroom;
  • Photo printing. Such facades are a whole picture. Depending on the selected pattern, the use of the cabinet, on the facade of which photo printing is applied, is advisable in certain situations. For example, if you choose a wardrobe in the nursery, then you should give preference to drawings with children's themes. When installing it in the bedroom should be preferred romantic direction. Due to the variety of drawings, it is possible to implement a variety of ideas in the interior of the room;
  • MDF panels. This option is the cheapest. Actually their use in the design of wardrobes, which you plan to use, for example, as a pantry. In addition, these low-cost models are great if you plan to arrange a hallway or corridor, made in any style. Externally, this wardrobe is as close as possible to the classic case version. The colors of such panels are often monotonous (neutral white or brighter colors can be used) or imitating the texture of wood.






MDF panels can be made in different colors. There should also be a choice taking into account the design of the room, as well as its size. For example, the white color of the facade is more suitable for decoration of small rooms. Due to this, the dimensions of the product will visually decrease.






What to consider when choosing a built-in wardrobe

When choosing various options for built-in wardrobes, you need to consider a few points:

  • What type of door opening system is used - monorail or roller. The first option is more reliable, as it can withstand a fairly high weight of the doors. But if the cabinet is narrow, then the roller system will be enough;
  • Which profile is used - steel or aluminum. Steel has high strength, but aluminum is much lighter, which is critical if the width of the product is large;
  • In what style are made the facades of the doors, and what materials are used. When choosing, pay attention to the design of the room. For example, photo printing with an abstract pattern will not look too logical in a room decorated in a classic style. But the bright wardrobe, the facade of the door which is white, is a universal option. Such design of the cabinet allows its installation both in the nursery, and in the bedroom or living room;
  • What is the internal content. It largely depends on the depth and width of the product. By making a closet to order, you can implement various ideas;
  • Features of the room. Here it is meant, not in what style its interior is made, but design features, for example, ledges, arches, transitions, etc. As an example, if you choose a wardrobe in a narrow corridor, then its size should not be large.

Functionality and aesthetic appearance of the wardrobe will delight you for a long time. The main thing to think in advance about its design and place for installation, as well as the internal content. This version of the cabinet will help you to realize various ideas in the interior, making the most of your free space.