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Modern curtains for the living room (28 photos): easy and beautiful window decoration


The living room is the face of the house and the largest room in the apartment. This is where guests and family members most often gather. Therefore, the interior of the room should have a beautiful and even spectacular design. There are different ideas for transforming a living room, for example, with the help of the right choice of style decision, selection of color of walls and ceiling, including the use of suitable curtains and tulle. The design of curtains for the hall at the same time is determined mainly by the overall style of the room. But here, too, there is the possibility of using a non-standard idea that will allow the best way to transform the interior.

  1. The design of curtains for the living room should be harmonious, so that you can transform the interior of the room. Ideas of transformation can be different, but light tulle models, curtains, lambrequins and ceiling cornices should be selected taking into account the size and location of the window, the height of the ceiling and the interior of the hall.
  2. Before you choose beautiful curtains for the hall on the grommets, it is important to determine what role they will play. If you decide to choose two elements: tulle and curtains, for example, as a continuation of the interior, then you should consider the colors and style of the room.
  3. You should also take into account that fashionable curtains for the living room with a balcony should perform other functions - to protect from cold, dust and light. Therefore, the classic curtains for the living room should be made of suitable materials that can fulfill the goals.
  4. Before you start looking at the many options for decorating a window, you need to decide what result you need - whether you want the tulle and ceiling cornices to contrast with the room's palette, or whether the colors and texture match the interior. Is it important to you that everyone who enters the hall can immediately see the eye-catching curtain design for the living room, window decor, or do you want to highlight a different element as the main element of a small room? That is why it is worth thinking out different options and ideas for window design.
  5. Instead of a single curtain, you can pick up two products at the grommet at once, but this option is not suitable for a small room. It is best to choose a similar design of curtains for the living room to choose for a spacious room where two types of curtains will look best.






Grommets are plastic or metal rings that are located at the top of the curtains at a certain distance from each other. The stylish curtains on the grommets are threaded into round eaves, which allows you to create perfect vertical folds of fabric.

  1. Such fashionable window draperies can be chosen for any room, because this design is very versatile. In the living room, the curtains for the living room with white balcony look gorgeous, especially if the ceiling moldings are located at a sufficiently high height.
  2. An interesting way to design a window with curtains on the grommets is to combine the fabric when the upper part of the fabric is of the same color and the lower part has a pattern. Fashionable curtains on the grommet can have two or three different segments, but with shades close to each other, which repeat the colors used in the living room interior.
  3. The finest transparent white tulle can hang on the grommets. Such design window with white tulle allows you to get an airy and delicate interior. White tulle can be chosen in many cases, especially if you have ideas to make the living room more light and airy.
  4. Milky-colored tulle on metal grommets will be an excellent conclusion to the image of the living room, made in beige and warm colors.
  5. White and light transparent curtains on the grommets can be chosen to support the light palette of the hall, to give it weightlessness and even romanticism. Light white tulle can even be hung over the balcony door. To do this, above the door will need to fix the ceiling moldings. Corner windows with a balcony door are more often found in country houses. Such corner windows with a balcony door should look like a single composition. Therefore, it is recommended to install a corner curtain rod for curtains.






Design of curtains with lambrequins

Initially lambrequins were thought not so much for decoration as for draping the flaws of the curtain fastening elements and the window itself. Over time, lambrequins were used only for decoration, to give the window space charm and individuality.

Lambrequins can be of the following types:

  1. Classic is the simplest type of lambrequin, which represents a strip of fabric, gathered with the help of a special band in the folds. Such lambrequins can be arched, undulating and straight;
  2. gang - is a hard pelmet. In most cases these are flat lambrequins, fixed on a tight base;
  3. pelmets with decorative jabobs and swagas. Such models are best suited for the living room, because they look elegant;
  4. lambrequins in the crease. Represent strips of fabric that are collected in one-sided folds, puffs and bows.







Color selection

If the goal is to choose the right modern models of curtains in the living room, then you should consider a number of rules that will allow you to create a beautiful and comfortable interior.

  1. Neutral curtains will fit almost any wallpaper. These are products of gray color, terracotta, beige, sand, cream and peach colors. To enhance the effect in the setting, you can add accessories, for example, gray pillows.
  2. White curtains for the hall - a great choice, because they give the interior a smart and look. But best of all white curtains will look if the interior has gray shades.
  3. Gray and yellow colors are the perfect combination for the hall. Yellow curtains and gray walls look great, but do not overdo it on yellow accents, because they are very bright.
  4. Black fabrics intensively absorb light. Therefore, black colors are recommended to be used only in the interior of spacious rooms, where there are large windows, as well as powerful night lights.
  5. Gray corner curtains will most appropriately look in a room that is made in burgundy, purple or lilac. Lilac and gray colors are perfectly combined with each other. Gray curtains will look especially interesting if you create an interior in accordance with Scandinavian motifs, high-tech style or techno.
  6. Lilac curtains have a number of undeniable decorative advantages. Lilac colors create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the living room. Lilac colors most like connoisseurs of grace and elegance, as well as creative natures. Lilac shades for art deco style are the best solution. Saturated lilac colors go well with dark brown decor elements. In the vintage living room will look great combination of several curtains of various shades of lilac. However, the combination of soft shades with screaming tones is unacceptable.