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Fireplace in the interior (26 photos): modern design of a cozy living room, bedroom, kitchen or hall


Fireplaces in the interior of a country house or apartment are not only a way of heating, but also a symbol of heat, they give peace and tranquility, unite the whole family. One of its kind is able to improve the design of the room, so often it’s not the actual portal of a brick with a chimney that is put, but an imitation of a fireplace in the interior. This is especially true in a city apartment, where it is impossible to build a classic brick fireplace. In addition, for the removal of smoke wood burning fireplace will require a chimney, which is unacceptable in the city. Such brick fireplace in classical style will be suitable for a private country house.

In summer cottages of modern country type and in city apartments, fireplaces are most often erected for decorative purposes, since contemplation of the flame causes a pacifying "psychotherapeutic" effect. That is why you need to know the basic criteria for choosing a fireplace. What are the ways to install fireplaces? What kind of flame provides this or that fuel? What decoration and decoration of the fireplace is used for the hall, bedroom, kitchen or living room? In a classic or high-tech style to arrange a fireplace? How to decorate the portals built into the wall? The finish and color of the fireplace are also counted here.

When choosing a fireplace for a private country house or a small apartment, made in a classic or high-tech style, it is important to take into account the requirements that apply to it:

  1. whether cast-iron fireplaces should provide coziness in the premises of a private country house, decorate the interior of the hall, bedroom, kitchen or living room, and at the same time be a source of heating;
  2. whether the fireplace will be erected at the time of the construction of a private country house or the usual decorative fireplace in the interior of the hall, bedroom, kitchen or living room will do;
  3. the fire safety conditions of a private house, the type of fuel used, the color, the laboriousness of the work, the possibility of acquiring materials, and the like.






There are different types of fireplaces: cast iron, electric, wall, brick stove and even TV portals. They may have a different color: red or white, depending on the design and style used. Fireplace decoration can be made in high-tech, classic or modern design.

  1. Fireplaces by type of fuel can be electric, wood, gas and biofireplaces. A wood-burning fireplace provides a “live” fire with a characteristic crash. Bio-fireplaces and electrical devices do not require special “installation”, obtaining any permits. However, the cost of bioethanol and electricity is quite high. A wood or gas fireplace would be best to look in a wooden or brick country house. These are traditional types of fireplaces that provide heat by burning fuel. In addition, this oven allows you to enjoy the game of this flame, as well as allow you to cook food on fire. However, a wood burning fireplace requires a chimney and a combustion chamber. However, such an oven is practically unacceptable for an apartment, as a suitable room and an appropriate permit will be required.
  2. Fireplaces by type of construction can be wall, wall, island and built-in. The built-in fireplaces have a chimney and a firebox in the wall array, which requires their construction at the construction stage. Wall models are conveniently adjoined to the wall. The island oven is located directly in the middle of the hall, bedroom, kitchen or living room. Corner brick fireplace located in the corner of the room. Wall models most often represent an artificial version, that is, they only mimic the stove.
  3. Fireplaces can be made of different materials. It can be cast iron or steel structures, portals made of brick or stone, decorative wall options from boxes, drywall or even plain paper.









Corner fireplace

Corner fireplace is most often found in a small room. Such a stove fits perfectly into the interior of the hall, bedroom, kitchen or living room. Corner fireplace in a small room is the most functional solution, because it allows you to divide the room into different zones. To this end, asymmetrical brick structures are used most often, the shape of which is stretched along one wall or as close as possible to a rectangle. This stove has an elegant style and design, as well as increased functionality.

Corner fireplace allows you to embed a chimney in one of the adjacent walls. Corner fireplace can be made of traditional materials, for example, made of brick or decorative. However, in the latter case there is a false fireplace in the interior, which can no longer be heated. An artificial corner fireplace in this case can only imitate a fire with the help of some device.

In general, the corner fireplace in the interior of the hall, bedroom, kitchen or living room has the following advantages:

  1. magnificent view of the fire, which opens from any point of the hall, bedroom, kitchen or living room;
  2. the opportunity to gather at the fireplace by a family or a large company.
  3. comfortable design that allows you to create a beautiful design and fit a cozy white fireplace in any style of the room: high-tech, classic or another. The color and design of the fireplace can be any, it all depends on the chosen style and your taste.




The interior of the room can be used in a different design and style: hi-tech, classic or other. Therefore, it is imperative that the fireplace fit into the existing design and style of the room, especially if it does not stand out in size. In the high-tech style to save space and maintain the design of the fireplace in the interior of the apartment can be combined with different objects and decorative elements. For example, above it you can put a TV, hang pictures or put photos. Especially effective will be watching TV. TV and fireplace are those items that attract attention throughout the day.

It is not necessary to place a white or red fireplace under the TV. Interior decoration may include the following options:

  1. the fireplace is placed perpendicular to the sofa, and the TV is installed opposite it;
  2. the sofa and chairs are placed in a circle relative to the fireplace, and the TV so that you can choose what you prefer. You can consider other options to TV did not take away the attention from the fireplace.

Interior decoration should be made so that the color and design of the fireplace combined with the chosen style. Their color should be in harmony with the wall. In this color, as well as finish, can be any. Wall fireplaces must also meet the overall style of the room.

For example, a wall fireplace in a classical living room is decorated with high-quality wood, marble or heat-resistant finishing material. A mandatory element is a marble or wooden shelf, on which statuettes and candlesticks are installed.