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Interior room for a boy or teenager girl (55 photos): decor ideas


At the age of 12 and at the age of 16 I want freedom, communication and interesting experiments. Therefore, the room for a teenager must meet this requirement. And for the child will be the favorite place of the house, and not any dubious gatherings in suspicious places. Consider the question - how best to arrange a room for a teenager, what nuances in style and ideas are worth considering.









What do teens like

Several priorities in the life of a teenager:

  • New acquaintances, the sea of ​​communication. It is characteristic of both boys and girls, especially when they are 16 years old.
  • Positive, bright colors. Therefore, it is better to make the decor bright and positive, especially if the room is small. Some elements can be made by hand.
  • A riot of emotions, not too eager to restrain their manifestation. And children have interesting design ideas.
  • The more friends the better. The design of the room for a teenager must provide a place where the whole bunch of friends can comfortably accommodate.
  • Interesting movies, music, computer games. These are the interests of an ordinary modern boy.
  • Merry companies, entertainment. Decor is better to make positive.
  • Study, greedy knowledge of all new. If the room is intended for two teenagers, then the style of the child’s room should provide for each a separate place to practice.
  • Tendency to establish boundaries in communication with parents. It begins with 12 years, so a separate space for a child teenager is necessary. This will be his place, where his personal belongings will be, and where his special world will be.












  • The main quality in the style of teenage furniture is functionality. Let the bed and sofa be comfortable, the cabinets be roomy, and the shelves not too narrow. A child can do something with his own hands.
  • Be sure to arrange a comfortable place to practice. In this case, a teenager at the age of 12 and at the age of 14 would be happy to learn.
  • Prefer light furniture made of natural wood. Some furnishing ideas may be metal or plastic. But the base is wooden. It is eco-friendly, inexpensive and reliable.
  • Do not clutter up the space, special if the room is small. A child of 16 years old only needs a place to sleep, where to put things and where to do homework. Everything. That is, a bed, a wardrobe and a table with a chair. Sofa - at will. For two children only the number of beds and tables increases. Everybody must have their own bed.
  • It is advisable to lay a carpet on the floor. Children love to chat with friends and play it sitting on the floor. And the TV is more comfortable to watch lying on a soft rug. But, on the other hand, it is possible not to put a teenager boy in the room in general in the TV room, he can watch it in the common room. Thus, the boys will have more time for useful, developing ideas and activities.
  • If you allow style, decor and space, then you can gently fit into the teenage room simulator. This will help the child stay fit and take time to the sport. If the simulator does not fit a large size, you can hang a punching bag or wall bars - this is suitable for two children.
  • If space and decor allows again, it is better to organize a full-fledged sleeping place for the child in the form of a bed with an orthopedic mattress. The sofa can be put small, even the small not folding models will approach. On the bed there is a backbone at the age of 12 and at the age of 16 it will be better to rest than on a not quite comfortable sofa.
  • Provide a place in the nursery where the child will be able to place his belongings: souvenirs, small things, awards, hand-made items dear to the heart. These can be shelves or whatnot. It is better if they are attached to the wall space. In this case, the place on the floor will remain unoccupied, which expands the space of the room, as does the bright wallpaper. For two children - two places for accommodation.
  • Choose furniture from one series or at least a decor of one style. Unsuited furniture creates a sloppy impression of the design of the children's room as a whole. It is unlikely that such a room for a teenager can be loved.
  • An important caveat: all furnishings, even hand-made, should be easy to wash. In this case, the cleanliness of the room even two boys will be easy to maintain. And children, especially boys at the age of 12 and at the age of 14, are not very careful.
  • Screens or modern drywall partitions can be used as partitions for zoning rooms for two children. The latter is preferable, as it is more practical.
  • As a place to store things will be perfect closet. It is roomy, suitable for two children. If you make out a room for a teenager boy, then you do not need to put a large closet - our men are usually not too picky in their clothes. Ideally, if you manage to organize a closet built into the walls - and convenient, and saves space.
  • Above the desk, organize additional shelves for storing textbooks and other stationery. This decor can be made by hand.
  • The interior of the room for a teenager must include a desk. Choose it for the growth of the child. A chair for work is also better to pick up with adjustable height.
  • Instead of a sofa or armchairs, one can buy popular seat bags now. They give a modern look to the interior, decorate it, and besides, they are very comfortable, suitable for two children. This option is ideal to comfortably accommodate with friends and in 14 years and 16 years.











  • It is desirable that the children's teenager - even a boy, even a girl - be framed in cheerful colors. In this case, he will have a better mood, and a positive attitude is important. Teenagers at the age of 12 and at the age of 14 easily fall into melancholy, due to hormonal surges they are prone to excessive dramatization and feelings. Therefore, it is necessary that at home the child "and the walls helped."
  • Think over the ideas and styles of the children's room with the child. Surely, both boys and girls 12 years and 16 years old have an idea of ​​how the nursery should look like. Even if it seems to you a terrible bad taste of the decor that he chose. Taste has the ability to develop, so do not force anything to impose. In extreme cases, you can gently advise or slightly correct the "insane" ideas of your boy.
  • In any case, even if a teenager is 12 years old and chooses something terrible in your opinion, he will not like it for long - in a year he will look at the poisonous green wallpaper with fur and, most likely, will ask for something quieter.
  • Do not buy expensive furniture for a teenager's room, wallpaper, accessories. The main quality of the teenage room is functionality. A child of 12 years old or 16 years old will not admire the interior for whole days, he will live here. And that's all. But, of course, the furniture should be comfortable, comfortable and reliable. On expensive wallpaper with a complex texture, he is likely to paste huge posters with your favorite rock stars or football players. And your work and money will be wasted. It is better not to use the wallpaper in the boys room at all, but to paint the walls. In this case, the teenager will be easy to change your interior if you wish. And it will cost inexpensive. In addition, the walls now look very stylish and modern.
  • If you want to make the style of the room more original, then one of the walls can be painted with your own hands in a contrasting bright color, while the other three will be calm, neutral tones. Such ideas give activity to space, charging it with energy. It is best to make such a wall in the guest area, designed for communication and entertainment.
  • Choose a good mattress for a teenager's bed. At this age, the spine is actively formed, so its curvature may adversely affect the future health of the child. Therefore, only the orthopedic model with natural stuffing. Now also produced excellent mattresses from eco-friendly latex.
  • Room for a teenager girl can be decorated in a classic style. Girls both at the age of 14 and at the age of 16 love beautiful decor and will not mind, say, the French decoration of the room.
  • You do not need to choose too active bright ideas for the room, including wallpaper. In their own space, the child should feel confident. And this is difficult to achieve, if the walls are covered with bright, bright wallpaper. The nervous system should be calm, only in this way can a child be 12 years old, and at 16 years old he will be able to study well and keep up.
  • If the child has his own ideas and hobbies that require a certain space, for example, aircraft design, taking a photo, then find a place for that.









  • Consider a good room lighting decor. Ceiling central lamp, on the desktop - a desk lamp, by the bed - a night light. For two children the number of night lights and desk lamps doubles. You can also add a wardrobe with LED lamps, the wallpaper should be light. In addition, the workplace is better positioned closer to the window.
  • Curtains in the room of a teenager is better to replace the blinds or curtains in a modern design, without ruches, old dusty tulles and other remnants of the past. But if this is a room for a teenage girl, then you can play with textiles.
  • How to decorate a teenager's room: instead of one central ceiling lamp, you can use several that are located on the ceiling at an equal distance from each other. Thus, the child can adjust the lighting of his room, depending on the zone he wants to highlight.







  • The room of the future athlete can be decorated with sports symbolism, idol posters, apply other decor, or glue themed wallpapers. This will set the champion to new achievements.
  • Boys do not really like jewelry, so the modern room of a male teenager, or two teenagers, is simple and practical, not overloaded with decorative elements. Including the most simple wallpaper.
  • In the room of a girl both 14 years old and 16 years old there must be a mirror. If there is no space for a separate dressing table with a dressing table, then make a wardrobe with mirrored doors. Wallpapers should be fun and tender.