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Brick wall in the interior (56 photos): beautiful combinations in the design design


Many believe that the design of the apartment should not use a brick, as it looks rough, cold and has some kind of unfinished look. However, it is difficult to agree with this statement, because facing or natural brick can create a contrast in the interior of an apartment, attract attention, make the design natural, effective and exclusive. In addition, there is not one style where the presence of brickwork is the most important component.






A brick wall in the interior can be considered as a fancy decoration, expressive accent or historical value. Using the basic principles in design, with the help of bricks, you can give uniqueness to any room that will be incredibly attractive in its own imperfection.

The brick has its own character and is perfectly combined with any style: it is a modern, classic or mixed style. In the design of the living room, hallway, corridor, bedroom or kitchen, you can use painted, aged or natural, red or light brick.






Brick as an element of decor

In modern design can be used a different combination of brickwork and other surfaces.

  1. The most creative solution in the interior of the apartment will be the use of ordinary brick walls. The walls of the new house can be left "virgin", a little clearing them from various small pollution that have been preserved during construction. In the case of an old house, the walls are recommended to be thoroughly processed, after removing the layers of whitewash, primer and plaster. It should be aware that under the influence of adverse factors, the brick is able to collapse. That is why the "bare" walls of the house of natural brick should be treated with appropriate protective agents.
  2. The facing brick differs in a variety of invoices, forms and coloring. Such a decorative brick in the interior of the apartment can be used for the construction of partitions, columns, fireplace equipment, creating niches with shelves or for laying out a small fragment of masonry on the wall. Decorative facing bricks can be used for any room: living room, hallway, corridor, bedroom or kitchen. Such an artificial facing brick has established itself as a very durable, eco-friendly, durable material with a wide color palette, as well as the correct form.
  3. Recently, glass bricks are often used in modern home design. The glass block can be transparent, frosted, have a gray, red, yellow or green color. Such a decorative brick in the interior can fill with light any space of the apartment. They are often used not only for the decor of the living room, hallway or corridor at home, but also for zoning a single room. For a small apartment, the design in the form of a corrugated glass partition can serve as an element of decoration or a durable screen.
  4. The cheapest and easiest way to use brick masonry in interior design can serve as ordinary wallpaper, having a brick style. Such an imitation will not provide a natural look, but such an apartment decoration will be interesting and eye-catching.




The facing, made old or brick brick can be used in design of any room of the house: drawing room, hall, corridor, bedroom or kitchen. The main thing is to approach the specified question correctly, so that the final result becomes the highlight of the house and clearly fits into the designed interior.

  1. Kitchen. In kitchen design, fantasy can be quite "roam". Brick in the interior of the kitchen will look quite original in the surrounding kitchen appliances. Decorative brick in the interior here will help to zone the space, highlighting the area of ​​the dining table. In this case, you can choose a different combination of colors in the interior, for example, use gray, black or white color bricks. Here will look beautiful tile under the brick. Brick tiles can help to build a kitchen island, it can be equipped with equipment or used as a table, setting the countertop. Brick tiles are an excellent finish for the kitchen apron area between wall cabinets, appliances and work surfaces. If you do not have wall cabinets, then a brick apron will beautifully decorate the entire wall.
  2. The hallway. Brick tiles with a “destroyed” edge will be a wonderful element of kitchen and hallway zoning. On the protruding bricks in the hallway decorative candles will look spectacular. Brick finish white or light in the hallway looks very impressive.
  3. Living room. A wall of white or a different color of brick in the interior of the living room can be a great background for elegant appliances, furniture and accessories. Warmth, coziness and comfort will give a fireplace in the living room, for the lining of which a plaster decorative brick is used. The Greek style of the living room will highlight the gypsum brick and columns, which play the role of intriguing décor or partitions. Gypsum brick or glass brick partition also unusually demarcates the kitchen and living area.
  4. A brick wall in the interior of the bedroom will also be appropriate. White brick in the interior of a modern bedroom will only add charm. In a two-level apartment or studio, you can make a large arch of brick instead of the door to the bedroom. Brick walls in the bedroom are best suited if you create a Scandinavian style, loft style, country style or Provence.
  5. Bathroom. Due to its resistance to temperature changes and moisture resistance, brick finish can also be used for rooms with high humidity. For example, an imitation brick masonry or brick finish will perfectly fit into the bathroom interior. Glass blocks are distinguished by high durability, thanks to which they can be used for decorating the floor using heating as well as additional lighting. Imitation of brickwork will also look spectacular on the walls of the bathroom.
























Brick color for decor

Brick walls do not have to be red-brown shades. The combination of colors, the chosen style here can be different, therefore the color of the bricks can be any: white, gray, black and even colorless. For example, a white brick wall in the interior of the bedroom will make the room spacious and bright. In addition, brick walls are allowed to paint. So, dark blue, brown or burgundy painted bricks in the bedroom decor will create a romantic atmosphere with a glow of candles.

It will be interesting to look masonry or imitation of gray brick. This imitation is perfect for the design of the hallway. In general, the color for the bricks should be selected depending on the individual taste, your mood and style of the room.







  1. Naturally, the brickwork is perfectly combined in the interior of the loft. The loft style suggests that it is the old brick that is the key part of the room decor.
  2. Scandinavian style also involves the use of masonry. You can make a slight emphasis on the walls, but without contrasting drops. Here is best suited brick tile, which has a combination of light colors, gray and black.
  3. Ethnic. Brick tiles are also an effective and expressive way to liven up the interior, soften the harsh industrial character and remove excessive severity from this style.