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Economy child room design (50 photos)


The most popular question from young families is how to make an economical design for a children's room? Moreover, it is important not only the financial component of the issue, but also the overall beauty, comfort and functionality of the children's room. But in fact, to achieve all this is not so difficult.









The overall concept of creating an economical design

First of all, you need to decide on what things you need to focus on, so that a sufficiently low-cost version of the interior project is released. After all, the final cost of the project depends on many seemingly insignificant factors. And only with full consideration of all the details and trifles you get a draft economy class.

First you need to make a plan to create a good interior design project. After all, good planning is half the success. So, how should we implement the project of an economy class child's room:

  • Zoning space and rational use of space.
  • Arrangement of a comfortable sleeping area.
  • Creating a comfortable living area.
  • The correct location of the working area.
  • Decorating a child room by means of economy class.
  • Full styling nursery: hi-tech.




Any design of the children's room with their own hands, and not only their own, begins with the layout of the room. In particular, zoning of the children's room plays a big role. After all, it is very important for children, at least at the visual level, to distinguish space.

One of the most common solutions is to divide the entire children's room into a bedroom, living room and work area. Thanks to this approach, you can provide your child with maximum comfort and convenience. Moreover, zoning directly can be done in several ways.

The most common of these is visual zoning. With this approach, we divide between each zone by the location of furniture or used colors. If the space of the children's room allows, then it is quite possible to conduct physical zoning of the room. With this technology often use different types of partitions, whether screens, curtains and other interior items.






Separately, you need to talk about the importance of the window in the nursery. After all, it is thanks to him that the room is filled with light and warmth. And it is very important that the window in the nursery be maximally allocated. That is, try not to block its furniture and do not use massive curtains. After all, a window is not only a source of natural light, but also an excellent element of the interior.

Arrangement of a comfortable sleeping area

A good bedroom is necessary for everyone, including children. After all, it is in it that we rest after the past day and gain strength for our future exploits. And it is very important, especially when it comes to children, to make not only a beautiful, but also a comfortable sleeping area.

For arranging the sleeping area is small enough area. After all, the only thing there really is a bed. To date, the use of different bunk beds is very popular. Moreover, it is not necessary to have two kids. There are many models of bunk options, which include a bed and a desk. And this, in turn, economy class, in terms of space spent.

In general, bunk furniture is becoming more popular lately. Indeed, in addition to increased functionality, it occupies a rather small area. And this is an important criterion, especially for small apartments. And the cost of such options is just suitable for economy class.

It is necessary to have a sleeping area away from the window. After all, natural bright light can interfere with healthy childhood sleep. Although you can use the original solution of this problem. For example, place a canopy over a children's bed.

As for the design of the children's room, the best option would be to make a sleeping area in green tones. After all, this color favorably affects the emotional component of any person. And this, in turn, contributes to a more healthy sleep. In addition, it is the green color and the various green shades that are suitable for almost any created interior.




The next step in creating a cozy and comfortable children's room will be the process of organizing a living room or a recreation area. The name of such a zone speaks for itself - to receive guests and relax yourself. Moreover, in our case with a children's room, there are quite a lot of ideas for implementing a living room.

One of the clearest examples may be the allocation of a small platform to create a soft corner in the living room. Such a solution is used most often for young children. After all, it is not only convenient, but also safe. Equipping a similar corner of work will not be too. It is enough to use soft carpet and, again, soft toys for fun.

A small corner with toys can also act as a living area. To implement this solution, it will be enough to allocate a small area and put a basket with toys. It should be understood that the children's living room and adult living room are fundamentally different. Children, above all, is important to have a good time and have fun. It is from this that one must make a start when choosing a design solution for the living room in the nursery.






Unlike the sleeping area, the living room can already be located closer to the source of natural light. This approach is often used for young children who do not need a work area. However, in all cases exceptions are possible, because everything depends on the number of windows and the size of the room itself.

Furniture in the living room can be very diverse, and you can do without it at all. Depending on the age of the child and your budget, you can choose one or other options. Often it is in the living area set small shelves or easy chairs.

The interior of the children's play and living room can be different. If we talk about color, then, as in the case of the sleeping area, the most optimal color is green. But here it is already possible to use darker green tones. Although you should not be limited to them, especially since the dark tone, as well as the light tone of green, perfectly combines with many other colors, which will make it possible to bring enough variety to the nursery.

As a decor various crafts from felt will look great. After all, the felt is quite an unusual material that allows you to create almost everything. It is due to this property of felt and you can make a certain flavor in the living area.




Most of all, the work area is needed for school-age children. After all, it is during this period of their life that children begin to actively engage. Although in some cases, preschool age may require its arrangement. In any case, it is an important and necessary element of the layout of the children's room.

To create a working area a lot of free space and furniture is not required. It is enough to allocate a small area for the installation of a desk. To store the necessary details, you can use different wall cabinets, the rest of the furniture is already installed on the basis of their own capabilities and needs. And in case of using a combined bunk bed, the problem of organizing such a zone is reduced to nothing. That, in turn, saves free space, time and budget.

The main thing to remember is that the main goal of the working area is maximum concentration on the tasks performed. For this reason, it is necessary to ensure the maximum concentration of your child's attention. And this can be achieved only through competent zoning of the premises and the absence of distractions.

The work area, most often located near the window. After all, the windows give us a large flow of natural light, which has a positive effect on the success of the child. And from the point of view of health, the natural light coming from the window does not aggravate the vision of your child.

Since we took to decorate the room in green, then here it will not be an exception. Indeed, as mentioned earlier, the green color favorably affects the child’s abilities on a psychological level. The only thing here is to use light colors or a combination with more delicate colors.




Perhaps the most creative part of decorating a child's room with your own hands is decorating. And with a special approach and the most budget. But it is equally important to approach the issue of decoration with complete seriousness. After all, it is due to it that we dilute the overall interior of the room with unusual elements.

One of the most economical solutions would be to use classic paper wallpaper. Due to the large selection of different color options and the possibility of additional decoration, this option is in great demand. And if you turn on the fantasy, you can create a truly exclusive interior, because the possibilities of paper are quite wide. For example, such simple wallpapers are most often decorated with various stickers or pictures.

When creating wall decor in a nursery, wallpaper made of paper for drawing is also very popular. Thanks to this approach, you can not only provide your child with the most to arrange his room with drawings, but also develop his certain talents. In addition, it is such paper wallpaper that can be easily replaced.




The design of the children's room in the hi-tech style is, above all, a functionally used space in combination with restraint and manufacturability of the situation. This approach is most often used for hyperactive children. After all, for them, above all, a large free area is important for their entertainment. In addition, high-tech is one of the most conservative, in terms of costs, styles of projects.

The decoration of the children's room in high-tech style is good because it requires a small area for decoration. What is the undoubted priority in small apartments. Yes, and the process of high-tech room styling is quite simple.

When choosing furniture focus on its compactness, simplicity and functionality. Smooth rectangular surfaces and smooth lines of the interior are the main features of high-tech style. Try to select the furniture style in the most technological way so that it harmoniously combines with the overall interior of the children's room.






As materials of high-tech style, you can use a variety of options. But the main focus is on modern materials - metal, plastic and concrete. And in the case of using other high-tech materials, it is necessary to stylize them.

As for the color scheme of the room, decorated in a high-tech style, then in the children's rooms use a non-standard approach. If, in general, high-tech styles are welcomed with cool and strong colors, then here the general range of colors should be diluted with bright and colorful colors. One of the most popular solutions is the use of various dark green tones, but not to be confused with the marsh color. Due to its positive properties, green is one of the favorites when you make a child's room.

The decor of the children's room, decorated in this style seeks to a minimum. After all, the main focus is on the functionality and overall design of the room. However, the classic decor, although minimal, is still present. For budget options, you can also use various kinds of felt or paper crafts. With proper styling and color design, even felt and paper will look good in high-tech style.