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Guide: decorate the apartment by March 8


International Women's Day can rightly be called a holiday of spring and life. This is the time when the weather begins to delight with its warmth, and the counters of flower shops are filled with various pleasant aromas. This day is a good reason to get rid of the winter dullness and fill the apartment with paints and spring freshness.

In the people there is an expression "who if not me." Most likely, you will have to deal with decorating an apartment by March 8. But, if you look at it from the other side, this is an excellent reason to do at home what you have long dreamed of, hiding behind this holiday.

Step 1: Strategy

Apartment decoration for the holiday can be combined with general cleaning after winter. Wash the windows, wipe the most distant and hard-to-reach corners of the apartment, and finally remove all the Christmas decoration. You will immediately feel how your house is filled with freshness and spring.

Step 2: Acting

If you decide to arrange a bachelorette party, or get-togethers with friends, then think about decorating the table and garlands. Decorating the apartment itself is quite simple. Make garlands of paper flowers, photos, hang balloons and put candles, but do not forget about table setting. Every detail is important here. Think over not only in what dishes you will serve dishes, but also what napkins and decorations will be on the table.

To decorate the table, select 2 or 3 primary colors. The third color is better to use as an additional element. It should be less than other colors. Having decided on a palette pick up a tablecloth, dishes, napkins. It is desirable that table decorations (statues, candles, bouquets) are not out of the basic color scheme.

If, by March 8, apartment decoration is an opportunity for you to fill your house with a sense of spring, then first of all change the elements of the general decor of the room. Hang bright curtains, change decorative pillows. All things should be either bright, attuning to positive thoughts, or gentle, associated with femininity.

Step 3: Do not forget about the most important

Of course, the main element of this holiday is flowers. Be sure to put a beautiful bouquet of flowers in a vase. Let it become the center of your apartment as a sign of a new upcoming life.