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The main types and advantages of metal gates (22 photos)


Metal gates for the garage and the fence - reliable protection against unauthorized access. And if earlier such gates performed only a security function, then modern models have a stylish and original design, therefore they will be a great addition to the exterior of the backyard. Metal gates are domestic and industrial use. They can also be divided into garage doors and entry gates. There are several types of such constructions that are rational to use otherwise.



Types of metal gates

Metal gates differ in design, appearance and functionality. For example, more serious requirements for durability and operational load are imposed on industrial structures. And if the gate for the garden or garage is used a maximum of several times a day, then industrial structures must withstand repeated daily use.
By type of construction are divided into swing, sectional, rolling and sliding metal gates. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.



Sliding gates

Retractable garage metal products allow transport to come close to them. To open the gate, you do not need a lot of open space in front of the garage or the entrance to the site. Convenience also lies in the fact that in the winter in front of such gates it is not necessary to remove the snow.

The design is a frame with a console. In the closed position, such gates hang above the entrance surface, and when opened, they move along the wall or fence, therefore the installation of a retractable metal gate allows you to enter the garage or a section of any vehicle height.

The movement of the door leaf is performed by a roller mechanism. It works in manual mode, but it can be installed and automatic. For finishing sliding doors used forging, polycarbonate, steel sheet, decking or siding. You can choose simple and affordable models, and more expensive include various decorative items.



Swing gates

Metal swing gates with a wicket - the most popular type of structures for entry into the territory of a private house or cottage. They are distinguished by affordable price, reliability, durability and ease of use. If forgings are used for such gates, they are quite beautiful and can become an original exterior detail.

Such gates consist of two shutters, which are arranged symmetrically to each other and secured with hinges on poles. It is this type of door that is most often made by hand due to ease of installation, affordable materials and tools.

Constructions are not always deaf. You can choose a gate from a metal fence, as well as structures that consist of vertical and horizontal lintels mounted on a rigid contour. Swing gates can open in and out. Oar gate for the house open manually or by means of automatic equipment.

For cladding of such gates, forging, wood, iron sheet, evroshtaketnik, profiled sheets and other decorative elements are used. The shape of the gate is not always rectangular, and the variety of materials and colors allows you to give them a presentable and original appearance.




Sectional gates

Sectional doors are several interconnected sections. When opened, such a structure is formed by an accordion, which allows it to occupy a minimum of space in the opening.

Sectional doors are equipped with guides made of metal profile. Guides are mounted on a wall or ceiling, and the sections are interconnected by means of hinges.

The skeleton of the elements of sectional structures is sheathed with metal sheets or filled with sandwich panels. For reliable closure of such structures on the canvas are installed special locks. Sectional doors can be opened both mechanically and automatically. Gates can be solid or with glazing elements embedded in them.




Roll Constructions

Rolling or lifting gates are most often used for garages. They are recommended if warmed gates are required. The main element of the rolling gates is the canvas, the box and the system of guides and counterweights. Such structures can consist of one or several sections. As counterweights, special springs are used to compensate for the weight of the flaps.

The principle of operation of rolled structures coincides with roller shutters. The lifting structure consists of a box, guides and a shaft on which the web is wound, which is made of steel insulated profile. The rolling shutter can be opened manually or using an automatic control system.



Metal gates with a wicket or garage products have high reliability and long service life. They are made of metal of different thickness and strength. The advantages of such gates include:

  • High aesthetic qualities. Metal wrought iron gates will be a real decoration of the entrance to the personal plot or the garage. High-quality and beautiful forging gives the design a majestic appearance.
  • Affordable price. Metal structures differ in affordable cost compared to other high-quality structures. The price will depend on the type, configuration and exterior. For example, wooden-metal gates will cost not much more expensive than wooden, but their strength and reliability are much higher.
  • Combination with various materials. Insulated metal gates are perfectly combined with wooden railing, brick fence and various natural materials. In addition, they fit perfectly into the exterior of any style.
  • Long service life. The fence made of metal can last without a loss of external qualities and performance for a dozen years.
  • Strength. Gates welded withstand even significant loads.
  • Simplicity and high installation speed. Installation of metal structures can be done with your own hands. At the same time work takes a minimum of time. However, to install a metal door with your own hands will require welding skills and other skills.
  • A wide range of types, controls and configurations. You can order the gate with a wicket for the dacha, rolling or sectional construction, fencing of a private house or the dacha. The opening of the gate can be controlled manually and automatically. A variety of configurations makes it possible to choose the ideal model for price, appearance and functionality.
  • Ease of care. Street metal gates do not require complex or regular maintenance. Standard models of steel gates require periodic painting, which you can do with your own hands. It is necessary to protect against corrosion and give the design a neat appearance. However, most modern models retain their original appearance without additional efforts.
  • Sustainability. Metal gates at their summer cottage are able to withstand attempts by intruders to knock them out or break them. They have a high rate of reliability and safety. And even significant blows do not leave visible damage on the surface. High-quality steel doors are able to serve in conditions of high humidity and temperature drops for at least several decades.

The only drawback of such structures is a fairly large weight, so before you install the gate you will need to build a high-quality foundation, powerful and rigid console blocks. To carry out all the work with his own hands under the force will be far from every owner of a garage or a plot. In addition, installation work can be carried out only in the warm season.




Rules for the choice of metal gates

To purchase high-quality manual or automatic swing, sliding, sectional or other metal gates, you must first pay attention to the following indicators:

  • type of construction;
  • material resistance to corrosion;
  • features of opening the gate;
  • degree of resistance to mechanical damage;
  • mechanical or manual control method;
  • thermal insulation characteristics;
  • appearance and materials for decoration;
  • safety and reliability.

When choosing the design of the gate, you must take into account the characteristics of the garage or the entrance to the site. If the place before the entrance is very small, it is better to give preference to rolling constructions. Sliding gates will require a place in front of the entrance, which in winter is attached to clear snow.

The discovery mechanism also deserves special attention, because its safety and property safety will depend on its quality and reliability. For the garage door it is worth thinking about the need to purchase a gate with insulation. They will save the vehicle in cold and wet weather.




If possible, it is better to install modern control systems for opening the gate. This not only makes the process comfortable and easy, but also reduces the likelihood of breaking the gate.

Forging the door can be used forging, profiled sheet, wood, steel plates and other decorative materials. When buying them, it is necessary to take into account not only their external qualities, but also the strength, durability and peculiarities of care.