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Children's nautical style: options and professional advice (53 photos)


Thinking over the design of a nursery in a nautical style, it is not necessary to put the sex of the child at the forefront: both boys and girls will be happy with this design, if it is correct to zone the room and not to overdo it with accessories. There are no restrictions on age: newborns, pre-school children, adolescents will be able to rest and develop within these walls, gradually equipping them to their own interests.

Today, a child in a nautical style departs from the standards of the past decade: it is better to abandon dark wood, large-sized items of the ship's interior, massive steering wheels and nets. To facilitate in the future the drafting of the project, you should use one of 3 win-win solutions that fully fit into the new design trends.







Furniture for boys of primary and school age will be appropriate here. The characteristic features are polished wooden surfaces, the slight presence of red, white, blue colors (they should not prevail, we have in mind only thoughtful accents). As the main thematic accessory, you can choose one thing: the elements of the ship's gear, a flag, stylized sails, an anchor.

The atmosphere of the coastal cottage

This is a more universal model, which has no age peg. The main rule is to adhere to light shades in everything, which makes it possible to successfully beat even those rooms that cannot boast an abundance of natural light. In such an atmosphere, it will be comfortable for both boys and girls, as they grow older, the zone will change - new furniture will appear, toys will give way to hobbies and books.

Key features:

  • the use of textures, decorated in the manner of faded in the sun, in particular for wood - it is from it that children's furniture is made in the marine style;
  • all furnishings should have traditional simple forms;
  • It is desirable to include shades of blue and blue in the color scheme, but you should not enthusiastically decorate walls, floor and ceiling in this range - let them cover only convex surfaces that have a functional load.

Linen and cotton textiles will create the coziness inherent in the coastal hut, bamboo curtains will help to unload the room, make it more spacious.









On the beach all year round

This topic is relevant for children up to 10 years. A humorous, fun decision based on unobtrusive blue tones in the finish, natural materials and colors are more appropriate here than ever. A place to sleep can be made of rattan, a nursery-style carpet to the nursery is better to choose from sisal. Beach mood can also be expressed in a narrower theme - a Hawaiian resort, surfing.

Uniform style and neutral gamma

To make the room look dynamic and at the same time practical, you should not mix attributes from different areas of the sea theme in one interior. For example, do not clutter up an improvised cabin of a ship with a collection of corals and seashells, overload the atmosphere of a coastal cottage with interior items made of dark lacquered wood.

Fashionable wallpaper in the marine style for a nursery look like a light monochrome surface - this is a canvas for the future interior. Against the background of beige and white tonalities, elements with a design like a vest look great, this base neutralizes the coldness inherent in the blue spectrum.

Calm finishes and classic furniture options are easily played up in the nautical style by adding authentic accessories and textiles. A colorful picture on the wall, striped pillows, a chest for toys, a compact striped rug are interesting accents that can be quickly replaced when the child grows up to acquire other hobbies.










Design of the nursery in the nautical style: color compatibility

The choice of colors is usually based on the rule: the traditional blue and turquoise shades for this direction should be in harmony with a warmer palette - orange, pink, red, brown, yellow, beige. If the windows do not go to the south side, these colors will create the illusion of sunlight.

Decor, decoration, furnishings, curtains for the nursery in a nautical style should be selected those that are made from natural bases. They will help avoid the impression of theatrical scenery.

If you want to use white and red or white and blue stripes, they will definitely be appropriate as constituent elements in other prints (in particular, in a cage, zigzags) or as independent accents that do not occupy a large area. You should not finish the "vest" wall - a dynamic pattern "swallow" all the other decor, will nullify all the efforts to draw up the design. Marine strip is really appropriate on the bedspread, bedding or on a small rug by the children's bed-ship.









Balance in decor and accessories

A baby bed does not necessarily have to symbolize the element - the classic is quite appropriate, it will be enough to choose thematic textiles for it. Models in vintage style, made of light, bleached or skillfully painted wood, will appeal to both the mobile student and the unpredictable teenager. Interesting variations of furniture with wicker inserts, additional slats, upholstery.

Decor should be used in moderation: let it be small. The priority is high-quality, self-sufficient products, the meaning of which is not duplicated in other subjects. The nets hung on the walls make the room closer to the restaurant than to the dwelling of the future navigator. Table, wall lamps can be decorated with a rope, ropes, make them in the form of a bell. The chandelier in the maritime style is often designed as a steering wheel, models of the classical form will fit in, decorated with bronze trim, forging, pieces of wood.

If you want to create accessories with your own hands, you need to stock up on a rope. Carefully wrapping them with a car tire, we get a stylish ottoman, if we take the tin can as a basis, we get a comfortable pencil holder. The rope will serve as an authentic railing for open shelves.










It is easy to sew pillows from canvas, burlap, linen cloth, to decorate a blanket or to form a soft headboard. The walls can be decorated with decorative sails with the initials of the owner of the room.

Sea style is a flexible interior direction, allowing you to create a cozy atmosphere in the nursery, at the same time contributing to the development of the creative potential of the child. However, in pursuit of ship paraphernalia and peace in the depths of the ocean, we must not forget that the bedroom is a place where the child will feel safe, so it’s better to decorate the surface in a calm, warm palette, leaving blue colors and images of sea inhabitants for textiles and accessories.