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Brown sofa in the interior: color features (24 photos)


The brown sofa is a symbol of reliability, calmness and stability in everything. Brown tones belong to the natural palette, therefore they are associated with nature - tree trunks and earth. At the same time, similar shades remind of various delicacies: aromatic coffee, chocolate bars, hot cocoa. A brown leather sofa serves as a luxurious addition to a wide variety of interiors. It gives the room a dignified, majestic look.




The brown sofa accordion will look harmonious in the interior, if properly beaten with other shades. Consider the most spectacular combinations:

  • White. The combination is considered a classic, so it is suitable for any styling. Shades of white and brown interior can be different. Thick chocolate tones are in harmony with the milk background, and light coffee - with cream. Experiments with shades allow you to create pacifying or contrasting interiors.
  • Beige. With brown, this color perfectly harmonizes, giving the room comfort and warmth. Beige walls will make the brutal brown sofa bed lighter and more tender. The combination reflects masculine and feminine. It is best suited for use in the bedroom.
  • Gray. To make the room brighter, it is enough to place a gray-brown sofa in it. Other tones are not added to the interior. Neutral gray perfectly emphasizes the noble color of the furniture, creating a contrast that does not bother with time.
  • Violet. A brown sofa bed in the background of this color will look royally luxurious. Not everyone dares to create such an elegant combination. In the process of decorating the room it is important to adhere to the features of the chosen style.
  • Green. Brown-green sofa is considered a classic option, often used in the living room. The latter can play the role of accent or, on the contrary, background. Green sofa in combination with brown elements looks especially impressive due to the saturation of shades. The combination has a beneficial effect on human well-being and mood.
  • Orange. The brown-orange sofa refreshes the room and illuminates darkened corners.
  • Blue. Brown leather sofa book is suitable for classic style and to embody the marine theme. The tandem of blue and brown creates a calm stable environment, typical for the earth, and at the same time symbolizes the mobility of the air element, adding dynamism.
  • Turquoise. The use of this color with a brown sofa has long become a classic for the realization of the marine theme. Turquoise adds to the interior notes of romance and lightness, even in the case when the design has no direct references to the marine style. Turquoise brown sofa accordion is increasingly used in modern interiors. At the same time, accessories, decorative elements and equipment are painted in turquoise, wall and floor coverings, furniture, doors - in brown. The finished interior looks bright and attractive. Turquoise allows you to clearly place accents in any room.
  • Pink. To many, the tandem of these tones may seem out of place. In fact, the combination is intended for the decoration of the children's room. The pink-brown interior has a beneficial effect on the nervous system of the child.
  • Blue. A velor sofa, set against a blue background, is ideal for creating a cool, relaxing environment. This design will refresh the room in the heat, and in winter you can "warm" it with bright accessories.
  • Yellow. The corner sofa of brown color is harmoniously combined with yellow. The tandem will expand the space and fill the small darkened room with light.
  • Red. Will make any modern design stylish and traditional. The sofa of red-brown color gives the room solidity and stability, because it causes an association with solid brickwork.

Brown leather or textile upholstered furniture harmoniously combines with almost any color palette. This feature opens up opportunities for experimentation with shades, allowing you to embody the most daring design ideas in the interior.






Suitable styles

Best of all, the sofa bed or brown accordion looks in the classic direction. In modern styles such furniture is also applicable. In the latter case, you need the correct design in the form of additional accessories that match the color of the sofa: pillows, textiles, decorative elements. The best styles for using the brown model are:

  • Baroque. Expensive exquisite direction, for which products with expensive textile upholstery or brown leather sofas are suitable. It is unacceptable to use a large number of decor, suitable only organic, but noble jewelry.
  • Empire Palace style requires appropriate filling. Brown Chester should have a gilded massive back, velvet seats, legs and armrests decorated with molding.
  • Gothic. Dark but refined style creates a special atmosphere of mystery. Suitable sofas should have a dark brown upholstery, have sharp forms. The direction requires space, since the aristocracy and charm of style will be lost in a small room.
  • Ethnic. Dark brown velor upholstery is great for embodying the original interior. It should be supplemented with pillows with different sizes and prints in the form of African patterns, leopard carpet, orange blanket.
  • English classics. Strict sofa accordion with straight shapes. It is enough to throw a checkered plaid at him, and a piece of England will appear in the design of the living room.
  • Minimalism. Light brown leather sofa bed will be a good accent in the interior. Bright pillows, vases, photo frames and other accessories will help to diversify the room.

The brown sofa in the interior of the living room, bedroom or nursery has long ceased to be considered an attribute of only classical style. Increasingly, modern trends in the choice of a similar piece of furniture. Comfortable brown-green sofa will revive the room and fill it with positive.




Application in the interior

Sofa-book, painted in brown tones, will be a good addition to the hall, bedroom, nursery, kitchen.

Living room

Usually this room is the largest in the house, so the shades can be very different. Choosing the right tone in the living room stands, following your own taste and favorite style. Brown sofa accordion will look attractive if the walls are painted in a similar shade. In the living room, a brown leather sofa will be a gathering place for the whole family.





The sofa bed of brown color perfectly soothes, helps to relax and tune in to rest. Incredibly attractive looks room decorated in different shades of the same color palette. You can dilute the picture with the help of snow-white ceiling trim.





A brown leather model will help create a solid interior. It causes a feeling of stability and adherence to family traditions. Tasty color allows you to get the most out of your meal.





A brown-green sofa will help your child develop properly. Furniture covered with velor will soothe too active baby, but will not let him get bored.

Comfortable sofas brown - versatile furniture that harmoniously looks in almost any style. Compliance with the rules on the ratio of colors will help create an original memorable interior.