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Pipe in the kitchen spoils the whole look: how to hide communications


When entering a new apartment, one has to deal with the situation of uncomfortable location of pipes in the kitchen. It can be gas, heating, water pipes. They often spoil the look of the kitchen space. The gas pipe in the kitchen is not completely circumcised, and should be publicly available. Heating pipes provide heat and may later require replacement, which affects the exclusion of the option of retracting them into the wall, so many are beginning to look for options to hide the pipes.

Heating pipes can be masked with a cabinet that will be placed on top of them. The upper area of ​​the cabinet connects to the sill area. The result is an additional tabletop, which receives natural light.



Another option to hide the heating pipes in the kitchen is to purchase or make a screen. This device will serve as an additional storage place with a niche. The screen grille does not prevent the penetration of heat into the room, so it is advantageous to hide the heating pipes in this way.

Options for hiding gas pipes

The location of these pipes creates some inconvenience in the kitchen. Placing along the wall, they interfere when hanging cabinets or installing appliances. As a result, you want to free up the area of ​​the wall. For this there are certain methods:

  • Making boxes for pipes;
  • Dressing;
  • Installation of wall cabinets;
  • Rails.

The pipes hidden in the box can serve as an interior item, because the box can be decorated beautifully in different ways. The best material for the manufacture of boxes is drywall. It is necessary to choose a material that is resistant to moisture. The pipe in the kitchen is sometimes exposed to water, so the facing material must resist moisture. Concealment scheme:

  1. Buy drywall, frame profile.
  2. Prepare tools and necessary parts - screwdriver, metal shears, self-tapping screws, mounting foam.
  3. Measure the lengths of pipes and calculate the dimensions of the frame (do not forget that the pipes must have access).
  4. Installation of profile pipes.
  5. Prepare drywall blanks.
  6. Attach blanks to the frame with self-tapping screws.
  7. Remove any irregularities and cracks with foam.
  8. At the end, finish the outer surface.

A drywall box can be painted or tiled. Instead of drywall, you can use plywood, chipboard, wall panels. And you can hide under the false wall. Joints and external corners are hidden under special corners.

When arranging this method, all work should be done carefully, as gas equipment carries an increased risk. Access to the drywall box can be beaten by placing the door. It will provide an approach to the valve and gas meter.



Pipe decoration

How to hide the pipes in the kitchen, if the space does not allow the manufacture of such a device as a box made of plasterboard. In this case, pipe decoration will help. This method involves the use of several technologies:

  • To decorate the pipe using mosaic;
  • Decoupage;
  • Painting.

The technology of mosaic application is considered an unusual and aesthetic decoration option. The design in this case requires some cost. Then you can combine the painting and fixing on the wall mosaic elements.

With the help of a mosaic you can close the ventilation pipe. It is large. There are a huge number of created images. Connecting fantasy will transform the interior of the kitchen in the garden, forest or glade. The theme of vegetables and fruits will add their own shades in the available dishes and kitchen utensils. Pipes for exhaust in the kitchen can be made in the form of a tree with falling branches and leaves.

Wall cabinets allow you to hide the pipes in the kitchen. Installation of fasteners for cabinets on the pipe is not allowed. The back plate of the locker is not fixed at all or moves closer to the door. Wall cabinets will hide not only vertical pipes, but also horizontal ones. To disguise the vertical location used cabinets, canisters. The horizontal layout is hidden under the shelves of wall cabinets.

Using this method decorate the gas meter. Concealing a gas water heater by hanging cabinets is not recommended due to the fact that it requires good ventilation. You can make such cabinets with your own hands. There is some advice on the choice of doors. It is better to select deaf facades or with a lattice surface. In the presence of a glass door pipelines will be visible.

When buying furniture for the kitchen, you can immediately buy decorative cabinets, which are provided as a box for a gas pipe. The color of the furniture is better to choose white, so that the gas riser would fit the interior. All the more white shades contribute to the creation of increased space. This method is well suited for pipes in the corner. Kitchen furniture suppliers currently offer many options for hiding.



Use of rails

How to close the pipes in the kitchen, if they are located horizontally across the wall and do not want to install cabinets or a box. In this situation, the railing method will come to the rescue. Railing is often used in the kitchen for placing small items: ladles, shovels, boards and other kitchen utensils.

Gas pipes in the kitchen can serve as an excellent design for the placement of kitchen items. Stages of transformation into railing:

  • Pipe must be cleaned to a shine of metal;
  • Apply chrome paint to the surface;
  • Place hooks and other parts to accommodate fixtures.

Railing decorates the kitchen interior and makes it comfortable. This method is applicable in Khrushchev and other houses where something needs to be done with pipes.



How to decorate the pipe, if you already have a railing. You can install the railing design so that the pipe is placed between it and the wall. The pipe can be decorated with various interesting materials or painted in the color of the rail.

Can you use this method if there is a vertical pipe. It can be closed railing, reminiscent of the bar. In such a situation, you need to choose the right diameter of the structure.

How to close the pipe in the kitchen, if you do not want to buy a bar design. It is allowed to use a flexible hose instead. The gas hose is placed in it. Then the design is passed through the holes in the closet and tabletop.

The question of how to hide a gas pipe in the kitchen or other pipes has a solution. There are plenty of masking opportunities. It all depends on the situation and the desire of the owner.