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The walls in the bedroom: fantasy in the room to sleep (26 photos)


In the bedroom we spend most of our lives, so you need to pay maximum attention to its interior. A big role is played by the design of the walls in the bedroom, because this is the first thing we see when getting out of bed. The decoration of the walls should take into account not only the preferred color palette, but also the type of materials used. They influence the microclimate of the bedroom even when we sleep. Today, the options for decorating your own walls in a bedroom set. What you need to consider when choosing the design of the walls in the bedroom and why should refuse?



Interior materials for bedroom walls

Asking about how to decorate the walls of the bedroom, many people initially think about the used finishing materials. Traditionally, wallpaper has been actively used, decorative plaster walls are used. These are not only practical, but also affordable repair options. To make the room more original, not typical - this is a worthy task for any designer, so the question of how to decorate the walls in the bedroom arises from the newcomers more often. What does the market offer?




Photowall-paper on a wall - not less modern decision, and the boundless variety of plots allows to use this finishing material of fans of different styles. A good object to use 3d wallpaper is an accent wall in the bedroom, the thematic decision will be decisive in the design idea of ​​this room. If the spectacular scenery does not correspond to the concepts of rest and healthy sleep, then you should pay attention to the classic materials.



Traditionally, painting the walls in the bedroom emphasized the feeling of taste of the owners of the house. Today, this classic solution is exclusive, due to the lack of specialists. To replace the painting is quite capable of tapestry, because the fabric in its aesthetic perfection is not inferior to the frescoes.

The bedroom, whose walls are trimmed with fabric, will be incredibly attractive and comfortable. Strengthen the effect will allow moldings on the walls, created from polyurethane foam.

A nontrivial solution would be for city residents to choose material such as natural wood for the bedroom. Lining, imitation logs or timber look unusual, but they allow to solve a number of important tasks. Among them - support for optimal air humidity, the creation of a special microclimate. Materials can be used in a small bedroom and in a large room. Designing a wall with eurolining or blockhouse is a solution for 15–20 years, the texture of wood does not tire, and the practicality of wood makes it easy to care for this material.



Prefer new technologies, but like natural wood. An excellent compromise is laminate on the wall in the bedroom, this coating perfectly imitates natural wood of the rarest species. The use of laminate on the wall in the interior of the apartment is a fashionable solution that attracts with its practicality.



Choosing a color for the walls of the bedroom

White walls in the bedroom do not surprise, modern interior paints are hundreds of shades. Choosing what color to paint the walls in the bedroom, you need to remember about the features of the palette. Each shade can affect mood, stimulate the nervous system or inhibit it. If you are painting the walls in the bedroom - choose the following options:

  • orange - this color improves mood and energizes for the whole day;
  • blue walls in the bedroom - the best choice for those who are engaged in intellectual work;
  • a brown bedroom is suitable for people working with a large amount of unnecessary information, brown tones help to forget the trouble;
  • dark purple shades for those who have subsided passions in family life;
  • green walls in the bedroom contribute to proper rest, this option is suitable for those who are engaged in physical labor;
  • beige walls - a universal option, if you can not decide in preferences - choose this shade;
  • gray walls in the bedroom - the choice of a bachelor or a lonely girl, this shade may well be saturated, up to black or dark graphite, but in this case it will be necessary to hang additional lighting fixtures.

Which wall color is better depends on many factors: lifestyle, lighting of the room, used furniture and decor items. Choose a color solution that suits both partners completely. Newlyweds are advised to use several shades in the interior, preferably a green-blue spectrum. This will help avoid disputes and disagreements!



Decorating the walls of the bedroom

It is not enough to decide on how to paint the walls in the bedroom, you need to think about decorating the room. It is not enough to hang a reproduction of a famous painting by a popular artist over the bed. In the design you can use shelves, racks, mirrors. What exactly to choose - will help feng shui and design tips, as well as their own experience and preferences. In small bedrooms you should not care about exclusive solutions, it is better to give preference to utility. For example, hang beautiful shelves that can easily cope with practical tasks and ensure the originality of the room.




If the wall decoration in the bedroom is finished and you do not have enough zest - choose a bed with an unusual headboard. Especially effectively, this solution will look on a solid background. In that case, if the area of ​​the headboard is small, then it is necessary to balance it with a picture on the wall or another decor object. You can also use soft panels or imitation brickwork on one of the walls. In small rooms, mirrors on the walls will be the original solution.



Classic bedrooms with white walls have sunk into oblivion. What should be the walls in the bedroom? Light, dark or soft neutral shade - depends on the degree of illumination. Paint the surface is in the shade that is not annoying, does not make aggressive and promotes rapid sleep. Do not like paint - use modern or classic finishing materials. The main requirement for them is environmental friendliness, and here natural wood is beyond competition, which can be painted with water-based lacquers for a more detailed drawing of texture and protection from the negative effects of dust, solar ultraviolet radiation.




What should be the decor of the walls in the bedroom? A prerequisite is compliance with the overall style of the interior. You can not hang a picture in an expensive gilded frame of the Baroque era in a room created in the style of high-tech. Do not forget about the storyline of paintings, drawings, photo wallpaper - they should have a calming effect on the nervous system. It is necessary to make so that the color scale of objects of a decor corresponded to the general shade in an interior. Observance of all these principles will contribute to a peaceful and healthy sleep, good rest and well-being in family life.