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Wooden bedroom: choose the appropriate style (26 photos)


When making a bedroom in a wooden house, you need to consider a number of nuances:

  • Wood has a beautiful texture, so it is not recommended to cover it with other materials.
  • Due to the natural shades of the tree becomes the background for brighter accents.
  • Extend the life of the material will help processing special varnishes.
  • Matte finish underlines the natural finish.
  • Glossy lacquer requires care, from time to time it needs to be updated.
  • If a bedroom in a wooden house is located on the north side of the house, then its design uses warm shades (sand, beige, yellow).
  • Cold colors (blue, pistachio, lilac) are suitable for a room located on the south side.



Style selection

Decorating a bedroom in a wooden house can match one of the following styles.


This trend in design best conveys a rustic flavor. Provence is characterized by the use of wooden furniture (including artificially aged), natural fabrics (linen, servants), floral and plant motifs, natural tones.



Scandinavian style

When choosing this direction, the bedroom gets a cozy look. Light shades of green, blue, milky and beige are used here. The ceiling in the bedroom and floor trim monophonic materials.

Organically fit into such an environment accessories made of stone or wood. Scandinavian style is laconic and lack of bright details.


The chalet is a small house located in the mountains. Initially, hunters and shepherds lived in such houses. The chalet style is characterized by rough surfaces that have not been treated.

Making a wooden house in the style of a chalet involves the use of coarse and simple furniture. The color range is selected from natural shades: brown, sand, wheat. In the bedroom it is better to arrange a few lamps. Forged bedroom help forged products, horns and skins of animals.

Floor finish

Parquet, flooring or laminate flooring is used to finish the bedroom. The choice of such materials will allow you to perform a home interior in the same style and maintain a wooden surface.

Finishing in the bedroom ceiling is performed in one of the following ways:

  • Wooden slats or lining. For plating applied slats of any width. First you need to process the material for the wooden ceiling with stain and fire-resistant compounds.
  • Drywall This option requires the installation of an additional frame. Constructions made of drywall provide good breathability and conceal ceiling defects.
  • Ceiling with beams. Beams made of natural wood or raised timber are used for plating. Mounting beams made on the screws.




Wall decoration

How to make the walls in a wooden house? First, the finishing method is selected:

  • wallpapering;
  • whitewash or staining;
  • plastering;
  • drapery fabrics;
  • trim clapboard or other materials.

If wallpaper, paint or plaster coating is used, the walls are pre-leveled with drywall. Walls are necessarily treated and contamination eliminated, and wood is impregnated with formulations against fungus and mold.

In houses of log or laminated timber is not allowed to perform additional finishing. These materials have good decorative properties. For decorating the fireplace or columns, you can use a stone.




Making a small bedroom

If the bedroom space is limited, then design tricks will help to correct the situation.

One of them is the use of light shades. Saturated colors can be used as accents so that the room does not look too gloomy and dark.

For a small bedroom is selected simple and functional furniture. A great solution would be furniture-transformer. With it, you can turn the bed into a comfortable sofa.



Attic finish

In a wooden house you can arrange a bedroom in the attic or in the attic, so you should first insulate the room and equip it with lighting. In a house with a sloping roof, the bedroom space is limited, though very cozy.

Bedroom design in the attic involves the use of textile drapery for the ceiling. For the walls chosen finish light shades. It is better not to clutter the space with furniture, and leave only the most necessary things: a bed, a wardrobe, bedside tables.

To visually hide the sharp corners of the roof, you can use transverse decorative beams. If you make them contrast, you get a bright and original interior.



Choice of furniture

Particular attention is paid to the design of the room details. Wooden bedroom furniture has a long service life, is practical, resistant to wear and moisture.

The most affordable products are made of pine. They are lightweight and light golden hue. A more noble option is oak furniture. For the design of the room in a rustic style suitable products from walnut, alder, cherry, beech.

In the bedroom in the style of Provence wicker chairs fit well. Weaving can decorate only the head of the bed.

If forged products are selected, their use should be limited. Such elements do not add comfort, although they look very solid.




Bedroom lighting

In a small room can be equipped with centralized lighting. If you allow the dimensions of the bedroom, it is recommended to provide diffused light.

For this purpose, spotlights are installed on the walls or on the ceiling. Next to the bed you can put a floor lamp or sconce.

On the wooden ceiling can be equipped with built-in lights. On the bedside tables placed lamps with lampshades made of ceramic or textiles.

The design of the bedroom in a wooden house involves the use of natural colors and materials. Depending on the chosen style, you can decorate the room with elements of clay, wood, stone, textiles. Particular attention is paid to the choice of furniture and lighting of the room.