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Kitchen-living room design: how to create a stylish combined interior (103 photos)


The design of the kitchen-living room provides for a pragmatic interior with comfortable furnishings both in the cooking area and in the rest area. When arranging functional sites, special attention is paid to the surface finishing, lighting, selection and placement of furniture and equipment.

The interior of the kitchen, combined with the living room, is typical for studio apartments with a free layout. At the same time, such a solution is often used in the design of one-room housing with a small squaring, and in creating original furnishings in a spacious house outside the city.




Modern kitchen-living room involves the use of a completely different concept of space arrangement than in the case of a dwelling with traditional walls between rooms. The lack of capital fences between functional areas is compensated by a number of advantages:

  • The feeling of spaciousness and plenty of light. The perception of space improves, as the borders of the room are visually moved apart, the room seems more spacious and lighter than it is. A striking proof of this is the kitchen-living room in Khrushchev;
  • Expansion of operational space capabilities. Competent planning of the kitchen-living room allows you to create a pragmatic interior and rationally use the potential of the room;
  • The ability to simultaneously do all sorts of things without running around from one room to another. For example, to cook at the stove and look after the little households who frolic in the living room.










What disadvantages have combined rooms, in particular, the kitchen-living room of 18 square meters. m:

  • steam and the smell of food spread throughout the space, if there is no powerful exhaust;
  • open cooking area - a source of additional noise from electrical appliances and water;
  • It is difficult to concentrate on the cooking process, as there is a mass of external stimuli from the next part of the space.

The kitchen-living room in the apartment is preferable for sociable extroverts who value constant contact with others and do not need a secluded space. As for the smells of food and steam from the kitchen part of the room, the problem is solved by installing a quality climate control system.









Planning the design of the living room combined with the kitchen, take into account all aspects, including aesthetics and practicality of the situation. The decorative component is based on the winning balance of the two functional zone styles, which includes:

  • organic combination of wall, ceiling and floor decoration on both platforms;
  • design of kitchen and furniture in the living room;
  • textile decoration - curtains, chair covers, cushions on upholstered furniture, tablecloth, towels;
  • decor components, visual accents.

Despite the importance of the aesthetic component, the practicality of the interior is primary in the design of the joint space. It is necessary to focus on the comfort of operation of functional areas:

  • select ergonomic furniture for the kitchen-living room and properly positioned, leaving free space for convenient movement around the room;
  • in the choice of equipment and equipment for a living room combined with a kitchen, to give preference to compact models, for example, install a flat-panel TV, choose a refrigerator or a washing machine of a narrow format;
  • create additional work surfaces using embedded appliances and transforming furniture structures in the interior.

If we correctly approach the process of creating a unified space, even a small kitchen-living room can please the household with a powerful aesthetic and operational potential.









Visual and functional solutions are relevant in delimiting the space of a single room to a recreation area and a kitchen group:

  • Finish In the design of the walls, the ceiling and the floor of the kitchen part of the interior and the living room, different lining materials are used;
  • Lighting. Each of the functional sites uses its own light scenario;
  • Decorative fencing. Curtains, screens, sliding partitions or glass structures will help create the effect of visual separation of space;
  • Furniture. For example, with the help of a bar counter, you can define a conditional boundary between the kitchen and the guest part of the room.

In addition, using the features of the room in the form of protrusions on the surface or niches, it is possible to divide the space into different functional areas.







In the design of the surfaces of the kitchen area, the tonality of the living room lining is duplicated, while the texture of finishing materials varies considerably. In the first case, moisture-heat resistant coatings are relevant:

  • ceramic tile, stone;
  • glass, wall panels of tempered glass;
  • PVC stretch ceiling.

Coatings in the dining room-kitchen are made in the same color range as in the guest part of the room. As a last resort, it is necessary that the shades at least overlap in order not to disturb the single ensemble. It should be borne in mind that the kitchen-living room in bright colors contributes to a better perception of limited space.

In the design of the recreation area, priority is given to decorative plaster, wood, eco-panels, laminate flooring, carpet, plasterboard ceilings.









With the help of high-quality artificial lighting, it is easy to create the effect of selecting zones for various purposes:

  • the central light fixture is most often located above the dining table;
  • the guest part of the room is equipped with a ceiling chandelier, a floor lamp, wall sconces in a warm spectrum;
  • The working surface in the kitchen area is equipped with spotlights of directional light.

Particular attention is paid to lighting kitchen cabinets with LED strips, the same solution is important in the design of niches in the wall, podiums and floor plinths.










Partitions in kitchen-room zoning

As an effective way of marking the line between the guest room and the kitchen, partitions that are stationary or mobile are often used:

  • screens made of plastic, glass, bamboo, fabric cloths;
  • sliding structures on the rail system;
  • flexible partitions in the form of textile curtains, bead curtains;
  • plasterboard barriers.

If there is an arched opening, you can equip a decorative fence to the entire height of the wall using plexiglass panels in a translucent design.










How to zone the kitchen-living room with furniture?

The table set on the line of the boundary between leisure and cooking zones will perfectly cope with this task. The worktop is ideal as a cutting surface and at the same time serves as a place for family meals. If desired, the classic table can be replaced with a bar counter. This interior solution allows you to create an original design of the kitchen-dining-living room in accordance with fashion trends.

For space zoning, shelves are sometimes used, a wardrobe with through shelves, which are visual fencing with the function of a storage system.

Redevelopment of the kitchen in the kitchen-living room

Partially or fully combining the kitchen with the living room in a small-sized housing, you can transform the interior and improve the level of comfort of the household. In order to achieve optimal results when arranging the joint space, it is necessary to follow certain rules:

  • Color solutions. In the small kitchen-living room are relevant light shades that have a refreshing effect and contribute to the visual expansion of the space. Milky-white colors, light gray scale, soft beige shades, pastel tones of green and pink colors are appropriate. It is necessary to avoid sharp contrasts and variegation of colors.
  • Reflective surfaces. To improve the feeling of space in a small room will help glossy coatings with reflective properties. Relevant furniture designs with polishing, laminated facades, chrome fittings and appliances, glossy tiles. Mirror canvases in the decoration of the walls and ceiling are appropriate, but everything should be in moderation.
  • Proportions. The space perception is influenced by the volume and outlines of interior objects, especially for large-sized furniture. To visually push the walls in a limited area, you should use wide open shelves, elongated tables and sofas. Also suitable are photo wallpapers with a realistic perspective in the form of a city panorama from a window, a spectacular view from a high cliff.

If it is necessary to visually raise the ceiling line, attention is focused on the vertical elements in the form of flowing long curtains, decorative columns, wallpaper with the corresponding pattern. Also in place high narrow cabinets.









Stylistic accents in the kitchen combined with the living room

The design of the room begins with the definition of the style of design, the integrity of the interior depends on it. All further stages of space arrangement are carried out in accordance with the principles of the chosen style.

The classic kitchen-living room provides undisturbed luxury in the interior with an abundance of natural light. Finishing is carried out on the basis of expensive materials, such as fine wood, natural stone, luxurious stucco, refined ceramics. The priority is furniture with leather upholstery, highly artistic tapestries, creamy-white tonality and noble-brown gamma.

A mandatory element of the interior in a classic style - high ceilings and large windows. This style is most often found in elite city apartments and cottages outside the city.

Kitchen-living room with Provence-style fireplace

This style reflects nostalgia for the romance of the French province. Constant attribute of Provence style - a fireplace - can decorate a guest or cooking zone. The kitchen hood is in the form of a bleached stove. The ceiling is decorated with wooden beams, set vintage set. In the space for recreation have a set of upholstered furniture with the same floral upholstery. The central part of the whole ensemble is certainly occupied by a dining table with an exquisite tablecloth, behind which it is cozy to eat in the family circle.






Kitchen-living room in modern style

This style is characterized by a combination of different materials. The presence of ornaments in the design is welcomed, the color solution does not have strict frames. In this modern style provides simple forms that do not tolerate pretentiousness in the interior.

Loft style kitchen

Industrial style assumes the presence of high ceilings, an abundance of metal and rough surfaces. The loft style is characterized by bare brick walls, open engineering communications, different colors of metal bases, natural compositions. Conciseness, deliberate carelessness and informality are the invariable attributes of the interior loft.




To ensure the most comfortable conditions of stay in the living room, combined with the kitchen, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • The absence of capital walls causes an increased acoustic load in the form of sound effects from the kitchen area and the sounds of TV and the media center in the guest room. To avoid the constant buzz of equipment, one should give preference to technology with a minimum production of decibels.
  • The kitchen-living room with a bar counter looks stylish and allows you to significantly save usable space.
  • To eliminate the problem with the spread of odors during cooking, an open kitchen must be equipped with a powerful hood.
  • If the kitchen-living room is equipped with a staircase, special attention is paid to the safety of the structure with steps and the correct lighting.
  • For textile design combined interior priority is smooth synthetics, and not materials with a fleecy texture, which absorb moisture and odors well.
  • The kitchen-living room with a bay window allows you to create a cozy functional area with an abundance of natural light.

Combining the kitchen and living room is a profitable solution for many apartments with a small area.










Color solutions in the combined kitchen-living room

When creating a combined space for leisure and cooking, they most often make a choice in favor of the classic colors and tonalities of the cold spectrum. In a spacious studio apartment, shades of brown and gray, a palette of blue, black and white colors are popular:

  • curtains in lush blue are luxuriously complemented by a spacious interior with light-colored furniture against a walnut laminate. Bright textiles are not only a refreshing element of decor, but also contribute to a visual increase in space;
  • Due to the combination of different textures you can get an interesting design option. For example, the walls and sets are made in a minimalist style in white, the leisure area is decorated with a luxurious pink sofa, and the wooden floor surfaces and the classic table with chairs give the decor a certain rigor. Here to the place are air curtains with a floral pattern, with the help of which the interior looks stylish and cozy;
  • The interior in cool shades of gray is suitable for those who like experimentation and modern solutions. The combination of brick walls, kitchen set and upholstered furniture in the guest room in light gray looks originally. The stylish lamps above the dining table will add expressiveness and dynamics;
  • bright accents in the design of the combined area are appropriate in spacious rooms. One of the walls can be made in catchy color or hang panels with an expressive image. It is also important to use the headset in light green or blue on the background of pastel colors. The lush color of the blinds, an lamp of an unusual shape or a sofa in rich colors are also striking and will help to create an original design of the kitchen-living room in the studio apartment.

The design of the combined kitchen-living room is particularly popular elements of the decor of natural wood, with which creates an incredibly stylish interior. To equip the serene scenery on the combined area of ​​the kitchen-living room in the Khrushchev, you can use several shades of brown and beige. Ivory curtains, upholstered furniture in cream design, light walnut laminate will suit. Kitchen flooring and gar