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Transforming table for giving and for the house (21 photos)


Furniture that can transform has gained immense popularity not only among owners of small dwellings, but also among owners of spacious apartments, who for various reasons are interested in saving domestic living space. And here in the first place are the options with the use of various types of transforming tables, allowing you to easily and quickly solve the problem of optimizing the use of each square meter of any room.



What should be considered when choosing a specific model of a table-transformer?

  1. Table size when folded and unfolded. The transformer should look harmoniously and comfortably placed in the room for which it is intended.
  2. Color and design. Their choice depends entirely on the tastes and preferences of the buyer, determined, of course, and the interior, of which he will become.
  3. View of the mechanism for folding and unfolding the table: the simpler it is, the less the likelihood of breakdowns and failures.
  4. Cost
  5. Materials manufacturing (metal, plastic, chipboard, fiberboard, solid wood, glass, ceramics).

The number of models of transforming tables is difficult to count and even harder to describe. The colors are also very diverse: black, white, and sonoma oak. There are both with glossy tabletops, and with matte ones, so the following is information only about some of them that are in constant demand from consumers.

Coffee table-transformer for the living room

This table is compatible with any interior. With it, you can select the dining area, the need for which may arise upon the arrival of guests. Coffee dining transforming table can quickly be transformed into a table with a large-sized tabletop, where there is enough space for many dishes.

Coffee table type "transformer" allows you to reasonably save the free space of the apartment, combining the dining room and hall. Without a coffee folding table it is difficult to organize a holiday party in a small living room, because folding tables have the advantage of being very mobile structures: after the end of the gala dinner, such a folding table can be folded and removed for a while from the living room, making room for dancing or games.




Transforming table for kitchen

Sometimes a transforming kitchen table is made in the form of a sliding table combined with a window sill, but most often in the kitchen you can find wall-mounted transforming tables, which, if they are not transformed into ordinary dining kitchen tables, either look like a narrow shelf or merge with surface of the wall. Their sizes after they are decomposed may be very different. They may look like very small tea or coffee tables for one or two people, or be full-size kitchen tables for six to eight people. Coating such tables are most often plastic white, but sometimes used for tabletops and glass. This design method best meets the requirements of sanitation and hygiene, the observance of which is especially important in the kitchen.




Conversion console table

Such a table can be a small table, a stand for some items in the living room, and a toilet table in the bedroom, and a coffee or dining table. It can also be used as a computerized transforming table or a transforming writing table and can be:

  • added;
  • sliding;
  • wall mounted;
  • detached.

Console tables are often with drawers for storing any accessories or small items, so designers try to ensure that the creation they create is not only compact, but also provides maximum convenience during use. For example, the table-console can have retractable planes that can turn it into a dining table of the required size.




Also console tables can have:

  • mirrors;
  • shelves;
  • backlight;
  • ornaments in the form of decorative items.

In many cases, you can adjust their height. They can be glossy and matte, and in color they can be either black or a wenge transforming table or have any other color and texture, such as, for example, Sonoma oak.

The table consisting of rotating cubes looks spectacular. These fairly large parts, which can be made of wood or plastic, make it easy to change the geometry of such a transformer.

It is easy to use and a transforming table based on modules that can be both connected together and fastened together to form drawers and shelves.

Sliding table with internal departments that can be used to store books, newspapers, magazines.




Today there are many types of transforming tables that can be used as:

  • dining tables;
  • coffee tables;
  • toilet tables;
  • computer desks, etc.

Such furniture can be used both in the apartment and in the country. There are also children's folding-type tables for feeding the youngest children, with a seat with a table in front, located at a height convenient for the mother. And regardless of the type of performance, most of the transforming tables today can be bought online without leaving your home.

Folding models are easy to transport, as transforming tables do not have a lot of weight, do not require a lot of space. They are almost irreplaceable when it is necessary to organize events in nature, as well as outdoor parties.