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Black and white curtains in a modern interior (21 photos)


The black and white combination is one of the most versatile and common in everyday life. However, the combination of black and white is more used in the preparation of the wardrobe, in the interior it can be found not so often.

Features and types of curtains

Black and white curtains are used mainly if you want to give the room elegance and wealth. Many people may find such an interior boring, dull and formal, but with the right approach, it can even look festive and solemn.



Curtains in black and white colors are appropriate not only for rooms designed in strict minimalism. They can be used in the arrangement of the premises and in other stylistic directions:

  • High tech. For the interior of this style is characterized by rigor, conciseness and simplicity. Having made a choice in favor of high-tech style, give preference to black and white curtains with geometric shapes.
  • Minimalism. It is noteworthy that the use of a black and white gamut in all is characteristic for this direction. When choosing curtains for window decoration in a minimalist room, use curtains with a black and white pattern in the form of a strip or a cell.
  • Safari. Curtains imitating zebra skin are perfect for this style.
  • Art Deco. For decorating the living room in the Art Deco style, designers recommend choosing curtains with an abstract pattern.
  • Neo-baroque. For the decor of the windows of the room in the style of neo-baroque fit plain curtains with contrast edging.

Particularly popular in recent years have acquired cotton curtains, which came to us from Western countries. Such stylish products in the design world are known under the name "Kisei". In large apartments or spacious rooms of private houses, cotton curtains in black and white can play not only the role of curtains on the windows. They are also often used to divide the space into separate zones. In addition, such models, despite their transparency, serve as a reliable barrier to the penetration of sunlight into an apartment.




Black and white roller blinds

In addition to textile curtains, black-and-white roller blinds, known as "Zebra" or "Day and Night", are popular. With their appearance, they practically do not differ from ordinary white blinds, but the principle is completely different. Rolled structures are made of horizontal strips of fabric of the same width in black and white color, which alternate with each other.




Stylish living room ideas

Black and white curtains are more often used in the living room than in any other room in an apartment or house. To choose such a combination for curtains should be especially careful, it is important not to allow equal proportions of these two colors, any one of them should dominate. White or black will be dominant in the room - the choice is yours. Tulle to such curtains should be necessarily white.

In the living room fit such options curtains:

  • classic eyelet curtains;
  • Roman curtains;
  • vertical blinds.

They will give the living room dynamics and expression. In the hall to such curtains, it is best to pick up furniture of simple geometric shapes and chrome interior items. To give the living room elegance and respectability, choose multi-layered products made of natural silk, drapes with hooks and lambrequins.




Bedroom design

If you want to see your bedroom in white style, but at the same time want to make some bright accents, hang black and white curtains on the windows with a predominance of light color. In this case, white curtains with large black flowers or solid products with a dark contrast edging will look beautiful.

In the lounge, such black and white curtain options are appropriate:

  • roman;
  • roll;
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • curtains with geometric patterns.

You can complement the interior with a bedcover or bed linen in the same color scheme.

The combination of night and day curtains will be a stylish and modern solution to the decor of the windows in the bedroom. As a daytime curtain on the windows, light white tulle will do; in the evening it is better to close the windows with black dense curtains with a white pattern.




Kitchen interier

White roman blinds are best for the kitchen. They can be made of fabric or bamboo. For the dining area, you can use textiles, but for the area intended for cooking, you should choose bamboo curtains.

If the kitchen is small in size, white color should prevail in the design of the curtains, so the room will seem more spacious. Black and white cell - a good choice for modern cuisine. In the same color can be used and kitchen napkins.

Curtains in black and white with their right choice can be an excellent decoration for rooms in many styles. Textiles in contrasting colors will accentuate other interior items.