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Curtains for the girl: we decorate the children's room beautifully and with taste (24 photos)


The children's room of the girl is a small world of the child, in which he should be interested, cozy and comfortable, therefore, while designing the interior of the girl’s children's bedroom, it is important to take care not only of the choice of furniture and wallpaper. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of curtains that will emphasize the individuality of the room owner, set the tone and refresh the interior.



Choosing curtains in the nursery for the girl, you need to consider the following factors:

  • age of the child;
  • environmental friendliness of materials from which curtains and curtains are sewn;
  • general interior design.

No less important are the criteria such as style, drapery and the length of curtains and curtains.

For the bedrooms of little girls aged from 0 to 3 years will suit beautiful curtains of pastel shades, as well as curtains with delicate patterns. Such curtains will perfectly fit into any interior, create an atmosphere of peace and will contribute to a strong and healthy sleep. It is possible to decorate monophonic curtains in the room of newborns with unusual grabs in the form of flowers, butterflies, fairytale heroes and animals.



When creating the design of a child’s room up to one year old, care must be taken to ensure complete isolation of the light. On the other hand, the curtain should not be an obstacle to the penetration of natural light. That is why for registration of children's rooms for newborns it is best to use roller blinds or curtains in tandem with blinds.
So that the child does not collapse the eaves and does not get entangled in the long folds of the curtains, it is best to choose short curtains that let in a lot of sunlight, are easy to use and care.



Curtains for girls 3-7 years

Children's room for girls aged 3 to 7 years is not just a bedroom, but also a place to play, so when designing such a room, you can choose both bright curtains and curtains in bright colors that will significantly enliven the interior and add him positive notes.



Also relevant to the interior of the children's room for girls will be curtains with drawings. Curtains decorated with stylized small roses, cornflowers, dandelions or other floral arrangements will create a joyful mood and perfectly fit into the interior of the room in a romantic style, Provence or country style. In the girls 'bedroom, polka-dot curtains and intricate patterns, diamonds and other patterns on the curtains will look impressive and original in the girls' bedroom.

To visually increase the space in the nursery, you can use classic long curtains with a plot print. Favorite fairy-tale character on the curtains - a safe option for decorating the room of a girl aged 3-7 years.

To the curtains in the room girls did not seem boring and monotonous, they can be decorated with ruffles and ruffles. The main thing is not to overdo it with decorations, because the design of curtains for a child’s room for a girl should harmonize well with the overall bedroom interior.



Curtains in the room schoolgirls 7-12 years

When making the bedroom of young schoolgirls, it should be borne in mind that at the age of 7 years old the child’s room becomes not only a play area, but also a child’s workplace, therefore when choosing curtains for a child’s room you should avoid screaming colors that will become an annoying factor and too dark shades, which will prevent the penetration of light into the room and create an atmosphere of confined space.

The best option would be the curtains of green, yellow and blue. Psychologists have proven that these colors contribute to the concentration of attention and perseverance.



Also, when choosing curtains for a schoolgirl's room, it is necessary to take into account the level of its illumination and the location of pieces of furniture. For bedrooms in which the windows face north, it is best to choose curtains of warm colors (for example, pale pink, beige, milk), whereas in the design of the room in which the windows are located on the south side, curtains in darker colors may be appropriate .

If the desk and workplace of the child is located at the window, Roman curtains will be the ideal solution in the interior design. Roman curtains in the children's room do not take up much space, fit well into any interior, gently scatter daylight and practically do not accumulate dust.



Curtains in the room of teenage girls

Adolescence is the most difficult period in a child’s life. At this age, girls are very vulnerable and sensitive, so choosing a curtain in a teenager's bedroom, you must take into account not only the style of the interior, but also the personal preferences of the child.

For decoration of rooms in a romantic style, you can choose pink, white curtains or curtains in pastel colors. Rolled or Roman curtains in the nursery for girls will be the perfect solution for those who appreciate not only beauty, but practicality. Such curtains will not only perfectly fit into the interior of the teenage girl's bedroom, but also provide free access to the window sill, will be comfortable to use and will allow the child to independently regulate the level of illumination of the room.

Another interesting idea to design a bedroom for a teenager can be cotton curtains. Such curtains will become an original detail of the created interior and, depending on the color, will be appropriate both in the high-tech style and in the bedroom decorated in the style of Provence or Country. Cotton curtains can be used as an independent element of the decor or combined with blinds.

To make the interior of a teenager's bedroom look fashionable and creative, the curtains in the room for a teenage girl can be made of glass, plastic or acrylic beads.



Type of fabric, drapery and curtain length

When choosing curtains for a girl’s bedroom, special attention should be paid to the material from which they are sewn. The ideal option for the interior of children's rooms and girls and boys will be curtains made from natural fabrics (silk, cotton or linen), which do not provoke the occurrence of allergic reactions. These curtains are perfect for the interior of the nursery and will be environmentally friendly for the child.

Since the curtains can be part of the game of small princesses, it is not necessary to choose long curtains and curtains of complex structures in the bedroom of girls up to ten years old. The optimal length of curtains in the nursery will be the length to the window sill. And themselves comfortable and practical will be English, Roman and roller blinds.




In order for the curtains not to become a dust and dirt collector, it is necessary to avoid complicated draperies and give preference to simple and concise models. Simple curtains do not require delicate care, do not accumulate dust and respond well to washing.

The decoration of the girl’s child’s room should have a positive effect on the formation of the child’s personality, so regardless of the color and style chosen, the curtains should be in perfect harmony with the overall bedroom interior and encourage the child to relax.