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Interesting curtain rods for curtains: modern models (31 photos)


The interior of any room in the house will look harmonious if you consider not only the wall decoration, but also choose the right decor. Wall curtain rods for curtains is a necessary decorative element that creates the proper level of comfort in each room. This detail gives the window a finished look, and also emphasizes the beautiful design of curtains, curtains or blinds.




Main types of eaves

Before you buy modern curtain rails for curtains, you need to decide on their type of attachment. A practical option for a room where there is a suspended or suspended ceiling will be a wall cornice. It is practical for a room in a house with small windows and other rooms with sufficient distance from the ceiling to the window opening. Ceiling eaves for curtains visually increase the height of the room and create a beautiful effect, as if the curtains gently fall from the very top. With this type of attachment, the structure is most often made of plastic, which makes it possible to reduce the total weight.




The appearance of the following types of decorative elements:

  • Round curtain rods for curtains. The product is made of wood or metal. Externally, the cornice is similar to a pipe, where curtains, tulle and curtains are hung. The design of round models involves the use of two, three or four pipes;
  • String cornice for curtains. Externally, the design is similar to a metal cable that resembles a guitar string. Install the cornice-string relevant in the case of light curtains, whose weight is small;
  • Profile cornices for curtains. They are ideally suited for non-standard type windows (attic, corner, bay). Such a universal model is of different thickness, shape and color;
  • Frames for curtains. Such a beautiful version is a successful imitation of a semi-antique construction. Some framed strips look like wood texture;
  • Tire cornice. This is a plastic panel with slots for hooks. It is very convenient to purchase a two-row or three-row cornice, on which it is easy to hang curtains, tulle and curtains at the same time.



Varieties of eaves by type of material

Before you choose an accessory for curtains, you should find out what materials the structures are made of. Metal curtain rails are made of durable aluminum. Fixed construction is very simple, and it is unpretentious in the care. Install a metal (chrome) curtain rod on the balcony or kitchen.




A practical option that has not lost its relevance to this day is wood curtain rails. They are made of solid wood with longitudinal fibers. This model always looks advantageous in the interior, it is quite durable. Before you attach the system, you must consider the strength of the walls, as the wooden curtain rails for curtains have considerable weight.

A good option for any room would be an aluminum curtain rod. The system is very durable, and its weight is small. Quality aluminum models do not oxidize and do not tarnish over time. The design is great for heavy curtains. Attach the eaves easily to drywall, as well as suspended ceiling.






Rules for the use of cornices in the interior

Before you hang the eaves in any room in the house, you should provide the following nuances:

  • Choose a suitable mounting type. The design of the structure should be maximally combined with the interior of the room when the system is not disguised as a suspended (or tensioned) ceiling. Wooden models perfectly complement the classics, as well as the romantic Provence. Shod eaves will decorate the room in the Empire style. Plastic and metal models is important to choose high-tech for the interior;
  • Consider the size of the eaves. In a small room it is impractical to hang a massive curtain rod. In this case, it is important to choose a long cornice (from wall to wall), which will visually make the space wider;
  • Take into account the shape of the window. A flexible curtain rail is recommended for a round window. Selected for the attic double row cornice perfectly complement the design of the room. For a room (in the style of Provence, minimalism) with different wall shapes, a curving cornice is perfect;
  • Appearance of curtains. If you choose the right cornice for curtain design, this will only improve the overall picture. Heavy canvases are not suitable for string cornice. Hidden curtain rails will be a practical solution in the style of minimalism;
  • Installation location of the structure. For cotton curtains, it is important to purchase a metal cornice and hang textiles in the kitchen or any other room. This type of curtain is very easy to attach with velcro. Special eaves for Roman curtains will actually look on the balcony. The presence of the lifting unit, the shaft, as well as the rings - is an indispensable part of the sliding system, which provides the eaves for Roman curtains.

Choosing the eaves, it is important to take into account all the nuances, so that the decorative element will delight the residents of the house for many years.

Select curtain poles for the kitchen should be especially careful. The design should be not only externally beautiful, but also easy to move apart, not absorb fat and provide access to the window. For the kitchen, it is important to purchase a sliding curtain rail for curtains and choose Roman curtains. On the balcony will look advantageous cornice for Japanese curtains.




A practical solution for zoning a room will be a corner curtain rod for curtains. When thinking about what better to buy curtains in this case, it is necessary to give preference to textiles with a rounded shape. Wooden and metal eaves best emphasize the interior style of Provence. Making out the room in the style of Provence, it is not recommended to fix the eaves of the forged type. Also, the Provence string cornice will organically decorate the interior solution (it is not necessary to look for a construction with a bar in this case).




Mount to the ceiling is best lightweight designs (plastic) that will not load the walls. Plastic is most susceptible to bending, so hanging heavy textiles on the pipe is not recommended. In order for the curtains to close both windows at the same time, it is better to give preference to the swivel base.




When thinking about what kind of cornice to buy for home improvement, it is necessary to take into account all the pros and cons of the system. A large selection of designs allows you to find a product for every taste (flat, square, round models) and budget.