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The doors to the bedroom - an important element of the interior (27 photos)


Initially, the main function of the door was to isolate the rooms. Today it is not enough just to buy a door and install it. Modern designers and manufacturers have so filled the market with all kinds of door models that they have turned the door leaf into an important element of the interior.



Interior doors to the bedroom: basic requirements

Often the entrance to the bedroom is located in the living room or hallway. And it is thanks to the doors that it becomes possible to ensure and preserve comfortable conditions for rest. When choosing models it is recommended to pay attention to their following characteristics:

  • silent opening (for this install convenient and easy-to-use accessories);
  • environmental friendliness (it is desirable to install doors made of natural "breathing" materials).

The closest attention should be paid to the soundproofing indicator. There are several ways to reduce the noise level coming from adjacent rooms.

  • Installing the nut. Manufacturers offer products made of wood, plastic, metal. Special soundproofing models are complemented by a brush seal. If there is a fear that the tenants will stumble on the threshold, then it is possible to install an inconspicuous brush sealer in the lower end of the door leaf;
  • Installation of the seal on the perimeter of the canvas. This rubber hollow cord will provide a snug fit of the web to the backing. According to the rules, the gap between the casement and the door frame should be less than 1 cm.

Doors to the bedroom should provide proper rest and this is not even discussed. However, we must not forget that they are also an important element of the interior of the room. Taking into account the requirements for doors, it becomes clear that not every design can guarantee peace and quiet.



Swing doors

These models can be called the traditional option. The advantages of such doors are ease of installation, affordable price, many options for how to design and install the design, the harmonious combination with any interior. The main drawback is that you need a free place for the door to open unhindered.

Manufacturers offer single and double models. The choice of the door is influenced by the location and size of the doorway, the size of the bedroom. Single door can be installed in the opening anywhere on the wall. A double door is less often chosen, since a large room with a wide opening in the center of the wall is needed.

When choosing panel doors, it is necessary to choose structures that have few voids. It is better if the canvas will be filled with cardboard, laid on the type of honeycomb.



If you want to choose a glass cloth, then it is undesirable to install a cloth with a single glass. Preferred model of two glasses.

The quality of the door leaf should be noted that the worst performance of plastic products. Can be considered as a variant of a suitable door leaf - a sandwich panel (foam material lined with plastic).

Good features have framed doors made of solid wood. The panel (inset) can be flat, bulk, typesetting. The advantages of the design: decorative appearance, the possibility of replacing individual elements, durability, affordable price. There are no obvious defects in the model (if we exclude the possibility of using low-quality materials).

When installing any swing door should be borne in mind that the canvas should open in the bedroom.



Sliding bedroom doors

Similar designs are also installed in the doorways of the bedrooms. These doors are chosen due to: ease of use, a variety of design decoration of paintings, different options for arrangement, saving space. Of course, these doors will not provide good sound insulation. Manufacturers offer several ways to install doors.

Coupe in the bedroom is installed most often. This is due to the wide offer of models from different manufacturers, ease of installation, affordable price. The most common model is a door with one blade, which moves along guides with the help of rollers. In order to increase the tightness of the door leaf, a brush seal is attached along its perimeter.



A suitable option can be considered a door case. Such designs are not very common, because their installation is not easy. The model is considered a hidden system, as the doors almost open into the wall when opened. Door leaf is suspended in the opening.

Folding doors (book, accordion) are the most unsuitable for installation in the bedroom, as they do not protect the room from external noise at all.

For the manufacture of cloths used mainly wood and glass. When choosing a material, you can be guided by the requirements that are imposed on hinged doors.



Door design: the nuances of choice

Modern interiors do not dictate any strict rules on the design of the bedroom. You can simply follow some of the wishes of designers, thanks to which it is easier to create a cozy atmosphere in the room.

In compact rooms it is recommended to install doors of light shades. If you like wenge doors, it is advisable to install sheets with glass inserts, which will be a beautiful source of additional light in the room.

Since the bedroom is designed for relaxation or a relaxing pastime, it is not recommended to choose bright doors.




Models should be organically combined with the overall design of the room. For a Provence or Classic style bedroom, framed doors of white or light shades (beige, sandy, blurry blue) will do. For rooms designed in the style of a loft or hi-tech, compartment doors to the bedroom, decorated with frosted glass canvases, are perfect.



When choosing a bedroom door, one should not forget about other rooms, especially if the adjacent room (living room, corridor) has several doorways.



The bedroom cannot be called a public room. However, this does not mean that its design does not deserve attention. When choosing a door you should consider several options for combining the model with other elements of the situation. Door leaf is chosen to match:

  • wall decoration (wallpaper, paint). The walls of calm, light shades are organically combined with the door leafs of dark, brown tones. The design of the walls and doors alone is undesirable because it will create an effect of a confined space;
  • floor covering. A very popular and quite reasonable solution is to install the doors in accordance with the shade of the floor covering;
  • window frames In this case, the plinth and platbands, selected in the same shade, additionally emphasize the unity of the bedroom space;
  • items of furniture. Especially effectively this combination looks when installing furniture made of natural wood.

The most versatile and popular are the doors of white color, which fit perfectly into any mood of the room and perfectly fit the interior of a bedroom of any style.



It cannot be denied that the installation of doors with enhanced sound insulation properties in an apartment can cost a pretty penny. However, there is no need to put such models on all doorways. Enough of those rooms where you really need to protect the room from noise: a bedroom, a children's room, a study.