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Choosing the perfect wallpaper for the interior: what to look for first (115 photos)


Those who want to quickly change something in their interior and at the same time do not spend fabulous money, designers are advised to pay attention to the photo wallpaper. If in Soviet times everyone glued wallpaper with birch trees or waterfalls to the walls, today technology has leaped forward. And now, wallpapers in the interior occupy a special place and play a certain role, like furniture or household appliances.







Photowall-paper is wallpaper on which the image is caused by offset or plotter. For drawing images using a wide-format printer, different types of ink can be used: UV, Solvent, Latex or Eco-solvent. Each of these types has its own characteristics; they differ in durability and brightness, which also affects the cost and functionality of photo wallpapers.

The price and quality of the photo wallpaper is largely dependent on the material on which they are printed. Actually, this is the first thing that buyers in the store pay attention to.

Depending on the material used, there are the following types of photo wallpapers:

  • paper;
  • vinyl;
  • non-woven.

Additionally, wallpaper for kitchen and bathroom can be covered with lamination or lacquer layer - it will save the paint from moisture, as well as dirt or grease, which is enough in the kitchen.

Consider each of the types of photo wallpapers in more detail. We are sure that our recommendations will help you not to be mistaken with the choice in the store.









Paper wallpaper attracts buyers for its low price. As a rule, they are printed on the production on an industrial scale, and rarely made to order. Because of the cheapness of paper, cheap ink is also used, which greatly affects the quality of the product.

Paper wallpapers have the following disadvantages:

  • low image quality;
  • poor wear resistance;
  • afraid of moisture;
  • fragility;
  • poor strength;
  • bad fit and fold into the picture.

Designers are advised to buy such wallpaper in the event that you know that soon you will change them. So, paper wallpaper is perfect for the child's room. Usually, parents choose wallpaper in the children's room with thematic drawings. For girls - with princesses and fabulous animals, for boys - with superheroes and cars. Children grow up quickly, and their tastes change very quickly.










Characters that your child liked today may be annoying in a month, and he will demand a new picture on the wall. Paper wallpapers for such cases - a real find. Even if you make repairs in the child’s room once a year, it does not cut a hole in the family budget.

Do not forget about another important advantage of paper photo wallpaper - they breathe. Unlike vinyl, which will be discussed below, paper wallpapers are breathable and airborne. This, in turn, prevents the formation of mold and mildew, dangerous for human health, therefore often the best wallpaper for the children's room is paper. Just by buying them, pay special attention if they smell of toxic ink. If there is an unpleasant smell, for the nursery they will definitely not go.









Flizelinovy ​​photo wallpapers are based on a dense material consisting of cellulose. In this case, cellulose fibers are combined with binders - a special glue. Due to this structure, non-woven photo wallpapers differ:

  • strength;
  • wear resistance;
  • density;
  • great weight;
  • fire resistance;
  • moisture resistance.

Non-woven photo wallpaper can be called a more expensive analogue of paper. Recall that in the production of paper is also used cellulose, so the wallpaper on non-woven base, as well as on paper, perfectly pass the air and do not accumulate moisture. They are not torn and can serve for a very long time. Non-woven wallpaper suitable for different rooms, but first of all they need to choose for rooms in which you spend a lot of time.









So, they are perfect for a bedroom, nursery, living room and any other room where a resting place is equipped. Decorating walls with such wallpaper is a guarantee that a good microclimate will be created in the room, and a mold will not appear in the corners.

For a bathroom or kitchen, moisture-proof non-woven-based wallpapers are also suitable. They are easy to clean and are not afraid of exposure to water. By the way, due to the fact that the non-woven fabric has a high density, an textured photo drawing can be applied to it. Today, wallpapers with imitation of sand, hoarfrost, plaster, and even canvas, which is painted with oil paints, are very popular. In fact, if you choose the right wallpaper texture, a reproduction of any famous painting, very similar to the original, can decorate your wall.

Non-woven wallpapers have some disadvantages:

  • high price;
  • they need to be glued only on a perfectly flat wall;
  • dust in the embossed pattern can be dangerous for allergy sufferers;
  • Any damage to the picture can not be repaired.

By the way, if you buy wallpaper for the kitchen or bathroom, pay attention to the markings on the roll. If there is an icon in the form of three waves, then this wallpaper is moisture-resistant and can be washed with a wet cloth. Wallpapers with a single wave icon can only be wiped clean with a damp cloth. If a brush-shaped icon is drawn on the roll, feel free to wash them with soap and water. In this case, the quality of the photo wallpaper is very important. If it is bad, then even a moisture-proof wallpaper will quickly erase the picture.









Vinyl wallpapers today are also quite popular. However, if paper and non-woven can be used for pasting the entire wall, then vinyl, usually stick one part of it. Vinyl wallpaper - a few canvases, folded into one large pattern.

This wallpaper may have a paper or non-woven substrate, which is coated with polyvinyl chloride. Paper-based vinyl wallpaper is cheaper, but does not have good performance. The vinyl layer does not let the air through, so that under such photowall-paper there is no mold, they need to be glued to a special wallpaper glue, which contains antiseptic additives. The advantage of vinyl wallpaper on paper basis - they are easier to glue than non-woven, because the paper is faster soaked with adhesive solution.

Vinyl wallpapers on non-woven base look more presentable and last much longer. They are not afraid of moisture, temperature changes and other influences. If you choose the right glue, they will stick well and hold on for a long time. If you work with high-quality expensive composition, then it is enough just to put it on the wallpaper - no need to apply on the wall.

Scope of application of such wallpaper is unlimited, but due to the fact that they do not let the air through, they are tried to use them minimally for decorating bedrooms and children’s. Usually one wall or part of it closes with such wallpaper and no more. Vinyl wallpapers are well suited for offices, conference rooms and other non-residential premises.










How to choose a wallpaper?

Photowall-paper on a wall needs to be chosen taking into account features of each look. If they will be on the wall one or two years, then you can stay on paper. If you are doing an expensive repair that you do not plan to change in the next five to seven years, then it is better to opt for non-woven photo wallpaper. Paper is cheaper, but non-woven look more effective and serve for a long time.

The choice of color, pattern and texture of the wallpaper, of course, depends on the characteristics, style and purpose of the room. Also important are the dimensions of the room and its location on the cardinal points. Photowall-paper is suitable for rooms in which a minimum of furniture. If your bedroom is cluttered with wardrobes, sofa, bedside tables and shelves, then the wallpaper will not fit here.

So, for example, wallpaper in the room, overlooking the shadow side, should not be dark. They are suitable for bright, sunny rooms. The choice of drawing for a particular room depends only on your personal preferences. Here it is necessary first of all to be guided by a simple rule: a drawing should not annoy you.

The choice of photo wallpapers should start with the answer to the question: do you like the image or not. And when you find what you have been looking for a long time, start thinking about whether they will fit into your room. It also happens that, under the canvas of photo wallpaper that you like, the designer develops an absolutely new interior project from scratch. If the mural coincides with the style of the interior, they can become its semantic center.






For decorating the walls today, often used 3d wallpaper. Modern technologies make it possible to apply an incredibly realistic picture onto a regular canvas. With such wallpaper, you do not just contemplate the picture, but become a part of it. For example, for interiors in eco-style, landscape-type wallpaper is often glued. If the seal is of good quality, then it may seem to those present that they are not lying on the sofa, but on the bank of a mountain river or in a forest. In the bathroom walls are decorated with wallpaper, which shows the windows, and behind them - flocks of birds. You lie in your bathroom, and behind its walls, as if the ocean is splashing. And if you want to fall asleep under the starry sky of the Southern Hemisphere or fluffy white clouds, order the wallpaper on the ceiling with the 3d effect. Modern technology is not only capable of this.

With these wallpapers you can also disguise a door that does not fit into the interior. For example, for the office fit the wallpaper on the door with a picture of a bookcase. In the Italian or Greek interior, the door can be stuck with photo wallpaper, which depicts an textured arch. Photowall-paper with such drawing can visually expand space and create illusion of the huge room.

For the decoration of doors in eco, Japanese, Provence and many other styles are suitable for wallpaper with nature. Waterfall, country landscape, lavender field, mountains - all this can decorate your door. The original way is to stick the wallpaper with the image of the window, and then even the "deaf" room will become cozy.

Wall mural is an excellent option for decorating rooms of any size. Only in order to succeed, you need to choose the right wallpaper, learn the features of the use of each type and not be afraid to experiment. If you find it difficult and not sure that you can choose the right wallpaper, seek advice from the designer. There is no need to save, because the wrong selected photo wallpaper can ruin the most expensive interior.




This is another popular question that interests many. Today wallpapers are ready-made and to order. Ready made in factory production. They can be with all sorts of drawings, have a complex texture. On such a wallpaper is applied the image in good resolution, so they look very impressive. But they have one drawback - they have a standard size ready. Wallpapers are not always suitable for a specific room, and then customers have to refuse to buy, because it is impossible to cut photo wallpapers - the picture will be spoiled.

Those who have not found the wallpaper of the appropriate size in the store, can contact the specialized companies that deal with large format printing. Of course, making custom-made photo wallpapers is not cheap, and not everyone can afford it, but there is an opportunity to realize the most ambitious design idea. In such companies can print wallpapers of any size that fit perfectly into your interior. Here you can choose the desired texture and color.

Photowall-paper in the apartment - the interesting and original interior decision, but it is not enough to choose beautiful wall-paper and to choose the correct size. It is still necessary to collect them beautifully in one picture from several canvases and neatly paste them. This work requires a certain skill, and not everyone can do it. If you have never glued wallpaper and are not confident in your abilities, then it is better to entrust it to a professional. Agree, it will be a shame to make expensive wallpaper to order and crookedly stick them on the wall.






Photowall-paper for the hall

Photowall-paper - absolutely universal finishing material which can fit into any style. They can be used for interior design in the style of:

  • loft;
  • Provence;
  • classical;
  • minimalism;
  • high tech;
  • Scandinavian;
  • Japanese and many others.

The main thing is that the picture corresponds to the features of a particular direction and does not stand out from the general concept.