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Red ceiling - the choice of bold and temperamental people (21 photos)


Red is an extravagant color preferred by passionate people. Designers are increasingly using scarlet ceilings to diversify their favorite black and white range. So red gets into the house, where it necessarily becomes the highlight of the dwelling. If you plan to change the design of your apartment, you should look at this fashionable color scheme.



Advantages and disadvantages of red

First of all, let's talk about the advantages of the red color in the interior:

  • It improves mood and gives a positive charge. In an environment of red shades temperamental personalities and optimists will feel comfortable themselves. In addition, the scarlet excites feelings, stimulates sexual energy, so the passion between the spouses will not fade.
  • Looks solemnly. In theaters or concert halls, you often saw portieres, pieces of furniture, or carpets of red tones. Remember what emotions you experience in such an interior. Do not want to add the feeling of a holiday in the gray days?
  • In combination with gold and natural wood, red gives the room respectability. So you can easily create a luxurious interior and highlight your elitism.



Red ceiling in the interior

Choosing this saturated color for the ceiling, you need to carefully consider the details. The size of the room, its functional purpose, the degree of illumination, the colors of the walls, the floor and the furniture depend on how the red ceiling will look in the interior. Let's find out where the scarlet cloth will look gorgeous, and where it can spoil the look of the room.

Living room

Stretch ceiling red color perfectly fit into the interior of a spacious living room. He will create a festive mood in the room where guests are usually received and amaze those who come with luxury and solemnity. To create a classic-style setting, a noble burgundy shade is suitable, and for decoration in modern styles choose rich scarlet, it will be perfectly combined with black and white. To the living room did not look too aggressive, you need to choose furniture dim tones.

A new design word is a stretch ceiling with a suede texture. In the red color, it looks solid. With it, you can add aristocracy, not only in the living room, but also in the office or home library.




The bedroom is the main seating area in the house. The situation here should contribute to relaxation, but the red color on the contrary excites, so the red ceiling in the interior of the bedroom - not the best choice. After a hard day's work, you will not be able to relax if there is such a rich coverage over your head. A weakened body is threatened with nervous exhaustion and increased irritability.

If you are already tuned to the design of the room in red, limit yourself to bright accents. White ceiling and light walls can be supplemented with a scarlet blanket or a rose in a vase. The main thing - do not overdo it, the details should be harmoniously combined, and not "scream."

Red glossy ceiling can afford a young family. Feng Shui Specialists believe that young people whose relationships are full of feelings can add passion to their marriage in this way. Also according to the Chinese doctrine of harmony, scarlet has a beneficial effect on the appearance of offspring.




Red stretch ceiling in the kitchen is not uncommon. This is due to the fact that this color increases the appetite and improves digestion. In the place of cooking and consumption of dishes, these properties are just the way. In addition, scarlet is a very energetic color, it inspires the housewives for culinary experiments, and in the mornings the red ceiling in the kitchen will help residents cheer up and happily start a new day.

Most often, the saturated color of the ceiling is soothed with white or beige shades of walls and furniture. The floor should also not be dark, so that the room does not visually lose in size.

Use neutral tones so as not to go over with bright colors, causing the room to lose its stylish look. Bold can choose the color of the facades of the kitchen set to match the ceiling, but this should be done very carefully so as not to overdo it with red.




Usually this room does not have an outstanding size, and the red ceiling in the bathroom can visually reduce it even more. So think carefully before giving preference to the finishing of this color. If you are absolutely confident in the desire to embody this idea, then make a glossy stretch ceiling in the bathroom. This option does not really affect the height of the room.



Entrance hall

Making a red ceiling in this room is a bad decision. The room is small, there are no windows in it, and the aggressive color will further emphasize these disadvantages. The only option when scarlet would be appropriate in the corridor is in a room with high ceilings. A dark red ceiling will help balance the size of the hallway. It is important that the walls and floor are contrasted.



Delicate shades of red (light coral, pale pink) will make the bedroom for the girl incredibly comfortable and beautiful. In this color baby will feel like a princess. If the child is inactive, then bright accessories will help to add energy.




The red ceiling is a stylish design tool. He can easily make a spectacular calm interior. The main thing - do not overdo it. Then the ceiling will look impressive and unconventional. Hitting guests with the beauty and uniqueness of your home is easy. Do not be afraid to introduce something new into your housing.