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Bar counter: optimization of the distribution of space (29 photos)


The time has come when bar tables can already be found not only in restaurants, bars and cafes. Increasingly, they become an attribute of the interior of a modern kitchen. In some cases, providing an effective filling of the internal space of huge to the old standards of the premises, and in others - allowing you to solve the problem of the optimal use of the area of ​​a small room for cooking and eating.



Today, it is possible to purchase a bar table for a kitchen for 6–10 people in a spacious mansion and a small bar for a kitchen of small dimensions, which can accommodate only two or three people. At the same time, the market offers the consumer various types of bar tables, differing in size, design, production material, shape and color solutions.

Fashion for bar tables (racks) came to us from the culture of Western Europe and America, where such functional furniture often replaced the usual kitchen table, allowing you to significantly save space in a small living room.



The presence in the interior of any home bar counter indicates the self-sufficiency and originality of the owner, the presence of a certain sense of style. The image of a successful person who is confident in his actions has always been attractive, he is liked not only by young people, but also by those who are older.




When is the bar in the interior appropriate?

No possibility to install a standard dining table

This situation is not uncommon in small apartments. And in this case, the presence of a bar counter instead of a table allows better use of space. And a very good solution for small-sized kitchens will be the use of folding tables and / or folding bar racks, and any other furniture from the category of transformers, the design of which allows for an increase in their size, if necessary. Many varieties of bar racks with variable geometry have already been created. For example, they can be:

  • retractable;
  • unfolding;
  • traveling
  • folding.

Due to the presence in them of a special “smart” mechanism, it is possible to change not only the height of such bar counters, but also to increase the surface area of ​​their table top.

For rooms of oblong shape, a narrow bar counter placed along a long unoccupied wall is well suited.



It is necessary to divide the kitchen space into functional areas.

This problem is familiar to many owners of huge apartments and country houses. In this case, the kitchen must organize two separate functional areas:

  • the place where food is cooked;
  • guest space.



Use in this case, bar counters in interior design allows you to successfully solve this problem, since they can act as:

  • barriers;
  • internal partitions;
  • screen

When combining a kitchen with a dining room, a two-tier table and bar counter will be helpful. At the same time, its higher part is better to turn to the dining room, and the lower one - in the direction of the kitchen area.



There is a space for a mini-bar specially provided by the design of the room.

If there is enough space in the apartment in it, if you want, you can always select a separate corner or even a small room to create a full bar. Well, if there is a refrigerator, a sink, and cupboards or shelves for glasses and spirits.



It is necessary to connect the kitchen and balcony

This option becomes possible when you have an idea about the redevelopment of the kitchen. Then the bar counter is usually installed at the interface between the two rooms: the balcony and the kitchen, that is, at the place of the previously existing window sill.

Today, the main trend of their design is simplicity of design and streamlined shape, which for the most part is rectangular. In this case, remarkable is the considerable thickness of the tabletop of this furniture. If it turns out to be a little smaller, then such a wooden bar counter can turn into an ordinary, uncomplicated, frilly, loft-style table.

Only a thick array of wood, near which, for example, there are three or four bar stools with white seats on metal legs, is capable of giving the kitchen design elegance combined with luxury.



Bar racks made of metal

Smooth shiny metal surfaces are consistent with modern design style. However, the metal, along with the tree, in fact has no time limit in the application.

Metal bar tables can be of the most various designs: they can be both rectangular, and round, and other unusual forms. With the seeming simplicity of design, they always become a central element in the interior of any room, emphasizing its cutting-edge style. It is metal that is the best material for the manufacture of such furniture as corner bar tables and folding bar counters, which allow to achieve maximum savings in free space in the kitchen.



Bar racks made of glass

Glass bar counters are considered the most versatile. They are well combined with any furniture: from wooden, and from metal, and from plastic. Glass bar tables look great in a classic and modern interior. And at the same time, they can hardly be called ordinary - glass always fascinates with its transparency and purity and can have any color, shape and texture of the surface. The glass rack can be placed both by the window and as a small island in the middle of a large kitchen.



When buying a bar counter, you must remember that it is primarily a functional thing, and not just an element of decor, so you should immediately determine what role your glass bar table or solid wood will play in the interior of the room in which it will be installed. Perhaps you should purchase a folding version of such furniture. Remember that having provided a bar counter, especially a glass one, with LED lighting, you will bring charm and novelty to any room, whether it be a kitchen or a small studio apartment.