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Wooden window sill - a mandatory element of the window system (21 photos)


Window sills are an essential element of any window system. For their manufacture can be used various materials. The most popular are products from solid wood and plastic window sills under the tree. The latter is usually mounted on plastic windows. Each type has its advantages and features that should be considered in the selection process. Most often a white tree is chosen.



Appointment of window sills

Wooden window sills from solid pine are not only a decorative element that gives the window system a finished look, they also:

  • Protect from wind and cold, but only if the installation of a wooden window sill was done according to all the rules;
  • Used as a rest area when selecting the right size;
  • Act as an auxiliary workplace. This is especially true for living rooms and kitchens with a relatively small area. Such a wooden window-sill is capable of becoming a stylish and functional element of the interior;
  • They add coziness to the room, becoming a stylish element of the interior.

For each window opening, the most suitable sill is selected. Existing species are usually divided into:

  • Wide, whose dimensions exceed 40 cm. This is a suitable solution in the case when it is necessary to most wisely manage the available area. It is advisable to install such a sill from an array with sufficient strength of the main walls;
  • Narrow, having a width of only 10 cm. This option is resorted to when the installation of larger elements for some reason is impossible. Most often, the window sill on the balcony is exactly that width.

For the manufacture of window sills should choose the boards, having a thickness of about 5-6 cm. The most popular is white wood. If you cannot buy a solid board, it is possible to assemble a prefabricated structure, which is additionally fixed with transverse keys to ensure sufficient rigidity and strength. Glued material is traditionally cheaper, allowing you to make an element with the required geometric parameters.



Depending on the form, existing models of window sills can be divided into:

  • Direct or traditional, as their manufacture usually does not cause any special difficulties;
  • Curvilinear. This is an original solution for any interior, allowing you to add freshness and zest to any room.



Depending on the features of the installation work can be identified:

  • Products with a formal look. In this case, the window system is mounted virtually without a windowsill. Its role is played by a small window slope segment;
  • Running on the wall. The most common type. The launch area may be about 15 to 20 cm;
  • Unlocked on the wall. Due to their shorter length, they have a lower cost compared to running on the wall. However, during operation they are able to withstand a lower operating load.

The sequence of installation may differ slightly depending on the design features and geometric parameters of the system. All work begins with a thorough preparation of the base. All the accumulated dirt is removed, and then the bottom of the opening is covered with shingles and felt. This ensures a sufficient level of insulation.

Window sills made of oak or any other material are mounted using lime-gypsum mortar. Laying oak boards begin only after the necessary amount of preparatory work is completed. For this, using the pegs, the required spatial position is attached to the sill. Be sure to provide a slope of about 3 degrees inside the room. After this, the solution is poured. Excess composition is removed.

Sills running into the wall are mounted starting from the bottom of the window opening. To do this, on both sides of the board is additionally provided for 4 cm, which will be laid in the slopes of the wall. This is enough for the window sills for plastic windows to withstand a sufficiently high operational load. You can not be afraid of skewing or loosening of the structure.



For installation of the window sill in the walls are cleared furrows. The lower part and the ends of the board are upholstered with felt. The horizontality of the canvas is controlled by the construction level. After the window sill on the balcony or in the apartment is fully installed, all existing gaps are filled with plaster.



At the final stage is painted wooden window sill. White is traditionally chosen. However, if you wish, you can choose any other, if you use bright colors for interior design or, on the contrary, you need to place accents. In the process of choosing a paint and varnish composition, the operating conditions of the surface should be considered. If it will be used as a working one, it is worth purchasing a compound that is resistant to abrasion.



During the operation of the window system, all its elements are inevitably exposed to a significant impact. As a result, various damages appear on the surface. Restoration helps to get rid of them.



Restoration of wooden surfaces begins with the removal of old paintwork. Depending on the available opportunities, you can use:

  • Chemically: a special compound is applied to the surface and aged for some time. After the coating begins to bubble, it is removed with a spatula. When performing work, it is worth remembering the toxicity of the used wash;
  • Temperature method. The old paintwork is heated by the building dryer to a sufficiently high temperature. After that, remove the old paint with a spatula will not be difficult. However, the process of removing the old coating in this case is significantly slowed down;
  • Mechanically. The window sill on the balcony is cleaned with a grinding machine. This process is one of the dirty ones, since large amounts of dust and dirt are inevitably formed during the processing.

The prepared base is puttied and leveled using emery cloth. This allows you to get rid of all the existing irregularities. Ensure that the surface is sufficiently smooth. After removing the dust, you can start painting work to give the element a finished look.



Thus, window sills are an indispensable element of the interior, giving the window opening a finished appearance. The main thing is to choose an element of the desired size, shape and properly perform its installation. In this case, the window system will last long enough, effectively performing the function assigned to it.