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Beige ceiling in the interior: the classic design (27 photos)


Whatever materials the beige ceiling was made of, it always fits perfectly into any interior. Assessing the diversity of modern building materials, you can accurately determine the option of finishing the ceiling surfaces, which will not only harmoniously complement the interior of the room being created, but also hide the disadvantages. Having stopped the choice on beige shades of room ceilings, it is possible to achieve that even in the most poorly lit room it will be light, cozy and comfortable.




Modern finishes in classic colors

Beige stretch ceiling - the most frequently chosen by the consumer PVC-canvas, regardless of what design style is desirable as a result of repair work. Today, beige suspended ceiling in the interior is available in the following varieties:

  • Glossy ceiling with excellent reflectivity. Ideal for finishing the ceilings of the halls and in the living room.
  • Frosted ceiling, perfectly imitating a smooth, high-quality painted surface. Most often used to design the ceiling in the bathroom, but it is quite suitable as a finishing touch in the repair of the ceiling in the bedroom and children's rooms.
  • Satin PVC canvases, which are distinguished by not clearly defined gloss, but soft glare.

Beige's amazing ability is the harmonization of any space. In addition, this ceiling color perfectly combines with any design decisions in relation to walls, textile finishes or the type of flooring. The ceiling of beige and cream tone perfectly fit into both classic and modern interior. Even in the presence of bright accents and active colors in the decoration of walls and floor, such a decorative element will successfully balance excessive contrasts and variety of tones.




Beige matte stretch ceiling is often used for decoration of kitchens and dining rooms. Decorating the ceiling surfaces in pastel colors allows you to choose and active colors of kitchen sets, and natural colors. Unlike white PVC materials, the light beige ceiling expands the possibilities and increases the winning finishing options.



Material Combination Options

The combination of drywall sheets and PVC linens has long been loved by the masters of decorating and the owners of the premises themselves. The most common technique is the installation of a gypsum box as the second tier of the ceiling with the additional installation of a layer of tension regiments as the first tier. Two levels of ceilings are quite acceptable for any living room, and sometimes used in the design of office space.




A two-level stretch ceiling with embedded curved structures is the easiest way to conditionally divide a room into zones, that is, correctly implement zoning and hide communication elements. Also, by installing a two-level ceiling structure, you can easily achieve the desired level of illumination, giving the necessary brightness to the working area and softening the lighting in the recreation area. This method of finishing is recognized not only practical, but also an exquisite method of home decoration.



The basic figured design of a stretch ceiling in two levels, as a rule, includes figured blanks, allowing to realize even the most daring design ideas. The installation of such a ceiling model will advantageously emphasize individual interior features. Such constructions can be of the following types:

  • like standard shapes. The basis is taken from the usual shapes of geometry;
  • in any form. The basis are complex geometric shapes that allow you to recreate curved structures on all two tiers;
  • chaotic combination of abstract shapes and lines.

Any geometric figure is cut out according to the pattern, and further serves as a curved structure for the lower ceiling tier. Simple shapes look much more concise than abstract shapes. Ideally fit into the interior of a functional room, for example, living rooms, halls and kitchens.




The use of additional elements

One of the favorite novelties used as a successful finishing technique was a beige slatted ceiling. Such a ceiling is most in demand in the decoration of the kitchen and dining room. In addition to the fact that such a ceiling is mounted quickly and simply, it does not require much care and has a longer service life. Since the rack ceiling is one of the types of suspended structures, the installation of such models is quite similar.



The outer surface of the ceiling slats, depending on the modification, can be both matte and glossy glossy. Different texture and products. The first slatted ceilings were exceptionally smooth, but the improvement of construction technologies made it possible to expand the range of finished products and present intricate perforated products to the attention of consumers. Embossing on products advantageously emphasizes the style of the created interior and successfully imitates natural leather of reptiles, animals or natural wood.



Do not be afraid to install such slats in small rooms with low shelves. Properly assembled and assembled slats can not only expand the space, but also provide additional opportunities for surface decoration. If desired, the rack ceiling supplemented by:

  • brown stretch ceiling with the effect of "satin";
  • decorative woodgrain elements in brown tones;
  • metal lamps and wall sconces with the effect of "aged bronze".

Modifications of the slatted ceiling differ in the width of the joints. The joints are also different. The open joint leaves a gap, the width of which is about one and a half centimeters. In such situations, mounting ceiling rails should be further strengthened with a decorative profile. In general, the entire suspended structure is a universal carrier tire (or comb), an adjustable hanger and angular profile rails, onto which the fastening of the width-appropriate rails is made.