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Narrow sofas: choosing the perfect upholstered furniture (25 photos)


The sofa is an integral part of the interior of modern apartments. In small urban apartments, in cozy country comic books, in luxurious spacious mansions you can always find upholstered furniture of various types and configurations.

The model of the sofa is chosen for the apartment, taking into account the actual working area, especially the layout, as well as the overall concept of style. The fewer free squares, the harder it is to equip the location so that the style, functional qualities and comfort create a harmonious composition.



Narrow sofa: the actual model for any locations

Folding narrow sofas with a berth are stylish, compact, comfortable furniture that will take root in the smallest rooms. If in the living room or bedroom it is better to select relatively large sofas with a wide canvas, then for specific small locations a narrow sofa book or a compact sofa will suit more.

You can place narrow sofas in the following rooms:

  • On the insulated balcony and loggia;
  • In a large corridor or in the hallway;
  • In the kitchen or in the dining room;
  • In the study, if it is quite close;
  • Small children's sofas for organizing a bed for a child.

In principle, a sofa with narrow armrests or other structural features of this kind can complement the interior of a bedroom, living room or hall. Not always these rooms are characterized by the availability of free space or the design concept involves the use of miniature furniture. The solution is: to find a compact narrow sofa, emphasizing the style of the room and performing all the necessary functions.

In fact, a narrow straight sofa, sofa bed or folding sofa bed is no different from their "companions". They can also be decomposed, as well as popular "transformers". Folding soft models for a narrow room can be made of a variety of materials, meeting various parameters and requirements of ergonomics.

Popular narrow clamshell is often complemented by such transformation mechanisms:

  • Eurobook;
  • Traditional book-bed;
  • Roll-out direct option;
  • Narrow sofa click-klyak;
  • "Dolphin";
  • French sofa with drawer;
  • "Puma".

The main difference between the narrow models of upholstered furniture are in size. Standardly depth of sitting does not exceed 60 cm. Width of all sofa is about 70 cm. Height does not exceed 55 cm.




A narrow corner sofa in the kitchen is picked up if the room differs in non-standard layout or littered with other important items. Models are most often presented without armrests, which makes them even more compact and miniature.

Before you buy a narrow sofa in the kitchen, it is important to determine in advance its location. The following nuances should be considered:

  • The size of the kitchen itself;
  • The number of door and window openings;
  • The layout of the room as a whole and the kitchen unit in particular;
  • The number of functional sectors into which the entire room is divided (work area, dining room, part of the living room, which is adjacent to the kitchen, sector for storage or use of other household accessories);
  • Features dining area.

Semicircle-shaped sofas are almost never used, as they take up a lot of space. This is a good option only for the kitchen location with a bay window. It is better to choose a kitchen sofa of direct shape, which, if necessary, can be transformed into a small bed.



Win-win tricks

Most often, the sofa in the kitchen (narrow or rather wide) is placed so that the new furniture is integrated into the furniture structure, which was located in the room earlier. Usually a new sofa complements the dining ensemble. It is stirred near the window, in the bay window niche. If the room is spacious, the dining area can be placed separately from the kitchen unit.


Residents of modern megacities are trying by any means to expand their own properties, using balconies and loggias as additional locations for leisure or work. To create a working atmosphere, it is enough to choose an ergonomic table and chair. In order for the balcony to become a place to rest, you must choose upholstered furniture of compact size.



The sofa on the balcony is usually not wider than 1 meter and not longer than 2.5 meters. Most often used vykatnoy option or "puma". If necessary, the furniture laid out.

When you need extra space, the sofa is again given a compact look. If the loggia is also used as storage for various household accessories, the sofa on the balcony should be even more miniature.



Hallway and corridor

Narrow leather sofas can complement the interior hallway. This room is a kind of face of the whole apartment or house. It is important to make the hallway not only functional, having accommodated all the necessary attributes of the furniture in a fairly small area, but also to give the location comfort, maintain the style.

Most often in the hallway you must put the following items:

  • Cabinet for things;
  • Hanger;
  • Bookcase for shoes;
  • Bedside table or a small chest of drawers.

If in the hallway you can also put a narrow sofa accordion, returning home, each apartment occupant will be able to sit on a soft canvas and take off his shoes or just sit comfortably for a rest. Double sofas in this case would be inappropriate. The exception is the lack of beds.



Colors and materials

When choosing a narrow sofa in the corridor or in the hallway, it is important to consider not only the basic characteristics and features of contraction, but also the color of the upholstery, the texture of the material, and the overall style. Like the vykatnogo kitchen sofa, models for the hallway should be practical and comfortable to operate.

The most practical materials for upholstering upholstered furniture: leather, eco-leather, tapestry, jacquard. Narrow and tiny sofas look especially stylish in traditional color schemes: cream palette, chocolate shades, wenge.

Always look win-win dark green, gray, black, rich blue color. It is better if the upholstered furniture in the hallway or corridor is stylistically akin to the color palette that dominates the living room or hall.

As soon as the baby grows out of its crib, young parents look after the first bed for the child. However, besides a comfortable bed, it is often necessary to use the free space in the room extremely economically. The child should have enough space for games and studies.

Traditional roll-out sofa get it in a narrow configuration. The already compact and ergonomic transformers are also chosen taking into account the fact that the furniture will exploit the smallest member of the family.

Soft sofas are not just comfortable for the baby. It is on the basis of such furniture that one can experiment with color, shape, and style. Children's furniture can be a variety of shapes and configurations. If the sofa on the balcony does not allow the use of non-standard forms and extraordinary colors, the furniture attributes for the children's room are the ideal basis for unrestrained creativity.




A narrow sofa on the balcony, a stylish sofa in the hallway, a miniature corner in the nursery - all these attributes can become the personification of style, symbolize an ornate design idea. There is an incredible number of stylish combinations, original interior trends, exclusive design combinations. The narrow design of the sofa is another opportunity to make a stylish installation in your apartment.

Kitchen sofa in the style of hi-tech or techno is chosen by young and progressive people who wish to see the current trends of modernity even in the most ordinary locations. The use of a large number of metal elements is welcomed. Perfect textiles - leather or goats.

Sofa on the balcony in the style of functionalism will make even the smallest location stylish and unusual. The main features: laconic forms, a minimum of detail, pure colors. Armrests are usually absent, and if there is, the design often allows you to make them "invisible." A simple and stylish interior will also be different practicality.

For a small living room or a small room, you can use upholstered furniture in the Art Deco style. This is a unique symbiosis of the "eternal" classics, sophisticated modernity, where refined forms and elegant lines merge into one. Preferred materials for upholstery: velvet, tapestry, leather.



Kitchen sofa lightweight design and strict form will give the kitchen lightness. For lovers of more progressive trends, you can offer upholstered furniture constructivism.

Metal-based artificial materials will be a spectacular addition to the interior of modern apartments.



For each person, his own home is a place of power, a location for relaxation, good rest, and the speedy restoration of his energy resources. It is extremely important that each element of home decoration gives a feeling of joy and peace.