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Gray bedroom - the choice of creative people (33 photos)


Gray bedroom is beautiful, fashionable and stylish. It is a pity that not everyone understands the attractiveness of this color, considering it dull and sullen, and, if properly applied, it has a beneficial effect on people, calms and relaxes.

Advantages of gray in the interior

A bedroom in gray is a bold decision. Many relate to this color biased, not realizing that behind external modesty he hides a number of virtues. We will talk about them.

  • This is a universal color, it harmoniously looks in any room.
  • It is combined with many shades, emphasizing the beauty of its "companion".
  • It is incredibly practical, on the floor with a gray laminate for much longer no pollution will be visible.
  • Does not fade in the sun.
  • On its background decor items look great.

Maybe you should forget about prejudice and get to know him better?



Good color combinations

Gray is a classic neutral color, the light shades of which visually expand the room. He will perfectly cope with the role of the basis for brighter colors. Bedroom in shades of gray will not be dull and inconspicuous, if the main color to choose the right "partner."



With white

The gray-white duet is a pair that blends beautifully. White in the bedroom with gray wallpaper creates a contrast and adds spaciousness. Gray-white bedroom - the choice of people who love the feeling of purity and freshness.

The gray walls in the bedroom, allied with white furniture (a wardrobe, a bed, a dressing table) look very calm. You can complement the interior of the room with bright accents. It can be live plants, a colorful blanket on the bed or a pair of colorful pillows. Gray and white are usually chosen to arrange the room in a minimalist style.



With pink

Gray-pink bedroom will resonate in the hearts of romantics. The gray bedroom, complemented by accessories in pink, is filled with an atmosphere of tenderness and tranquility. Pink shades in the bedroom are used in small quantities. With their help, sensual compositions are created. Pink can be curtains, pillowcases, flowers in vases, as well as patterns on the walls.



With purple

Amazingly combined gray wallpaper in the interior of the bedroom with details of purple. Such a union is a sign of good taste. Gray-purple bedroom looks elegant and elegant. Prefer light shades of gray and purple, so you create a relaxing environment. If you overdo it with bright patches, the room will look aggressive, and it will be difficult to fall asleep in it.




With green

The gray walls and ceiling in the bedroom will visually enlarge the small room, and the green details will enhance this impression. The interior of the gray bedroom itself does not attract attention. Gray creates a winning background for the shades that are adjacent to it. So green is the color of mental balance and tranquility, it relieves tension and brings tranquility. Gray-green bedroom looks cozy and unobtrusive.




With shades of blue

Gray color in the interior of the bedroom will look great in tandem with a deep blue. Despite the fact that it is a rather dark color, the combination will not be gloomy if light gray tones dominate. Saturated blue should be small, since its role is to complement, and not to prevail. Bright can be an ornament on the curtains in the bedroom, napkins or photo frames.

Blue-gray bedroom will appeal to lovers of vintage style. Such a gentle union relaxes the tenants and refreshes the space of the room. Gray wallpaper in the bedroom should be a certain pearl shade, but the blue can be both pastel and more intense (in turquoise).




Gray-turquoise bedroom - a rare choice, because turquoise looks cold and strictly. In the bedroom, such qualities are not always comfortable for its inhabitants. Although the turquoise bedroom has the right to exist, if you use an aggressive shade in small quantities. For example, it can be patterns on the doors of a cabinet, table top, or other furniture.






Furniture, curtains and lighting

We have already mentioned that gray fits most successfully into modern interiors, as well as high-tech and minimalism. From this we can conclude that the furniture in the bedroom must be selected carefully to avoid excesses. Get only what you need: a bed, a wardrobe, a couple of chairs and side tables. With a cool gray floor and walls in the bedroom, furniture sets of black, brown, coffee and white colors will look perfect. The combination of gray and wood tones (walnut, oak, light yellow) will be appropriate in a classic style.




Gray curtains in the interior should continue the overall concept of peace and tranquility, so they should not stand out and take on the role of an accent. It is desirable that the curtains were monotonous and light. Not to mention the window openings. The perfect solution - huge windows, so that the room has natural light. The light should fill the bedroom in an endless stream. Sources of artificial light are of secondary importance and are used as decorative objects.




As you can see, it makes no sense to be afraid of gray. It can be incredibly diverse and look respectable and sophisticated. Show your imagination, combine it with more saturated colors, and your bedroom will be elegant and unique!