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Projects of houses from a log: we make out a site (25 photos)


Own country house - the dream of every resident of the metropolis. Tired of the hustle and bustle, reinforced concrete boxes, exhaust gases, we are trying to get into the bosom of nature and gain strength. This is best done in your home, built from environmentally friendly materials. It is for this reason that the projects of wooden houses made of logs are now becoming increasingly popular.



Natural wood has amazing properties: it regulates the humidity in the room, provides a high level of comfort at any time of the year. Wood has a unique energy and creates an atmosphere of comfort, goodwill. This is a practical material with a long service life that does not require complex maintenance. A potential customer can choose individual projects of houses from a log house or stop at a typical solution.

Wood is an unusually plastic material for building construction. This can be seen in the examples of the Russian Terem and churches. From logs you can build small houses, respectable cottages in Russian and modern style, baths and guest houses. All this is presented in typical projects designed for both urban and sophisticated villagers. Exclusive solutions of houses and cottages are the author's work, they are not inferior in their perfection to the works of the royal architects. Individual projects are popular for the reason that the customer gets his dream home, which can be built with the help of technical solutions from qualified architects.



All projects of houses made of logs are classified by area and architectural features. In the architectural office you can buy or order the following projects chopped houses:

  • up to 100 sq.m .;
  • ranging from 100 to 200 square meters;
  • more than 200 square meters;
  • log houses with garage;
  • cottages of logs with a veranda;
  • houses from a log with a mansard;
  • designer houses with bay windows;
  • wooden house with a basement.

One-storey and two-storey houses made of logs are most in demand, cottages with higher floors are rarely ordered due to the complexity of construction and operation.

For a dacha or a family of two, suitable projects of houses made of logs up to 100 square meters, characterized by an affordable price. They can be complemented by a terrace with a covered veranda or a garage. The most popular projects of houses are one-storeyed, with an area of ​​over 100 sq. M. They are distinguished by rationality, ease of operation, neat exterior. Projects of single-storey wooden houses are the best choice for families with small children.



A house with a loft of a log is an excellent option for romantics, as well as for those who can count money. The cost of useful space in this cottage is less, and the attic allows you to zone rooms. In small areas of the house from a cylindrical log will look optimal, will allow rational use of the surrounding space for the organization of economic activities or recreation areas. Projects of houses from a log with an attic for regions with high snow and wind loads are relevant. All traditional forms of attic roof can reduce the impact of the elements on the house. You can supplement the project with a bath with an attic, which can be used as a guest house.



Two-storey houses made of non-cylindrical logs are suitable for a large family or those who love and know how to meet guests. The first floor is given under the technical premises, guest rooms, living room, dining room and kitchen. The second floor is the area of ​​the property owners, which can be reached via a comfortable staircase only with their permission. Two-story houses of a calibrated log can have an attic in which you can plan an office, a billiard room or a library.



Styles of log houses

Beautiful design projects of houses from planed timber are created not only in the classic Russian style. Such a trend as art nouveau, whose feature is multi-layered facades, enjoys great popularity today. No less in demand are houses in the style of a chalet with a wide double-slope roof and a mandatory terrace. A distinctive feature of such cottages is a wide protruding cornice, an internal balcony, double light and the presence of an attic. Such log houses were originally a haven of a villager in the Alps, but modern projects are striking in luxury and maximum comfort.

Laconic log projects in the Scandinavian style are distinguished by the functionality of using each square meter of usable area. A special feature of this area is the attic with low ceilings, the kitchen combined with the living room, and the presence of a covered veranda. The cylindering of such houses, their pastoral exterior attracts attention, and the practical layout pleases everyone living in a Scandinavian cottage.



Modern projects of planed log houses attract a large number of potential customers. A feature of these cottages is a non-standard layout, flat or single-pitch roof, panoramic windows. This may be a project of a corner house, the exterior of which resembles a sail. The design takes into account the current trends of minimalism and the use of new technologies in the field of communications and heating.



Contrast with the houses in a modern style cottages of large logs. From them emanates an aura of brutality, thoroughness and integrity. Traditionally used lumber with a diameter of 200-300 mm in the construction of rural and country houses. The use of large logs is impractical from a practical point of view, as the cost of the project increases. When developing original designs, less attention is paid to the price than in typical design. The use of logs with a diameter of more than 600 mm radically changes the perception of the house. It acquires a harsh appearance, impressing with its reliability and indestructibility. Such projects are ideal for hunting houses, individual cottages in holiday homes.



Country houses and baths of logs

Owners of respectable cottages of brick and stone are trying to design a bath of logs on the site. It may be a small, functional structure, designed for regular procedures of all household. A sauna made of solid logs keeps heat well, has excellent energy and is an excellent place to relax. Not surprisingly, the projects of houses, baths are popular. Their feature is the presence of a double light, a small attic room, an internal balcony. In such a bath from the bar, the projects include small kitchen areas and a bathroom. Due to this, the building can be used as a guest house.



Traditionally, logs order projects of country houses, in which the owners of city apartments rest from the bustle of megalopolises. The houses have a small area, a rational layout, easily fit into a small suburban area. Projects with a sauna are popular, as they allow to save space by refusing to build a separate bath.



A wide range of typical log projects helps to quickly build a cozy and comfortable house. The plasticity of this material is an excellent reason to order an individual project in your favorite style. Such a cottage can become a real family nest in which several generations of a family will be happy to gather.