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How to choose a bed for a girl? (27 pictures)


A place to sleep is very important in the life of any person, child or adult. About a third of the time is spent in bed, its structure determines how good sleep will be and how correct posture will be. And if an adult gets out of bed in the morning and returns to it only in the evening, then the child can use it as a refuge, as a springboard for games, as a cozy refuge for fantasies.



Therefore, you need to choose a bed for a girl carefully and taking into account all the nuances. The price of a mistake is the wrong formation of the spine, the lack of comfort and the child’s discontent.

The nuances are always very important. You can buy an excellent bed for a girl - a beautiful, wooden, real bedroom decoration - but miss the mattress. Or, on the contrary, get a very comfortable, soft, cozy bed, but do not take into account that it does not fit into the interior. Only a reasonable combination of all factors allows you to choose a truly suitable bed for a girl.



The form

It can be a double bed or a single bed, a loft bed, a cottage bed, a castle bed. She can have legs, and can be a solid bottom, she can be with a soft headboard or even a bed-sofa. It is important that the form meets the needs of a specific girl and is suitable for the functionality of a specific children's room.


It can be soft or hard, made of synthetic or natural materials, with or without springs. Which one to choose depends on the age of the girl - mattresses used from 3 years are very different from those that can be laid on the bed for a teenage girl.


It can be a tree, it can be metal, it can be a chipboard. Different materials have different properties.



The form

The first thing you need to think about is the shape that the bed should have. There are many options that can be divided into several groups.

Regular bed

Not distinguished by great originality, has a bottom, legs, headboard. If necessary, it can be equipped with any additional functionality - you can equip drawers under the bed, make a canopy above the bed, put sides, attach a wardrobe. It is possible to consider such a variant as a classic that will never become obsolete and change easily. However, some children may find it boring.



Bunk beds

There are beds with a slide on which the girl can slide down, there are with ordinary stairs. There are two options:

  • Bunk beds themselves are an excellent solution for two girls (the main thing is that none of them fear heights);
  • A loft bed for a girl is an excellent solution for a small room, since under a high bed you can place a desk, a bookcase with books or a place to play.

Retractable beds

In fact, sofas are more likely than beds, since they look like that when folded. Well suited for small rooms - during the day they can be folded, providing free space and the resulting sofa for games. However, they are usually considered not very suitable for children, since they do not correspond to the level of comfort the child needs.

Transforming bed

It can turn into a sofa, wardrobe or table for the daytime. For a small room, this is a great solution, however, expensive.

The basic rule that should guide the choice of form - an interest in the desires of the child. One girl is haunted by the image of the princess and she will be happy if she is bought a bed-lock for the girl. Another can not stand castles and princesses, but he dreams of racing and will be delighted, having the opportunity to choose something in the category "children's beds-machines for girls." And even if it seems to adults that the castle looks odd, and boys should be interested in cars, this is not a reason to choose a bed to your taste.

Also, as well as choosing a bed for a teenager, you need to be guided by his wishes, even if the rock performers with whom the girl wants to decorate it seem terrible to their parents.




In contrast to the form, about which you need to consult, the mattress should be chosen without regard to the opinion of the child, who is still not able to really understand how one differs from the other. You need to be guided by the basic rules, in different periods the girl needs a different mattress.

For newborn

It needs a hard mattress, since it is during this period that spinal curvatures are formed, and if the mattress is too soft, the process will go wrong and lead to problems.




Synthetic materials are considered not very suitable for children, as they can cause allergies, but cheap natural materials are often diluted with synthetics and can also be harmful. Usually choose:

  • polyurethane foam is a cheap, lightweight, resilient, but non-durable material;
  • Latex - elasticity, resistance to mechanical damage and durability are complemented by a high price and the likelihood that the child will be allergic;
  • coconut coir or flax - do not cause allergies, do not retain moisture in themselves, easily pass air, but are expensive and suitable only for small children, because they are very rigid.

It depends on the material how comfortable and pleasantly it is for the child to sleep in a bed (regardless of its design - whether the drawers are pulled out from under it, whether it is equipped with a soft headboard) - each of them has its pros and cons.

Bed made of solid wood

A bed made of solid wood will be heavy, beautiful and very classic in appearance. She will have a noble ebb, comfortable lacquered details. Perhaps a faint smell of pine or oak will emanate from the array, perhaps it will be made intricate carving.

Beds from the massif have a lot of advantages: they are durable, they are comfortable, they look perfectly suitable in any interior, they are pleasant to the touch. However, they also have disadvantages - they are expensive and capricious. Indoors with high humidity will have to monitor the general condition of the bed and periodically renew the lacquer coating. If something is spilled on it, the stain is likely to remain.

Beds from the massif are well suited for teens who are much less careless than babies from 5 years and under.



Chipboard bed

A bed made of chipboard will be light, cheap and also comfortable, but not too durable. Unlike solid wood beds, this type of baby bed is less resistant to damage and is unlikely to live all of its childhood near a child. Chipboard wears, it can creak, stains remain on it. But it is easy to replace and it can look no worse than a real tree.

Wrought iron beds for girls

Metal beds are durable, they are almost impossible to break. They are not deformed, do not suffer from humidity or temperature fluctuations, but in winter they are cold to the touch. Always heavy and expensive. In addition, the metal does not make a bed-house for the girl. The design of beds for girls of this type looks very classic and not too suitable for preschool girls and junior schoolgirls.

Just bed is good, but even better if it has additional features that you can use:

  • The boxes. A bed with a wardrobe under the bottom is a great solution for a girl who has a lot of toys, clothes and amusing little things that need a place. This is especially true for small rooms in which the wardrobe will simply not turn around. They can be of different shapes, even round - and can also play an important role in the interior.
  • Canopy. The easiest answer to the question of how to decorate the bed. It has many advantages: firstly, it looks beautiful, secondly, in the summer it can protect from flies and mosquitoes, thirdly, it allows the girl to feel like a real princess, even if she is only five. In addition, the canopy can hide the decoration of the room, toys, bright colors - this will allow the girl to relax before going to bed, even if the room looks so hard to sleep in it.
  • Bumpers. Beds for girls with sides - a great solution for preschool girls, especially with restless sleep. The sides will save the girl from falling, and in addition, they can become part of her games and even a kind of decoration.
  • Second tier. Bunk bed for girls looks great and allows you to save space in the room. In addition, the very process of sleeping on it can be an adventure for the girl, which will always be her year after year.
  • Soft headboard. Beds with a soft headboard are well suited for creating comfort.