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Corner shower: advantages and disadvantages (23 photos)


Rational and full use of living space is of great importance, especially when it comes to small apartments. The problem of arranging a small bathroom will help solve the corner shower. Such models allow you to equip everything you need, even the tiniest room, while there will be a place for important household appliances and furniture.



Features of models

A traditional bathtub takes up too much of the space of the room, so it is often impossible to put a laundry basket in the room, a washing machine and extra closets. The shower cabin with a corner layout takes up little space, which determined its popularity with domestic and foreign designers. So, the most compact models have the sizes 80х80, and many of them are issued with a hydromassage. Similar designs have the following features:

  • Products are equipped with partitions and doors. The latter can be swing or sliding. The use of special fittings allows you to fix the walls and doors on the basis of the design.
  • Experts do not recommend installing a shower cabin without a tray that takes on a rounded or square shape. Rectangular models are suitable for those who have a couple of extra square meters. The sizes of products are different, so any buyer will be able to choose for themselves the best option. If necessary, mounted high or low pallet.
  • Corner shower with a high tray is one of the modifications of the sitz bath. Its depth is about 40 cm. The constructions are considered very warm, you can sit or wash small things in them. The pallet for children and the elderly will not be very convenient.
  • Installation of products made directly on the floor. It is important to pre-take care of tightness and consider how water will merge. Special seals containing silicone are used to ensure complete impermeability. Such means do not allow water to penetrate the floor and create a favorable microclimate inside the booth.



In essence, their products are simple. The height of the shower cabin does not exceed 2 meters. Installation is performed anywhere in the room at the junction of two walls. The design reaches the surface of the ceiling or is equipped with a roof. Models are compact, especially with 80x80 parameters, therefore they save space in the room. To stretch out in the bowl in full growth, of course, will not work, but an adult can sit or recline in a high pallet. Small children will bathe, as in a full bath.



The corner shower with a low pan takes on different sizes, on the market there are bulk and more compact options. The bowl is low, almost flush with the surface of the floor. Visually, these models look attractive and harmonious. Low pallets will not be as warm as high ones. In addition, there is a risk of flooding the apartment if the drain hole is clogged.

The most popular corner shower 90x90, which fits well into the interior of the room. It is important to make all the area calculations in advance so that the design does not make the space more cluttered.

The main advantages of booths with an angular configuration include:

  • Significant savings in free space. This quality is considered the most important. The most compact structures have parameters of 80x80 cm, which allows them to be located even in very small rooms.
  • Cabins are equipped with various additional features. So, models with a roof serve as a good steam room. Products with hydromassage and aromatherapy will help to relax and get a pleasant feeling.
  • Compared to classic baths, hygiene procedures in the shower can reduce water consumption by 1.5 times. Currently, this is especially true for apartments in which meters are installed.
  • Each user will be able to independently select the optimum height of the pallet. If there is enough free space, you can pick up a pallet that is as comfortable as possible to use. Models 80x80 take up little space, while comfort performance will not be affected.
  • Easy to use and maintain. It is necessary to wash in the booth gently, after taking a shower, just wipe dry the walls and the pan with a clean cloth.
  • Tightness. The doors of the enclosures are securely closed, so water droplets will not be sprayed around the bathroom, and cold air will not get inside.
  • Deep pallets are suitable for bathing small children.
  • Use of the booth is completely safe. The use of modern materials with anti-slip coating eliminates the risk of injury.



Designs have some drawbacks:

  • It is impossible to perform hygienic procedures while sitting or lying down, as compact products simply do not allow changing the position. Low pan does not allow you to bathe the baby or arrange washing.
  • Installing a high pan opens up new possibilities: washing in a sitting position, bathing children. Such a booth will take as much space as a regular bath, so the main advantage of the products is lost.
  • You can not use the booths to give or apartments, where the pressure in the pipes does not reach 3-4 bar.
  • The price of constructions in comparison with ordinary baths will be a few times higher.

The dimensions of showers and high pallets are inconvenient for older people. All models require care after each use. With particular care should be cleaned glass walls from limescale.




Methods of use in the interior

Angular shower cabins differ in design. Products are made in different shapes, sizes, colors and styles. When choosing, you must rely on the interior of the room. Let us consider the listed parameters in more detail:

  • Configuration. The design in the form of a trapezoid or semicircle looks harmoniously in small rooms. Products in the form of a square and a rectangle are designed for more spacious rooms, decorated in a minimalist style. Asymmetrical cabins are best suited for bathrooms with unusual dimensions.
  • Style features. The appearance of the equipment is different in design. Modern manufacturers create designs in the classical direction, as well as in Provence, Modern, Country styles. Models with a hydromassage, a contrast shower and other additions will be not only attractive, but also comfortable.
  • Colors. Devices are painted in different colors. Cabins from transparent, opaque or color glass will become a true decoration of the room. The walls decorated with painting, crystals, handmade patterns look magnificent.
  • Dimensions. The size of the products varies within 80x80-110x170 cm. Installing the booth is possible in small and large rooms.




For a harmonious design of a shower stall with hydromassage, the tray is faced with ceramic tiles, exactly the same as the floor. Separating the shower area from the general interior is not worth it; on the contrary, it is recommended to use a geometric pattern when performing the finishing.




Angular shower cubicles are a great solution for small as well as spacious bathrooms. Saving space, comfortable operation, the presence of additional functions - the main advantages of products. A variety of design design allows you to make any interior harmonious and solid.