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Hallway 2019: current trends and fashion trends (31 photos)


In the hallway, life is in full swing every day. In the morning, a beautiful half of the family preens before going out, the landlord polishes his shoes, the dog searches for a leash or chews on slippers. During the day, the housewife fusses and puts clean things in wardrobes and niches, wipes dust, shakes out a rug, and in the evening meets households who are tired after a hard day's work. And those who first come to visit, begins his acquaintance with the apartment just from the threshold of the corridor. Now you understand how important it is to create coziness, convenience and comfort in this room?



The only drawback of the hallway can be called its small area, and in the houses of Soviet construction a global problem is disproportionate. A narrow and long room is very difficult to furnish according to all the needs of the owners, and you want to make it as comfortable and practical as possible. The design of the hallway in 2019 involves the use of each free centimeter of usable space. Practical and compact furniture in the hallway should be responsible for the functionality, and modern wallpaper and decorative elements should be in charge of stylish design. Let's take a closer look at the options for a trendy interior.

Considering the issue of arranging the corridor, it is necessary to take into account two aspects: practicality and aesthetics. Since this room is characterized by a high level of contamination, it is advisable to say that the materials to be used in the interior of the hallway should be easy to clean and be resistant to mechanical stress. From the point of view of aesthetic content, it should be mentioned that, as a rule, there are no windows in the hallways, and it is illuminated only by means of lamps, therefore the modern hallway in 2019 should have the most light walls and pieces of furniture.





This issue is particularly sensitive to flooring. If you choose low-quality material, soon on the floor will appear traces of heels, studs, umbrellas, rollers and large purchases. Moreover, every day apartment owners bring snow, dirt and dust on the sole of their shoes to this room. Therefore, the surface of the floor should be waterproof and easy to clean. On the floor of a light shade the stains will stand out strongly, so it is worth buying a laminate or a floorboard of a rather dark color.




There are no restrictions on the choice of furniture color. The main thing to keep brevity and restraint. The modern hallways of the 2019 novelty are notable for the lack of elaborate details that clutter up the space. Choose multifunctional cabinets with pull-out shelves. To save space, it is better to purchase narrow panels in which clothes will be placed not on the rods, but on hangers.



We now turn to the sources of lighting. As mentioned earlier, in most hallways there are no windows, so in some apartments in this room the light is on almost around the clock. As the modern design of the hallway implies minimalism and restraint, it is better to refuse massive suspended ceiling chandeliers. An excellent option would be powerful spotlights installed around the perimeter of the room.






Recently, fashion mixing styles and trends in design, but experts do not recommend to put such experiments in the hallway.

Modern minimalism - the perfect interior of the hallway in the coming year. Get rid of everything superfluous, purchase furniture with a minimum of decor, focus on functionality - this design is considered fashionable this season.




Little about finishing materials

It is not a secret for anyone that it is in this room that the owners and guests of the apartment bring street dirt, so the choice of finishing materials must be taken seriously. Any surface in the room should be ready to attack moisture, dirt and dust. This is especially true of wallpaper in the hallway and flooring.




As for the walls, here the risk of stains and dirt is very high. Some experts urge to abandon the wallpaper and give preference to plastic panels, but if you still want to buy wallpaper, avoid paper backing and textiles. It is better to choose heavy fleisilinovye or vinyl cloth with a special protective coating on the surface. Choose calm and neutral colors - imitation of stone, wood, brick and ceramics is in fashion.




On the floor covering, we have already spoken earlier when we covered the issue of practicality of the interior. We have already mentioned that laminate with high moisture resistance will be one of the best solutions, but I would like to name one more type of finishing materials for the floor - ceramic tile. Of course, such a design will cost you quite a lot, because you have to pay not only for the material itself, but also for the glue and the installation. However, such costs in most cases quickly pay for themselves - if after a few years several laminate boards have to be replaced at the threshold, the ceramic tile will serve its owners for decades without a loss of aesthetic appearance.



The interior of the hallway in 2019 is, above all, minimalism, conciseness, restraint, practicality and functionality. Do not clutter the space with unnecessary shelves on which statuettes, key holders, frames, etc. will stand. Style should appear on flat surfaces. A panel on the wall, a decorative mosaic on the front door, wall sconces, a mirror - this will be enough to create comfort and home furnishings in the hallway.