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White bed - luxury and nobility in every detail (28 photos)


How to create a unique style and original design? The main component of this issue is the ability to combine things, decor, textiles and furniture in such an amazing ensemble that will meet all the requirements of the apartment owner and draw a harmonious overall picture. This is especially felt when creating the design of the sleeping area.

A bedroom is a room in which people spend more than half of their day. It is in this room that they meet the new morning and see off the outgoing evening. Here they read books, watch TV, engage in hobbies, therefore warm colors and shades are preferable here that will tune in to pacification and relaxation. One of the “founders” can be white, symbolizing purity and purity.



Advantages and disadvantages

If you put bright accents in the bedroom, a white bed will be most welcome. The nobility of the tree and the elegance of the colors will make the bedroom design luxurious and stately. To confirm this fact, let's highlight the main advantages of this type of furniture in a stylish white color:

  • Current trend. This year white color is in fashion, and many world-famous designers gladly use it in interiors.
  • Versatility. Snow-white furniture will harmoniously fit into any decor and will perfectly match with textiles and decor of another palette.
  • Clean and elegant. This color has long been considered a symbol of purity; it is not for nothing that brides choose it to celebrate the main celebration in their lives.
  • Bright accent. Despite the neutrality of color, a white bed will become an artsy spot in both dark and light interiors. Such furniture will not be lost against the background of other items.

If we already started talking about the benefits, it is worth listing the disadvantages. Yes, the white bed has a number of negative points, you did not know?




Many people think that in small bedrooms it is better to put just a beautiful white double bed. It's a delusion. Against the background of other interior items, it will look very massive. This applies even to spacious rooms. A large white bed made of solid wood and eco-leather looks apart and attracts all the attention to itself. And if we talk about a small bedroom, then in general it will visually weigh down the interior and occupy all the free space. If you still want to have a spacious place to sleep in your rest room, buy a white sofa, a lifting bed or a soft high bed with a small headboard.

Also, experts recommend looking at wrought iron beds - they do not overload the overall picture and look more airy and weightless.



Earlier we talked about the pollution that often appears on the surface. To avoid the appearance of indelible stains, it is better to buy a single or double bed made of wood. Glossy coating does not allow liquids into wood and is easy to clean. In addition, white gloss always looks very impressive.



Interior and white bed

Many of those who have always dreamed of having a similar piece of furniture often wonder: "Will it fit into the overall picture?". I must say, this medal has two sides. Explain why:

  1. If the design of the bedroom with a white bed is replete with colors and intricate ornaments, this item will serve as a simplifier. It will help smooth out the effect of pretentiousness and add simplicity and brevity to the design.
  2. In a monotonous and restrained interior, a snow-white bed will weight the general background, as if rising above it. Then it will have to be slightly lowered, decorated with dark decorative pillows.



I must say that the white bed will fit into any interior. Do not believe? Let's look at a few examples:

  • Classic style. This direction involves pomp and luxury. The main elements of the decor in such a room will be massive paintings with chic frames, stucco molding, columns, expensive furniture. Undoubtedly, white four-poster beds can become the center of design.
  • Neoclassicism. This trend loves objects of decor and furniture in the urban style. For example, a modern bed with a glossy headboard can stand next to a cabinet in the form of a shop window or phone booth. If you chose a wall-paper with a depiction of a medieval city as a base, a classic wooden bed will be most welcome.
  • Provence. If you are not familiar with this style, we are ready to tell a little about it. This direction came to us from the sunny coast of France. Provence involves simplicity and conciseness, a large number of floral and vegetable ornaments, proximity to nature. Do you think a white metal bed will fit in here? Of course, yes, especially if it will be decorated with decorative elements in the form of flower arrangements with leaves and lianas.
  • Modern This direction implies the absence of elaborate decor elements. Everything should be minimalist and advanced. A white wooden bed will perfectly fit into such an interior. You can buy a bed-transformer, a bed with a soft leather headboard and even from MDF with a matte surface.
  • Minimalism. In small rooms it is important to keep every free centimeter of space, so in such bedrooms they usually buy a sofa bed or a transformer bed. A white bed with drawers will be a great helper in the storage of bed linen and pillows.

The right color palette - this is what the interior of the bedroom with a white bed should be based on. In this room you spend precious hours of rest, and nothing should distract and annoy you. Designers claim that the atmosphere of comfort, relaxation and tranquility can create gray, turquoise and pastel shades. They have a beneficial effect on the nervous system of the owners of the bedroom.

Caramel, beige, nyud, pistachio, olive, mint. Among restrained and inconspicuous colors, a bed made of white eco-leather in modern style or wood feels absolutely comfortable. This setting will help you quickly relax.

Pink, red, orange, green, blue - these shades are typical for Provence style. To save the overall picture, on a white single or double bed, you can throw textiles with floral ornaments.



Dark tones. Chocolate, coffee, graphite and many other colors will only look brighter against the soft white bed. This will put the subject in opposition to the cold design, slightly smoothing it with its snow-white accent. In such interiors it is better to use models from MDF with a glossy surface. Leatherette and textile base will look inappropriate.

It's no secret that when choosing a bed to sleep, you must consider the size of the room. For small rooms suitable single and bunk beds, transformers, models with a lifting mechanism for storing clothes. To save space, you can purchase a corner bed without a headboard.



Separately, I would like to talk about bunk beds. Now the choice of such models is so great that it is easy to choose a specific box for the interior. If there are many children in the family, a bunk bed will help save a lot of room space.

Transformer. This bed is actively used in studios and one-bedroom apartments. Transformers can be both on legs, and in the form of a platform, with the soft textile basis or with a framework from MDF.



Beds without headboard. Such models are usually tightly pressed to the wall and save space. Instead of this part, you can install a niche for bedding, if the rest furniture does not include a lifting mechanism.



White bed in the children's room

Bed for a child must meet a large number of requirements of the growing organism. Let's look at the main points that you should pay attention to when choosing a model:

  • White baby bed should not be too soft. Loose spine will benefit not too hard, but not too airy surface.
  • The size of a single bed is chosen taking into account the growth and constant development of the child.
  • The color of the bed should not irritate the nervous system of your offspring, on the contrary, it should adjust to sleep. You must admit that it is very difficult to fall asleep in a bright orange bed with a lot of cartoon decor.
  • Hard base. The framework from MDF will sustain any games of your children.
  • Natural materials. You should not buy products made of kozhzam, an allergic reaction may appear on the delicate skin of the baby.
  • Functionality. A bed for a girl or for a boy is necessary not only for a comfortable sleep. Toys can be stored in the drawers, and under the lifting mechanism there will be blankets and pillows, the bunk bed will be your favorite place to play.
  • Design should be selected depending on the direction of the interior. Carved beds are suitable for Provence, for modern - leather, for classic style - massive forged white and wooden products. In the modern, by the way, you can use a white bed with a patina.
  • If the nursery is not large, get a white loft bed. It will help you save space and bring joy to your baby.

Summarizing all the above, I would like to say that the white single bed for children should be comfortable, high-quality and multi-functional. The presence of the lifting mechanism, boxes, strong headboard - all these points must be considered. Also pay attention to the materials, it is desirable that they were of natural origin, and the bed for the girl should also be incredibly beautiful.



A bedroom with a white bed is, above all, elegance, refinement, chic and luxury. And, despite some shortcomings, you can and even need to buy such a piece of furniture! And no matter what stylistic direction you choose: be it Provence or minimalism, it will harmoniously fit into the room.