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Nursery in a one-room apartment: personal space for a little fidget (55 photos)


Making a children's corner in a one-room apartment is accompanied by solving a lot of difficult tasks. It is necessary to invest considerable physical effort and material costs so that the interior meets the current requirements of all households.

A nursery in a one-room apartment may take up a small part of the room or half of the total area. Designers claim that with the help of modern solutions it is not difficult to equip a separate territory for a child or two offspring of different ages, while at the same time allocating a decent place in the interior for adults. Use bold design ideas so that the children's area in a one-room apartment has a spectacular view and reliable functionality.






How to make a nursery in a one-room apartment

Typically, the interior living space of this format is a living-bedroom. At arrangement of the spacious room divide space into separate functional zones, each of which has the corresponding equipment. If the room is small, it is made out of universal equipment and provides a general purpose: during the day - guest, and at night - the bedroom.






The zoning of a one-room apartment for a family with a child involves the creation of a triple-purpose room on the basis of the living room-bedroom:

  • zone for general pastime, reception of guests, family leisure;
  • parent's bed;
  • place for the child - a playground with the necessary equipment, depending on the age characteristics of the child.

Traditionally, for the combined living room-bedroom, there is a zone at the entrance, and the nursery is equipped on the part of the room farthest from the door. The space for adults is equipped with a transforming sofa, a wardrobe, a table with a folding mechanism and other functional paraphernalia. The restless preschool and school age requires complex equipment for sleep, active games and activities. Whereas a newborn and an offspring up to 1-1.5 years need only comfortable conditions for sound sleep. While awake, the peanut will be supervised by adults - in his arms, in a rocking-chair or playpen.






Where to put a cot in a one-room apartment

Young parents prefer to place the cradle of the newborn as close as possible to their sleeping area. In this case, you can apply one of the popular ways:

  • place a crib close in parallel to the parents' sleeping structure;
  • put children's furniture perpendicular near the place of sleeping adults;
  • highlight the area near the wall near the bed of adults.






Another option for arranging a site for a newborn is to equip a separate part of the room with necessary children's furniture and accessories:

  • choose the far space from the entrance, where drafts are excluded. You can use the area near the window, where there is good natural lighting, provided that the opening is equipped with a quality window system;
  • install the baby’s crib, changing table with accessory drawer, chest of drawers for diapers, baby shirts, sliders, hats and toddler socks, shelves for accessories;
  • use partitions to create the effect of separating the children's corner from ambient noise, intense light and other local factors.

In the layout of the space for the newborn should take into account the conditions of natural lighting. For the effect of enhancing the light in the interior, you can use wall and ceiling decoration with reflective properties. When choosing equipment for artificial light in the design of a nursery, keep in mind that the priority is not central lighting, but spotlights, sconces and floor lamps.




Skillfully applying the methods of division of space, you can create two full-fledged platforms within the same room. To do this, use one of the following solutions.

Visual zoning

The idea is to isolate the plot with the help of wall, floor and ceiling decoration. Also in the design of the nursery in a one-room apartment, you can use one type of lighting design, and in the part of the living room-bedroom - the other. Another way to visual zoning - the use of furniture in the form of fencing. For example, two parts of a room can be divided using a through-rack, a display shelf for toys and books, and a two-sided wardrobe.






Real zoning

The technique is the use of various designs, design elements:

  • mobile solutions - screens, curtains, canopy;
  • stationary devices - a partition made of plasterboard or wood, plastic or glass panel in a matt version;
  • sliding installation - doors on the rail system.

When zoning a child, it is necessary to take into account the possibility of penetration of natural light into another part of the interior, in order to avoid excessive shadowing of the living room-bedroom during the daytime.




How to equip a children's corner in a one-room apartment

In the design of the functional zone for the offspring, such moments as the child’s age and gender, temperament and interests are taken into account. The design of a one-room apartment with a nursery looks fully and effectively, if compromise materials are used in the interior decoration. This also applies to the composition of coatings, and color solutions, and drawings. Zatevaya repair in the living room nursery, you should use environmentally friendly compositions and neutral colors.






The modern design of a one-room apartment for a family with a child provides for children's furniture, most often it is a complex of relevant modules:

  • for babies of the most tender age - cot, changing table, chest of drawers;
  • for little preschoolers, there is a sleeping place, a table for lessons and chairs, a play corner, shelves for toys, a locker for clothes;
  • for fidget up to 10 years old - a place to sleep, a rack for toys, a desk, shelves for school books and supplies, a wardrobe for clothes and attributes;
  • for young adolescent households - an offspring, in addition to basic furniture designs, requires an impressive storage system.

In order to efficiently use the useful space in the design of the nursery in a one-room apartment, it is worth buying a multifunctional furniture module, which is selected in accordance with the age of the young household. Complementary solution - a two-tier device with a loft bed. The design includes a work surface, many drawers and shelves. It is possible to install children's furniture with a transforming bed, a folding table, a comfortable computer chair.









Recommendations for effective design

In order to competently make a two-room one-room apartment, it is necessary to carefully study the potential of the space:

  • use each unit of usable area. If there is a niche in the wall, select the design of suitable dimensions. Remember, the priority is compact devices with no sharp corners;
  • Do not clutter up the interior, planning to separate the children's area from the living room interior with massive furniture. Here also dimensional dividers are out of place. Relevant designs that do not prevent the penetration of light and air circulation;
  • it is necessary to visually increase the sense of space, correctly arranging the furniture in a one-room apartment;
  • The overall style of the children's corner should not conflict with the living room design. Successful interiors, which are sustained in pastel shades. In this case, the children's part of the room can be supplemented with bright spots, visual accents.

Arrangement of a children's area on the podium is a spectacular solution for the interior of a one-room apartment for a family with a child. The bed is located under the structure, provided with a retractable device. The podium is equipped with a functional area for active games, including a children's sports complex. Here you can equip a student’s corner, a techno center with a computer desk or an ergonomic platform for creativity, depending on the interests of the child.