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Kitchen with a bay window: the coziest design solutions (24 photos)


A kitchen with a bay window is a real find for lovers of original architectural solutions and bold design compositions. In itself, the presence of such a spectacular element instantly turns an ordinary room into a cozy and unusual abode.


Bay window in the kitchen performs quite serious missions: improves insolation and expands the space, forms a non-trivial extravagant look of the whole room. The advantages of this type of planning in a private house and in the apartment weight. However, a lot of difficulties associated with the skillful arrangement of such an unusual room.



In essence, the bay window in the houses is a protrusion in the wall, which is connected by an internal segment to the main room. Some experts call this architectural element an upgraded version of the loggia, which is extremely insulated and fully embedded in the dwelling itself.

From the degree of glazing, as well as structural features, the bay window is used as a residential part, as a rest area, combined with a living room. In the bay window you can put a sofa and a coffee table, equip some kind of mini-dining room, make an unusual greenhouse right in the living room or in the kitchen.

Taking into account the fact that the bay window itself is quite functional, it can be said that the functionality of the room itself also expands significantly. Before planning the interior of the kitchen with a bay window, you need to decide what tasks this design will ultimately perform.

Independent part of the room, a separate area, which is separated by design partitions under the ceiling or on the floor of the wall. You can divide the room with the help of screens, light curtains (especially if we are talking about an angular design), a bar counter, a little higher than is customary in studios. This solution is suitable for small apartments, the size of which does not allow to make a lot of lonely corners;



Dining room - a miniature "isolated" room, where there is a traditional kitchen furniture. Sunny location is perfect for a family breakfast, and for a romantic dinner by candlelight;

The eco-kitchen interior with a bay window allows you to turn it into a real green island in a multi-million metropolis apartment.

The mini-garden is an incredible bold, unusual, fresh solution. Here, where an unprecedented creative is ideally combined with practicality and forethought. Why not turn the sunny triangular sector of the apartment into a location where fresh greenery will delight, as well as typical plants that many are trying to grow on the balcony.

It looks very bold, and it will bring a lot of good. It is worth mentioning the fact that the project can be implemented not always. In the first place, the planning of the kitchen and the whole apartment is taken into account.

When inventing a role for such an exquisite element of an apartment, it is necessary to remember that the shape of the bay window also varies, having a direct impact on the functionality, as well as the aesthetics of the room. About the triangle already mentioned. In addition, there are such options:

  • Rounded;
  • Rectangular;
  • Polyhedron;
  • Trapeze;
  • Poluerker corner.

Kitchen design with a bay window does not always require zoning. The spectacular shape and thoughtful design of this area will make this ledge a true decoration of the whole house.



Recreation area or work

If there is enough kitchen space, the bay window can be used completely for other purposes. To do this, just hang the curtains, install a light rack with books or various souvenir figures. Here also have a sofa or desk with a chair. In fact, a non-trivial work area is ready - you can relax with a cup of tea and a favorite book.

Conducting repairs to the kitchen with a bay window, you can plan the interior composition in such a way that the bay area will not be a place of privacy, but a bright and noisy area for parties or home celebrations. The podium is decorated in the best traditions: lights, garlands, unusual posters. All ideas can be translated into reality, as long as the functionality of the kitchen itself does not suffer.



Dinner Zone

The kitchen of the living room with bay window is spacious and amazing insolation. Dining in the bay area is an excellent decision, especially if the kitchen area itself is combined with the living room.

They use typical furniture for the kitchen, but due to the originality of the very area under the dining room, it is possible to create a completely unusual and stylish interior. In preparing a plan for arranging a dining room for a kitchen with a bay window, you should heed the following recommendations:

  • Table is better to choose a sliding. It is convenient to fold and fold, depending on the situation;
  • The shape of the tabletop should correspond to the shape of the architectural projection itself (square, circle, trapezium). The same rule applies to a sofa or any other massive furniture;
  • Setting a certain stylistic tone to this zone, it is important not to forget about the ceiling. The style of two, in fact, different locations can be combined precisely in the upper segment of the room;
  • In order to always be comfortable, cozy, warm, not only the windows are warmed, but even the floor itself.

For a trapeze dining room it is better to choose an L-shaped sofa, then it will fit to most of the inner side of the architectural ledge. Also, a soft corner will look good along only one wall.




Colors and stylistic presentation

Forming a kitchen design with a bay window, it is important to carefully consider the color palette that will dominate this sector. For the architectural design, in most cases, high-quality lighting is typical, so textiles and finishes in bright colors will look organic.

Functional elements such as a table, sofa, book shelves or armchairs may be dark. It is practical and convenient. Curtains in the kitchen with a bay window is better to choose light, transparent. The main feature of this location is the abundance of sunlight. Too massive textiles hanging on the windows completely destroy the character and coloring of the bay sector.

All your ideas need to be correlated with a key stylistic direction. In the kitchen, absolutely any mood can reign: sophisticated classics, discreet high-tech, romantic Provence, trendy eco, original ethnic design. It is better to abandon the Gothic, minimalist, Baroque, Rococo. These styles will not be revealed within the framework of this architectural complex.



If the bay area is in close proximity to the kitchen work area, particular attention is paid to practicality. The abundance of lace, delicate fabrics, silk or velvet upholstery - all this requires very careful care and careful handling of details, which is almost impossible in the kitchen at the height of cooking dinner.

That is why it is better to replace expensive impractical textiles, for example, with high-quality leather. From this sofa will look just better.



Country corner

If the design of the kitchen with a bay window allows you to form a real “rustic corner” in the bay area, you should definitely take advantage of this chance by implementing your wildest ideas.

It is worth mentioning the fact that the rustic interior has a wide species diversity. There are American, French, Spanish, Slavic style. The ideas of each nation influenced the very concept of country style, however, the common features are still preserved.



In order for the bay window sector to exude the charm of the province, it is necessary to select the appropriate attributes:

  • Rough finish;
  • Simple, but always quality furniture;
  • Natural palette;
  • Abundance of textiles;
  • Handmade accessories are used as decorative elements.

In terms of functional qualities, you can combine the ideas of the winter garden, greenhouse, dining room and relax zone. The windows can be placed flowers, pots with fresh greens, various crafts. A soft sofa or a sofa are created for a comfortable rest, and a transforming table will allow you to both have a tasty meal and work productively.



In a house where everything is done with love, and ideas of home decor exude warmth and positive, it is always especially pleasant to be. A well-equipped bay window will add luster and beauty not only to the kitchen, but to the whole apartment.